Sustainable Products for a Sustainable Future

Powerizer helps you Conserve money and the environment.

  • Good for your home.

    Clean everything in your home with NO harsh chemicals, perfumes, or damaging additives.

  • Good for your people.

    The Powerizer formula is based on mineral and plant based ingredients for a natural, non-toxic clean that’s pet and people friendly.

  • Good for your wallet.

    The concentrated formula of Powerizer is the only thing you need to clean your home and everything in it, reducing your monthly spend on cleaning products .

  • Good for our world.

    Powerizer is made from natural, biodegradable ingredients, so you can reduce the risks associated with harmful chemical usage and disposal.

  • Good for our future.

    Replacing all other cleaning products with Powerizer is one way to reduce toxic waste and preserve Mother Earth for future generations

  • We are the clean company.

    Our mission is to simplify your life with a quality product that does everything it promises without harming the planet or the people in it.