Powerizer Complete Powder Detergent & Multipurpose Cleaner | Plant-Based Concentrated Formula for Laundry, Dishwasher & More

Natural, Biodegradable, and All-In-One Solution

  • Clean and deodorize stubborn build-up
  • Spot cleans hard water stains for sparkling clean dishes
  • Replaces detergents, rinse aid, and machine cleaners with a single product
  • Residue-free dishes that are so clean you can eat off them.

With Powerizer you say goodbye to other detergents, rinse aid, dish machine cleaners, white vinegar, or baking soda. 

Powerizer's All-In-One Detergent is all you need!

Powerizer's All In One concentrated powder allows you to tailor your dosage for your water conditions, your load size and how soiled your dishes are.

Powerizer not only cleans your dishes but cleans your dishwasher too, maintaining a clean dishwasher and eliminating years of machine clogging build-up each time you run the dishwasher.

Satisfied Customer - Jazmin

"It's been the purchase of 2020, I love this product and can't recommend it enough to my friends and family members. In the past, my dishes would have hard water stains and spots after the dishwasher. I'd tried different methods but nothing seemed to work- until I tried out Powerizer! Now my dishes are fresh, clean, and spotless every time."

How to use Powerizer For your Dishes

  • Dishwasher
  • Make Your Dishes Sparkling Clean

    Get sparkling clean dishes and clean your dishwasher each time you use Powerizer in your dishwasher.

    • Small or Medium Load

      small and medium load dishwashing

      Put half a scoop of Powerizer in your dishwasher to act as a rinse aid, residue-free detergent, and dishwasher machine cleaner.

    • Large Load or Hard Water

      3/4 Scoop in the dishwasher

      Put three-fourths of a scoop of Powerizer in your dishwasher to combat hard water stains on dishes and mineral build-up.

    • Deep Clean Your Dishwasher Machine

      3/4 of a scoop in the dishwasher

      Put three-fourths of a scoop of Powerizer into an empty dishwasher to deodorize and remove limescale and mineral residue build-up from your dish machine.

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