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Temporarily pause/skip/change/resume subscription delivery

You can call 720-638-1763 to speak with a customer service representative, or email

Please note that your subscription will not be counted toward your 3 order minimum when you suspend delivery, however you will continue to have full access to your account during your temporary stop.

How to update your account

To update and manage your personal information and preferences, including your name, display name, email address, and password, sign in to your Account Profile page. Click Manage Subscriptions

If you are on the Powerizer website from your desktop or laptop computer, first

Sign In, and enter your email and password. 

To reset your password in order to sign in to Powerizer website, click here.

An email will be sent to you with directions on how to reset your password.

You will continue to have access to our website and account during your temporary stop.

Update credit card for your subscription

Sign in to your Account Profile to update your credit or debit card. Your account will be set up for Stripe Easy Pay automatic payment. Easy Pay is a free service offered by Stripe which will automatically charge your credit card for the payment of your subscription.

How to cancel your subscription

We continue to deliver your subscription until you ask us not to. Please call 720-638-1763 to speak with a customer service representative, or email Cancellation can take up 48 hours to be completed.  We cannot guarantee upcoming orders will not be billed and shipped.