Powerizer Complete Multipurpose Laundry and Dishwasher Detergent & Household Cleaner

Stains and Odors on Furniture and Upholstery Don’t Stand a Chance

  • Grime and build-up on hard surfaces wipes away easily
  • Spot treats stains on fabric and upholstery
  • Eliminates stubborn pet odors
  • Keeps oils and residue from building up

Keep Your Furniture Looking Like New

Stubborn stains in upholstery and grime on hard surfaces don’t stand a chance. Powerizer is your all-in-one solution for odorless, stainless furniture anywhere in your home.

How to use Powerizer for Furniture

  • Hard Surfaces
  • Fabric Spot Treatment
    • Hard Surfaces

      1/2 scoop in the dishwasher

      Step 1: Dissolve 1/4 of a scoop of Powerizer into 32 oz. of warm water.
      Step 2: Dampen a cleaning cloth with the solution and wipe over surfaces.
      Step 3: Wipe over again with plain water then dry the surface.

    • Fabric Spot Treatment 

      1 scoop in squirt bottle

      Step 1: Prep the area, sweep or vacuum removing excess debris.
      Step 2: Dissolve 1 scoop into a 16 oz. squeeze bottle full of warm water and pour onto the stain to saturate the area for at least 10 minutes.
      Step 3: Scrub and lift the stain using a microfiber cloth.
      Step 4: Once the stain is lifted, rinse the area with plain water.Use another microfiber cloth to absorb as much water as possible. Continue to apply more plain water until the cloth wrings out clear.