Powerizer Complete Multipurpose Laundry and Dishwasher Detergent & Household Cleaner

Achieve Streak and Residue-Free Floors the Natural Way

  • No residue streaking
  • Cleans and deodorizes hard surface floors throughout the entire home
  • Eliminates stubborn buildup

Maintain Spotless Floors with a Natural Solution

Powerizer is a simple solution for clean floors anywhere in your home. Buildup in grout and grime in hard to reach places is eliminated naturally without harsh chemicals.

How to use Powerizer for Floors

  • Hard Flooring
  • Tile and Grout
    • Hard Flooring

      1/2 scoop in the dishwasher

      Step 1: Add 1 scoop of Powerizer to a one gallon of warm water in a bucket and allow to dissolve.
      Step 2: While allowing Powerizer granules to dissolve in water, remove large debris, hair, and dust from the floor using a damp microfiber cleaning cloth and the WonderWedgie Mop.
      Step 3: Swap to a fresh microfiber cleaning cloth and begin mopping the floor with enough Powerizer solution to freely move the mop across the floor. As the microfiber cleaning cloth accumulates dirt, rinse before applying more of the Powerizer solution.
      Step 4: Rinse the floor to lift the residue after the entire surface has been cleaned with the Powerizer solution. Use water in a squirt or spray bottle to rinse the floor in 5 x 5 foot sections, then dry with new microfiber cleaning cloth.

    • Tile & Grout 

      1 scoop in squirt bottle

      Step 1: Use the same cleaning instructions for hard flooring.
      Step 2: For stained grout areas dissolve 1 scoop into a 16 oz. squeeze bottle full of warm water and pour onto the stain to saturate the area. For tougher stains pour Powerizer granules onto grout lines and add a few drops of water to create a paste.
      Step 3: Scrub stains with a dish scrubber, scouring pad, or cleaning cloth.
      Step 4: Wipe over again with plain water then let air dry.