Family Size

Powerizer is an All Natural Dishwasher, Laundry & Whole House Cleaner

Powers-Out: Dirt, Stubborn Soil, Tough Stains, Skin Irritating Residue & Odors

Prevents: Etching & Rust

Eliminates: Hard Water Spots, Film & Soap Scum 

Environmentally Safe: No Harsh Chemicals, Made With Natural Ingredients & Septic Tank Safe

Powerizer Eliminates ALL These Household Cleaners: Rinse Aids • Bleaches • Color Boosters • Softeners • Stain Removers • Machine Cleaners • Carpet / Upholstery Cleaners • Floor Cleaners • Hard Surface Cleaners • Kitchen Cleaners • Bathroom Cleaners • Tile & Grout Cleaners • Toilet Bowl Cleaners • Hand Cleaners • & More!

Clean your whole house with 1 product. Powerizer cleans laundry, dishes, rugs, driveway stains & more! And think of all the storage space you'll save by using only 1 product!

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