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It is good stuff, I like it.

Powerizer in the Kitchen

Have only used it for cleaning grout, and it is doing a fine job with not much scrubbing -- only give 5 stars if a product doesn't require "elbow grease" !!

powerizer grease cutter

Cleans greasy pots and pans quickly not much scrubbing to do. Best cleaner also for pet accidents.

The Best of The Best

Best cleaner I've come across and am hooked on it! Dishes and clothing are lookin' great! Thanks for developing such a wonderful product!!!


Freshens and cleans. Good buy


I had a red wine stain from thanksgiving on our carpet and try just about everything. Nothing worked till I used your product. Amazing the stain is gone. Have recommended this to everyone I know. I gave my sister some to try on a tea stain on carpet

Great Product

I loved the product for dishwashing and now love the product for washing clothes. My clothes come out clean and fresh.


The best

Good Product

Very pleased with this product. Have used it for laundry and stain removing. Very effective.

Satisfied customer

This is a great product! So far, I have used Powerizer for laundry & dishwasher and have been pleased with the results.


I think this product works great but I use cold water to wash clothes and I have to dissolve the product in hot water first then add it to my washer.

Works great

I have only used it so far for clothes washing and in the dishwasher. Hope to use it for many more things. I was pleased with how it worked.

Happy so far.

I have been using this in the dishwasher and it is doing a great job. I am looking forward to trying all of the other recommended uses.

Great product! Glad I bought!

Got stains out of some clothes super fast. Excellent product!

Good product

Love the product. Dishes sparkle & laundry the same. Will purchase again.

Awesome product

The product is awesome and also just stains out of my carpet

Powerizer has great power

Powerizer does everything it promises to do. I have been so happy with this product. It really does the job.


This product is very good. I have used it for 2 laundry days during the last 25 days. I like it. The smell is nice after washing. This is a big plus for me. It gets out most stains. Some of my grease stains from food still remain. I will continue to use this product.

Thank you for your review. Victoria. Grease stains can be very hard to come out unless you pre-treat them. Make up a small solution and let it sit on the stain. Powerizer continues to work for up to 6 hours so pre-treat it first.
Great results!

I first cleaned the cushions on my porch furniture with great results, product cleaned the dirt and mildew accumulated over the past year surprisingly well, although it did fade the fabric the cushions look 100% better. I next used powerizer to clean the grout in my kitchen floor tile with amazing results. I let the solution sit on the floor for about 30 min. then mopped it up. The floor looks new again! Powerizer also worked on the "ring around the collar" on my husband's sweaty golf shirts. Love this stuff!!

Pleased with product

So far I have been impressed with the 2 in 1 Powerizer. I have found it to enhance the whiteness in my whites and to help eliminate stains in all colors. Good product.

so far so good

I think I am going to like it a lot I really like it for the dish washing.


I love the laundry detergent. Use is everyday!

ha-ppy boy

I could not wait to get my Powerizer in the mail, I had a horrible stain in the middle of my bedroom floor from my little grandson coloring all over the capret, all over. So I set about cleaning and most marks and stains came out. In fact I was amazed that the carpet was sp clean in spots that I decided to shampoo the entire room. I blocked off the room to allow it to dry throughly and vacuum before I returned some of the furniture that also had some marks beneath. When bedtime approached I checked on the dryness of carpet and found a beautiful Permanent marker of many different colors drawn in the middle of floor.
I did find that I love the Powerizer and cleaned everythning I could find with it. What amazing stuff.

Satisfied customer

I have used Powerizer in laundry & dishwasher and am pleased with results. Have not yet tried it with other cleaning jobs. Customer service was prompt and quickly resolved the issue when I called about not receiving my order although account was charged for pmt.

I love my powerizer

I love how It gets my white wash white!

1st Time Order

So far ..... I am pleased with the product!!!!!! But I did not receive all of my order ..... did not get the spray bottle or cloths. And I paid extra for them!!!!!!!

1st time user

So far it is living up to its claims. Laundry seems clean and it has brightened the colored clothes. I have used it to presoak whites and was pleased with the results.
Used just once in the dishwasher but all was clean and shiny.

Great product!

Powerizer cleaned my glass shower door very well, it just sparkled. I use the product in cleaning anything I need extra attention. Very satisfied.


