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I highly recommend Powerizer for use in Washing machine, Dishwasher and spot cleaning on carpet! Works great every time.


What are the 2 balls for?

Powerizer Cleaning

My Family and I love this our whites are Whiter and our Darks smell cleaner. Stains have disappeared when we had them and we love it!!! As long as I can I will continue to order and use!!!!

Yay laundry!

Great on laundry but left a residue when I used on stove top. Very possible not using correctly but there really isn’t any clear directions

Thank you Peter for your review. Since you had a some residue on your stove top I wanted to provide you with a tip that should alleviate the residue. Many time we forget that Powerizer is a concentrated detergent and little goes a long way. Too much Powerizer will defiantly work more effectively but it will have more detergent in the mixture. One easy fix is to use a clean damp cloth and wipe the area after cleaning with Powerizer. I would always recommend using a clean cloth to wipe any type of cleaning product left on hard surface areas. If you need any additional tips please contact us at

After a steady,”hounding”, I will say it is a gggood product in the dishwasher. Just use it sparingly. I only use 1/2 measure. If you use too much it will streak the dishwasher. And won’t work any better or cleaner