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Outstanding Product

We have purchased your product for the last 2urs at the WASHINGTON STATE FAIR in Puyallup WA. We are very happy with your product and just purchased our product on line for the first time.

Very effective

I use this in my dishwasher and it works really well,getting rid of hard water marks.

Gets the Dirt OUT!!

It takes as much as recommended to get the stains out and for dishes it leaves them clean ans shining!!


I was surprised how well this cleaner worked. It was also great in my dish washer.


I am very pleased with the powerizer I recently received. Amazed at how much better the laundry looked after one time. And I absolutely love the sparkle and shine of the dishes and silverware from the sparkling clean dishwasher. I definitely will continue to use Powerizer throughout the House for a good cleaning!

Excellent product

It's great for taking out stains off of clothes as well as carpets. As long as you don't use too much in your dishwasher, it cleans dishes extremely well. I really like this product and find that it works well for me and my family.


I received my tub of Powerizer and began to use it the next day...I LOVE THIS PRODUCT...I will
continue to use this when my tub runs out....It did removes stains and my clothes did appear brighter..

Happy User

I highly recommend Powerizer for use in Washing machine, Dishwasher and spot cleaning on carpet! Works great every time.

Powerizer Cleaning

My Family and I love this our whites are Whiter and our Darks smell cleaner. Stains have disappeared when we had them and we love it!!! As long as I can I will continue to order and use!!!!

Yay laundry!

Great on laundry but left a residue when I used on stove top. Very possible not using correctly but there really isn’t any clear directions

Thank you Peter for your review. Since you had a some residue on your stove top I wanted to provide you with a tip that should alleviate the residue. Many time we forget that Powerizer is a concentrated detergent and little goes a long way. Too much Powerizer will defiantly work more effectively but it will have more detergent in the mixture. One easy fix is to use a clean damp cloth and wipe the area after cleaning with Powerizer. I would always recommend using a clean cloth to wipe any type of cleaning product left on hard surface areas. If you need any additional tips please contact us at

After a steady,”hounding”, I will say it is a gggood product in the dishwasher. Just use it sparingly. I only use 1/2 measure. If you use too much it will streak the dishwasher. And won’t work any better or cleaner


I love this product

I like it in the Dishwasher

I've only used it in the dishwasher and it has done a great job. I will try it in the washing machine next time I do laundry.

not as I expected

It's ok but not what I expected. Takes a few tries for many stains....even in carpet. Does not disappear as projected.


Throw out all your cleaning supplies today! Get Powerizerclean! It is a must


Have used it several times now and it has done a GREAT job of making the clothes WHITE!.

Valentina Boston

This really works! I love it.Thanks


I was very pleased with using Powerizer in my laundry. Everything seemed brighter. But it didn't do a great job in the dishwasher. A couple of my glasses that had been used for milk didn't come clean.

Love it

Love it in my dishwasher. Cleaned the dishwasher n really cleaned up my dishes

Great product

I use the powerizer for laundry and spot remover and also in my dish washer. Love it!


This really works! I love the way my dishes look after using it. I love it for my husbands work clothes!! They look so much cleaner. THANKS POWERIZER!!!

It Worked

I had a top the had a fabric softener stain and it had taken most of it. I have been using for my white and light colors and it works well


Awesome laundry detergent. A little goes a long way.

Love It...

I LOVE this product, I would recommend to everyone. Very easy to order received very fast too!


It’s does work great on grease work clothes wouldn’t use anything else now .


I absolutely love it!!!!!

Dirt out!

It works wonders on work clothes taking really bad ground in grease and dirt - I am constantly amazed at how clean jeans come - cool!

Dish washer

Very good my dishes in the dishwasher come out sparkling clean

Love this

RinseAid dispenser broken. No need to replace it using this in the dishwasher

My favorite cleaner

I will always use powerizer. I use it for my dishes, clothes and around the house. I wish it will come with samples to give them to my friends. Thanks !! It's the best product ever !!!


I love this product. it works great in the wash and dishwasher. I don't use any other products anymore. Thanks,


Only used once on some carpet stains and it worked wonderful, stains gone

Power for me

I started using Powerizer when I brought it on HSN about 6 month ago.I tried other laundry soap but none of them works as good as Powerizer.I haven't tried it in my dishwasher yet but I will.


