“I used Powerizer on some old, set in stains on my husband's work shirts and was totally shocked when they came out clean! I'll never be without it now.” -- Teresa M

This soap works! My tan tile floor in the bathroom and wood floor in the kitchen are shining!” -- Stephen B

"Wow Nothing Has Cleaned This Good Just got my tub, I had ordered it so I could try and see if it would work on this eye sore stain on my carpet that has been covered by a rug for at least 6 years now. I've tried every stain remover out there and every home remedy as well NOTHING WORKED. I will be honest that the stain is slightly there but only I can really tell that because I know it was there. I had a carpet guy tell me that some stains are so stained in the fibers that it may never come clean. His Commercial grade product didn't get it out but Powerizer did.
I also used it on other old stained shirts of my husbands. 8 shirts all of the stains are gone. 3XL shirts are expensive to replace these were saved from going into the wastebasket. Can’t wait to try it on my dishes and laundry. Happy Cleaning!" -- Riissa

"Terrific Cleaner! I purchased Powerizer after hearing about it from a friend who raved about it for her dishes. If I do a large load of dishes sometimes several don't get clean in one wash cycle and I have to redo the load. Not with Powerizer! This product cleaned all my dishes beautifully including bakeware. The dishes gleam and the glasses are sparkling clean. And, you only need a small amount to do the job. Great cleaner." -- Carrie L

"Solved My Laundry Problem! When I do laundry at our lake house, I have so many suds that I have to rinse each load at least three times to get all of the soap out. This is using my HE "T___" detergent and only using a drop of it. My first load using the Powerizer amazed me and cut my water bill and my time and my frustration in half. I do pretreat stains because of our clay soil and I find that this detergent cleans as well as any of the commercial brands without the SUDS!!!" -- Rudy B

"Wonderful Product, Great!! I have used it in my laundry and in my dishwasher.
It cleans normal every day clothes and hard to clean stains !! My husband is a mechanic and it cleans all his work clothes great!!" -- Simitz

"Absolutely Wonderful! I am using this product as recommended both for laundry and dishwasher. It does an amazing job in both with such a small amount of product used. Following a large dinner I loaded dishwasher with pots and pans that would normally need scrubbing beforehand. They came out spotless! I am also very happy with how my laundry looks and smells, I will not go back to me old cleaners. I will be stocking up!"--Suzy

"Dishes BEYOND Clean I purchased this product to try to get my dishes to come out cleaner from my dishwasher. Now my glassware is sparkly clear and the dishes are more than just clean — there's a silky smoothness to the finish that I never knew I was missing! I highly recommend Powerizer. You'll love it!" -- Laurie

"Love Powerizer! Family and friends recommended I try this new laundry and dish detergent and boy was I amazed! Easy to use, clothes look bright and clean. Dishes shine! Highly recommend this product." -- Kralmar

"How Exciting!" As soon as I got it I put it in the white plastic dish bowl in my sink that has been stained and within 10 seconds of rubbing, it was all white and green again! Didn't need to soak it in bleach as I usually do.--Carie W

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