Free Trial Offer: Powerizer 2-in-1 Laundry & Dishwasher Detergent - 1.5 lb Jar


Normal Price: $12.95

Now Pay Only $7.99 For Shipping & Handling

FOR TODAY'S ORDER, 1.5 lb. Jar of Powerizer™ Jar, a $12.95 value! For today's shipment, you will be charged only $7.99 S&P. Approximately 30 days after your first shipment and then every 30 days thereafter, you will be sent a full size 3 lb. tub unless you call to cancel. Each full size 3 lb. tub supply will be charged $4.50 S&P and just 1 installment every 30 days at the guaranteed low price of $15.95. You can call customer service at any time to cancel or modify your shipments.

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