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Replaces All Additives

Ever add up how much money you spend on Detergent, Bleach, Color Booster, Stain Remover and Machine Cleaner?

Now You Only Need One

Powerfully Cleans

Reduce your cleaning footprint (Pour it, wipe it, sponge it, scrub it or mop it up while you're at it.)

Simplify Your Cleaning


Why have 15 toxic cleaning products when one non-toxic, natural cleaner will do?

Less is More

Cleans Everything Dirty

Do you have more cleaning products than you need?

Now you only need one, Powerizer

Whole House Cleaner

Your entire clean house is inside this package

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461 reviews
Easy clean up

Soak your pots and pans and just rinise with a wipe best mess cleaner

Great product

The product works better than anything else with the hard water in our condo.

Love this stuff

Just like in the commercial I am able to use this to: run dishwasher loads, laundry detergent, household all purpose spray cleaner, empty washing machine & dishwasher refresher. The only thing I still buy separately is Dawn for the dishes that don’t go in the dishwasher. I could have sworn I saw in the commercial that you could use it but there are no instructions on the bag on how to. The scent is light and fresh. I only use 1 scoop for a full load of laundry and 1/2 teaspoon in a 16 oz glass spray bottle for cleaner. It does great on counters, stovetop AND windows.
No streaks. Cuts grease. I am very pleased.

Great product

I have been looking for an all purpose cleaner and I found it! Your product is fantastic! I’ve been painting my kitchen and needed a cleaner for getting rid of the dirt and grime from the grease on my walls and around my stove. This did the trick. My collection of glass bottles above the cupboards was so grimy and nothing I used could cut through the grease. I heard about Powerizer so I bought some. Best thing ever!

works fantastic !

works great on getting out those skid marks on your underwear