Whiter Whites & Brighter Brights!
Powers Through
Stubborn Soil & Stains

Just 1 scoop of Powerizer in your laundry gives you super-clean, stain-free clothes & removes skin-irritating residue other detergents leave behind
Safe & Gentle in The Dishwasher
Easily lifts stubborn hard water spots & stains without harsh chemicals that corrode, etch & permanently damage dishes & glassware - even leaves your dishwasher fresh & clean!
Incredible Results
on Any Surface!

User Powerizer to pre-treat carpets, tackle set-in stains on upholstery, or leave any tile, wood, or other household surface squeaky clean!
The Powerful, Sustainable Solution,
To Your Toughest Stains!
Powerizer uses a laboratory-developed scientific process to harness the natural power of sugar with a unique chemical oxidation technology, resulting in a powerful 2-in-1 detergent that won’t harm the environment or your family.

Powerizer seeks out calcium & magnesium that cause streaking & residue and binds with ions to eliminate & release stains, leaving your whites whiter, your brights brighter, and your dishes sparkling clean every time

Powers Through Dirt, Soap & Film
Other Detergents Leave Behind!
Whiter Whites & Brighter Brights!
Get Dramatically Clean Glasses &
Clothes That Look, Smell, & Feel Better
Than Ever with Powerizer!
So Powerful, It’s The last Detergent You’ll Ever Buy!
Get the GIANT 3 LB. TUB
Handy Squirt Bottle for Tough Stains!
2 Dryer Balls for Wrinkle-Free Clothes!
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