I really like the way powerizer removes stains out of my clothing



More Later

I have been sick not felt like using this but I know it will be good..just give me more time to get back to feeling more like using this

Good product

I have like the results so far, except that it clogs up in the dishwasher dispenser so now I don't think I can even use it for that. I used it to clean the showers and grout and it was good. I soaked a bunch of rags that are used for a dry erase board. A lot of ink came out of them. I'm not sure if it's more than it would have been in the wash. However, I'm unhappy with the shipping department. First time around I only received half of what I ordered. I ordered two of each and only received one. Customer service was very good and saw that the mistake was on Powerizers end and had a new shipment sent ASAP. But one of the two products was incorrect and I emailed the company but have yet to hear back.

Thank you Nicole for your review. We are very interested in learning more about it clogging up in your dispenser. I would like to make sure that you are using the correct dosage 1/2 to 3/4 scoop only. If you are putting more that could be an issue or could there be any issue with the dispenser not releasing. We will have someone reach out to you about your shipping issue.
Great stuff!

I recently set out to really clean a stained white shirt. With Oxyclean, I was pleased when it all came outn Ikeain the wash! I proceeded to eat lunch and realized I had dripped a real mess on my newly cleaned shirt! I mixed up some Powerizer and pretreated it. In less than 5 minutes, there was no sign of any stain! Thank you!

Great Product

Works well, even on stains that have been washed and dried.


The product is great for the dishwasher, much better than what I was using. Also, have used for laundary and general cleaning. Very happy, plan on ordering more.


Finally has fresh smell without gross perfume! Nice and clean, too!

Love this stuff!

I purchased Powerizer, not expecting it to be the workhorse it is. It's done everything I've asked it to do and knowingly.

Grout miricle

The grout on my kitchen tile floors had gotten pretty disgusting and with my bad back, I cannot spend time on my hands and knees to scrub it. I squirted the grout with the Powerizer solution and let it sit for a while. i gave grout a light scrub and wiped up the crude with a microfiber mop. I could not believe the difference.

Seems to work great!

I was skeptical, but I am impressed with this product. I have tried it in my dishwasher and my glasses come out gleaming. I have used it in my laundry and I believe my clothes are coming out cleaner. I have used it as a surface cleaner to some ground in dirt and it came out with no effort. I will be trying it on other things, finally a product that really delivers.

Thank you Donna for the review, we take great pride in our product. We'd like to think that we are bringing back the basics to cleaning products. Instead of multiple products we have formulated one that is superior for all types of uses in the home.
It really works!

After having bits of food left on my dishes after "cleaning" in the dishwasher I tried more issues. Thank you for eliminating a frustration.

Powerizer for Laundry

My husband had two blood stained shirts from an accident that I found in the hamper about a week after it happened. I used the Powerizer on soak in my washer along with 1/4 cup of washing soda. Soaked the shirts for 1 hour then washed as usual. I was surprised that all stains were gone. Good product

Love this product, it’s great

I just tried this product & it’s my new go to product. Just amazing

Love this product

Very happy to have purchased the Powerizer. Will be using it as my main laundry detergent.

Powerizer is a powerhouse

This stuff works amazing! I love the versatility and the fact that I don't have to buy a hundred different products because this works so well to knock out dirty dishes, clothes, cabinets counters, etc. Great product

Great Product

I like the way this cleans both the laundry and the dishes. I also love the smell.

Happy with results

Some struggle with top but the product preforms as promised.


I was skeptical because we live in a hard water area, but I was amazed! Dishes sparkle with less product than the leading dish detergent I normally use. Clothes are clean without a perfumed smell. Even some stains removed without pretreating. I’m sold on this product!

Thank you for your review. Hard water varies in areas throughout the US and Powerizer concentrated formula breaks down and softens the water allowing other ingredients to work effectively.
Love This Stuff

Love it in the dishwasher! My dishes not longer come out with spots. Also left my dishwasher really fresh smelling.
Love it in the washing machine! Does a great job and, again, love the scent. Going to have to buy another tub so I have one in both places.

Excellent product

Love it! It does everything it advertises. Love, love, love it!

Laundry Power

This product has a strong smell but it does a great job of cleaning.

Thank you for your review. The smell when you first open the jar can be deceiving. Some may agree it smells strong however once you add it to either machine or dilute it with water the scent is not over powering. I would also add the our unique formula rinses away the residue including the fragrance and your clothes are left with a clean smell.
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