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So far so-------

Just used it as laundry detergent so far and I'm impressed l!

Great D/W soap

I really like this D/W powder. My dishes and silverware are always sparkling clean and I use very little of the product.

love it

Love it! Have reccomended it to family and friends


We have all floors and two dogs. Lots of things get tracked in the house and find the grout immediately! We tried Powerizer and the grout looks brand new. We are very impressed and tell everyone to try Powerizer! In fact, a reordered to make sure we never run out. I am using it in so many places now. Thank you!!!

Love, love, love it......

Am extremely excited about the results with the laundry and dishes.....


Love this product.I had outdoor furniture that was out in the elements for years.Powerizer brought it back like new.Thrilled!!

powerizer discount doesn't work

I enjoy using powerizer for my cleaning needs. I am never able to get any discount codes to work when reordering tho.

Excellent product

This is the best product on the market, I had stains on my car seats and tried a little of everything on them to no results. But the Powerize got them them with only one application, love this product

great laundry

Love it! Gets out stains!

Great cleaner.

I love this product for the laundry. My whites are whiter and the colors are brighter. J


Product is okay. Not any better than other product on the market.

love it

Only used for laundry but love it. Also love it cleans washer. Plan on trying for other things.

Unbelievable cleaner

I didn't believe the claim the this product would completely remove an old chocolate and coffee stain from beige carpet, especially after treating multiple times with brand name carpet stain removers that barely made a dent in the stain. Until we could replace the carpet I simply put a piece of furniture over the stain. Well, I had nothing to lose so I tried this product which I had purchased for laundry and general purpose cleaning. Within 30 minutes stain has been almost completely removed. One more treatment and I'm convinced it will be gone. No more furniture camouflaging stain. I'm a beliver in Powerizer.


It is good stuff, I like it.

Powerizer in the Kitchen

Have only used it for cleaning grout, and it is doing a fine job with not much scrubbing -- only give 5 stars if a product doesn't require "elbow grease" !!

powerizer grease cutter

Cleans greasy pots and pans quickly not much scrubbing to do. Best cleaner also for pet accidents.

The Best of The Best

Best cleaner I've come across and am hooked on it! Dishes and clothing are lookin' great! Thanks for developing such a wonderful product!!!


Freshens and cleans. Good buy


I had a red wine stain from thanksgiving on our carpet and try just about everything. Nothing worked till I used your product. Amazing the stain is gone. Have recommended this to everyone I know. I gave my sister some to try on a tea stain on carpet

Great Product

I loved the product for dishwashing and now love the product for washing clothes. My clothes come out clean and fresh.


The best

Good Product

Very pleased with this product. Have used it for laundry and stain removing. Very effective.

Satisfied customer

This is a great product! So far, I have used Powerizer for laundry & dishwasher and have been pleased with the results.


I think this product works great but I use cold water to wash clothes and I have to dissolve the product in hot water first then add it to my washer.

Works great

I have only used it so far for clothes washing and in the dishwasher. Hope to use it for many more things. I was pleased with how it worked.

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