I purchased this so I can use in my shampooed for my rugs n kitchen seats. My home was hit really bad from the hurricane Florida just had, but I haven't tried it yet. I will definitely let you know my results. How do I prepare the soap to put into the shampooed container? Please let me know so I do it correctly. Thank you!


We thought we needed a new dishwasher but all we needed was POWERIZER! This product seems to meet all our cleaning needs. Love that it is free of harsh chemicals, dyes and perfumes. We cannot say enough about the amazing results we experienced with our first dishwasher & laundry loads but it makes our bathtub shower & toilet bowls sparkle too.


I've been using Bubble Bandit and I don't really see any difference in this product then Bubble Bandit

Madelyn, I'm sorry you had a bad experience with our product. Would like to learn more about your experience to better serve you. Bubble Bandit only does dishes or laundry our detergent does both. We would be happy speak with you and provide some tips on how Powerizer can replace many cleaning products in your home.
Don't know if I got it.

I was in the middle of a move and don't know if I got it. I will have to get unpacked first.

Tracy, We do show it was delivered on 10/25. Finding Powerizer is a must to help get your new home sparkling clean. Remember Powerizer has many uses, laundry, dishes, removes soap on showers, lift stains off carpets, cleans counter tops and diminishes dirt and grime from all types of flooring. We love to hear how well your cleaning experience went with Powerizer.

it does what it says however if you have old stain, you will have to repeat the treatment more than once especially on carpet. on your clothes you can pretreat your clothes and add to your wash. your white clothes will look like new. And it does remove ink stains!! i gave 4 stars because it didnt remove all stains from my carpet even with a carpet cleaner

Great product!

I have only used it in my dishwasher so far. It does a wonderful job. only 1/2 a scoop and boy do the glasses sparkle. No spots, on anything and every utensil is clean and shiny!


This product made my dishes clean and shiny. I will buy it again.

Soap or all

My laundry seems brighter n cleaner


I was very skeptical since all products claim to work the greatest, but I have to admit that this one does just what it claims to do! I took items of clothing that had stains in them that I had tried all kinds of cleaning products on, and Powerizer got them out to all but a faint mark. I’m a fan! Placing my reorder now.

Not enough

I really like the product not sure it last long enough as other do,

Thank you Shirley, for your recent orders. Powerizer is a very concentrated detergent that does not require any other detergent needed. 1 scoop for Laundry, No Bleach, No Softener, No Color Booster, Stain Remover or a Machine Cleaner. 1/2 - 3/4 scoop for in the Dishwasher, No Detergent, No Rinse Aid or Machine Cleaner. You can replace every cleaner with Powerizer to clean everything dirty.
Best Offer – Save $12, 15.99 Each
Works Great!!

This product works great and takes the place of both my dishwasher detergent and the rinse aid. I love it and plan to add it to my white laundry and see if I can do the trick in my laundry too..we shall see how that works. I would highly recommend this product to all of you that are tired of the spotty dishes coming out of the dishwasher even with the rinse aid..I was getting frustrated on which product to I have found it...the powerizer is my go to now for clean and sparkling dishes.

not enough time to review yet

I haven't used this on enough wash loads to know if it does what I hope.

Jan, Thank you for purchasing Powerizer, we want to win you over with our amazing product. If you find yourself unsure of how to use the detergent or if you need some additional Tips n Tricks please contact us.
Works great

I had an aweful time with my. My car floor mats and powerizer did the trick. They look almost new! After reading the reviews, I am planning to try it in my dishwasher.


Brightens my laundry, smells fresh. Next try in dishwasher!

Best Offer – Save $12, 15.99 Each
Best Ever!

I will never go back to regular dishwashing soap again. Not only does it was the dishes with no spots, It returned my yellowish dishwasher back to new white. I love this product. I also used it to steam clean my rug and got out a black stain that was there for years and no over the counter cleaners would clean or remove it. Best product I've bought in decades!


Product sold itself.

Powerize clean! It really does!

Thank you for asking. I have been using it in my washer and dishwasher.
I love it but I have to be careful and use it only when really needed. It is a little pricey but other than that, I recommend it!

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