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works great


Love the product! Really dislike paying shipping regularly! If shipping goes away I will continue to use!

Awesome Product

This product makes Oxyclean look bad. We fist came across this at a trade show in Charlotte, NC. This product does what it says it will do and more. Have yet to find any stain that it will not take out. We were so impressed with all it does, we cant do without it. Best thing only a little does it.

Get Stains OUT

Powerizer got coffee stains out of the table cloth with a soak and a wash in cold water. It was alI I could have asked for. It delivered on its promise!

Great product if you soak your clothes first

This product works GREAT if you soak your clothes in it first then launder. We have hard well water which makes it a challenge to keep clothes looking bright and clean. I found that if I soak dull/dirty clothes in the recommended ratio of Powerizer and water overnight and then launder they look amazing! Using Powerizer in place of my usual laundry detergent without soaking the clothes first provides a similar clean to what I normally get. It did a great job in the dishwasher, too! Overall, I think this product is great and I will order again to use as a soaking agent.


This is the best detergent I have used. It takes out stains and spills of ALL kinds from Blood to grass stains. Love this product.


I use it on my husbands work clothes he’s a painter and they have never been whiter. So then I tried it in my dishwater, and nothing was greasy! No pans, not even my plastic containers. Wiped the stove off and it took off that greasy build up that I can never get off! I have been telling all my friends how great this product is!!!

works as described

tried it both on laundry and dishwasher, dishes come out sparkling like with lemi shine.
laundry seems to be cleaner, i'm happy

Great product

Powerizer cleans dishes, glasses,etc. in dishwasher to sparkling clean.


Would not purchase this product for several reasons. I accidentally gave a 3 star rating but I would actually give it 2.

Love This Product

I purchased this complete package a couple weeks ago and absolutely love it. I haven't tried it yet for laundry or dishes, I've been using it to do a lot of deep cleaning that I've put off. It is very concentrated so goes a long ways and cleans better than anything I've used so far.

It was supposed to have two microfiber cloths but I only received one (I have notified the company), but it cleans really well. I would definitely recommend this product.



Seems Good

Haven't had much experience with it yet. Expect good things.


Thank you. I am pleased with this product

Great stuff!

I am surprised how well this product works for laundry and general kitchen/bath cleaning.

Great Product

Very happy with powerizer. Am using for dishwasher and washing machine. Had a stain on carpet and it removed it. Very satisfied.

It works

This was a re-order. I was extremely pleased with the product.

Wonderful, amazing product!

With just a little, it is a wonderful, amazing product that cleans dishes, clothes, bathroom and kitchen very quickly.

So far so-------

Just used it as laundry detergent so far and I'm impressed l!

Great D/W soap

I really like this D/W powder. My dishes and silverware are always sparkling clean and I use very little of the product.

love it

Love it! Have reccomended it to family and friends


We have all floors and two dogs. Lots of things get tracked in the house and find the grout immediately! We tried Powerizer and the grout looks brand new. We are very impressed and tell everyone to try Powerizer! In fact, a reordered to make sure we never run out. I am using it in so many places now. Thank you!!!

Love, love, love it......

Am extremely excited about the results with the laundry and dishes.....


Love this product.I had outdoor furniture that was out in the elements for years.Powerizer brought it back like new.Thrilled!!

powerizer discount doesn't work

I enjoy using powerizer for my cleaning needs. I am never able to get any discount codes to work when reordering tho.

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