Powerizer 2-in-1 Laundry & Dishwasher Detergent - 3 lb Tub

Use In Your Laundry...

  • Residue Free - Residue. You can't see it, but it's there. It's that invisible soap layer that many detergents leave behind. But not PowerizerPowerizer eliminates residue and rinses totally clean.
  • Powerizer powers out dirt, tough stains and skin irritating residue.
  • Convenient 3 Lb tub handles up to 48 loads!
  • No second rinse needed. No more sleeping with soap!

Use In Your Dishwasher...

  • Squeaky Clean - When something is really clean you can see it and feel it.  That's the effect Powerizer has in your dishwasher.
  • Powerizer removes spots, film, buildup and soap scum and rinses totally clean.  Eliminates residue other detergents leave behind.  Will also eliminate etching on glasses and dishes.
  • Convenient 3 Lb tub handles up to 64 large loads!
  • Bonus! Your dishwasher will rinse fresh and clean!

Customer Reviews

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Ghostly review

Love your product - it makes washing clothes go a lot smoother & cleaner - work jeans actually come clean! Cool!

Met you at Denver Show

I love it. I have used it alone without liquid Tide. I think it is “the bomb” on stains. Better than Oxi-Clean.

Works as advertised!

Clean dishes and clean clothes. Nice to know its not chemical!

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136 reviews
Outstanding Product

We have purchased your product for the last 2urs at the WASHINGTON STATE FAIR in Puyallup WA. We are very happy with your product and just purchased our product on line for the first time.

Very effective

I use this in my dishwasher and it works really well,getting rid of hard water marks.

Gets the Dirt OUT!!

It takes as much as recommended to get the stains out and for dishes it leaves them clean ans shining!!


I was surprised how well this cleaner worked. It was also great in my dish washer.


I am very pleased with the powerizer I recently received. Amazed at how much better the laundry looked after one time. And I absolutely love the sparkle and shine of the dishes and silverware from the sparkling clean dishwasher. I definitely will continue to use Powerizer throughout the House for a good cleaning!