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Replaces All Additives

Ever add up how much money you spend on Detergent, Bleach, Color Booster, Stain Remover and Machine Cleaner?

Now You Only Need One

Powerfully Cleans

Reduce your cleaning footprint (Pour it, wipe it, sponge it, scrub it or mop it up while you're at it.)

Simplify Your Cleaning


Why have 15 toxic cleaning products when one non-toxic, natural cleaner will do?

Less is More

Cleans Everything Dirty

Do you have more cleaning products than you need?

Now you only need one, Powerizer

Whole House Cleaner

Your entire clean house is inside this package

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469 reviews
Great multipurpose product

I have used this product for laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, and hope to soon try to clean a rug in a carpet cleaning machine. With each use I have not been disappointed. I have also used to scrub the acrylic bathtub and ceramic tile. Performs great. Would recommend trying if you are on the fence. No harsh smell either. Will repurchase when I run low.

A Housewives Dream 💖

Already using it! Love it so far💖 thank you!


Works great with laundry, haven't tried in the dishwasher yet.

Product is great, shipping was not!

First off, I LOVE Powerizer, so much that I purchased four 6.5 lb. bags to include in Christmas packages. They arrived in a demolished box with no padding and powder was everywhere. I thought only one bag was burst and was given a replacement. As I was assembling the Christmas packages, I realized two other bags were busted as well. Smaller holes but the powder was freely sifting out. I also didn't received the cleaning rags that I thought were included?? I wasn't going complain because I LOVE the product. BUT...shipping was absolutely horrendous!