Frequently Asked Questions

Natural, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic Detergent & Cleaner 


What Ingredients Are In Powerizer?  Sodium Carbonate (natural water softener), Sodium Sulfate (natural salt), Sodium Percarbonate (natural, color-safe bleach), Surfactant (from sugar, corn, palm, and coconut oils), Natural Enzymes, TAED (biodegradable activator), Polyacrylate (biodegradable polymer to suspend soil), Safer Choice Fragrance.

Does Powerizer Have OXI In It?  Yes, Oxi is made from Sodium Percarbonate and Soda Ash. Once water and Sodium Percarbonate is combined, the chemical reaction creates Hydrogen Peroxide. 

Does Powerizer Have A Scent?  Yes, Powerizer has an artificial scent. We've chosen a Safer Choice synthetic fragrance over essentials oils because essentials leave a residue. Once Powerizer has rinsed, there is just a clean, fresh scent.

Is Powerizer Safe For The Environment? Yes, Powerizer's is an Eco-friendly product made with plant and mineral-based ingredients. Powerizer has received BioPrefrerred Certification in Laundry, Dish, Multi-Purpose, and Carpet & Upholstery


How Does Powerizer Work In The Laundry? Powerizer removes hard water ions like calcium and magnesium that cause soapy residue on clothes. Powerizer rinses clean, leaving your clothes soft, bright, and white. Powerizer is Complete. You will no longer need Detergent Bleach, Color Booster, Softener, Stain Remover, or a Laundry Machine Cleaner.  

Will Powerizer Remove Tough Stains Like Grass And Ink? Yes, it works on both organic and non-organic stains. Some stains may take longer to dissolve entirely or may need to be pre-treated multiple times.

Do I Need Fabric Softener When Using Powerizer? No, Powerizer leaves no residue leaving clothes softer and cleaner.

Is Powerizer Safe For Delicate Fabrics? Yes, but always follow the manufacturer's washing instructions.

Does Powerizer Work In High-Efficiency Washers? Yes, specially formulated to work in High-Efficiency and traditional machines.

Is Powerizer Safe For People With Sensitive Skin Or Allergies? Yes, no residue is left, so clothes are not itchy or caked on with heaving perfumes or oils.

Where Do I Put The Powder Or POD of Powerizer In My Wash Machine?  Powerizer should always be applied directly into the drum before adding any garments.

Can Powerizer Work Clean My Dishwasher And Washing Machine? Yes, it is a dishwasher cleaner and a laundry machine cleaner all in one.

For The Dishwasher, add 3/4 scoop or one (1) pod to the bottom of the dishwasher to remove hard water deposits

and residue. 

For The Wash Machine, add one (1) to two (2) scoops of Powerizer into the wash machine drum or two (2) to four (4) pods into the drum to deodorize and remove residue from your machine. Select the clean cycle or select the regular cycle with the hot water setting.

Can Powerizer Be Used In Cold Water? Powerizer is a cold water detergent. Powerizer has natural enzymes that work to break down odors and stains in both hot and cold temperatures. 


Why Do I Have Residue On My Dishes The First Time I Use Powerizer?  Powerizer is a powder detergent and dishwasher machine cleaner. Often, machines have residue build-up that can be redeposited back on your dishes in the first couple of washes. We recommend that you run 1-3 empty loads initially to release all the build-up in your machine. If you have a milky coating, you should treat your machine again.  

How Is Powerizer Able To Clean Both My Dishwasher And Laundry Machines? Our concentrated powder detergent has very few suds that will work effectively in both machines.

How Can I Use It In My Dishwasher? Place ½ to ¾ scoop or 1 COMPLETE POD into the compartment labeled detergent.

Do I Need Rinse Aid Or Other Additives When Using Powerizer? No, a rinse aid nor a machine cleaner is required. Powerizer is less effective when used with other products.

Will Powerizer Leave A Residue Or A Film On My Dishware? No, Powerizer is specifically designed to have no residue.

Can I Use Powerizer When Hand Washing Dishes? Powerizer is designed for the automatic dishwasher and laundry. However, you can use it for hand-washing or soaking burnt-on or caked-on messes as well.

Will Powerizer Cause Etching Or Scratches To My Dishes Like Other Dishwashing Detergents? No, Powerizer has a protectant ingredient that prevents etching on dishware.

Is Powerizer A Dishwasher Machine Cleaner? Yes, add a 3/4 scoop of Powerizer Complete or 1 Complete POD into the dishwasher detergent compartment. Your dishwasher should be empty. Powerizer deodorizes, removes limescale and mineral residue build-up from your dishwasher. Select the clean cycle if available or select the regular cycle. 

On Other Surfaces:

Can Powerizer Be Used To Clean Other Areas Of The Home? Yes, see label instructions for making a cleaning solution for stubborn stains and other uses.

Will Powerizer Remove Stubborn Pet Stains And Odors? Yes, Powerizer will eliminate lifts stains and neutralizes odors.

Can I Use Powerizer On Upholstery Stains Or Spot Stains? Yes

Can I Use Powerizer In My Carpet Cleaning Machine? We do not recommend using it in a carpet cleaning machine. The percarbonate ingredient builds pressure and bubbles that can cause the machine not to work effectively. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

What Are Some Of Powerizer's Other Uses? The cleaning power of Powerizer lifts stubborn stains, soap scum, lime, rust, dirt, and odors effortlessly.

What Is The Correct Dosage For Cleaning Toilets? Toilets fall under heavy-duty cleaning on our directions. We suggest using at least one scoop or 2 COMPLETE PODS inside the toilet bowl for regular cleaning. Depending on the make and model of the toilet, they can hold anywhere from 1.5 to 7 gallons of water. This means you may need to add more Powerizer to the bowl if you have a lot of water in the bowl. 

Can Powerizer Remove Hard Water Spots From Toilets? Yes, Powerizer works to break down calcium and magnesium build-up. The Powerizer formula reacts to the positive and negative charges in the water to soften and dissolve the minerals. This process takes time. The longer you allow Powerizer to saturate the stain, the more quickly it will remove it. Sometimes an overnight soak is suggested. Remember, this build-up didn't happen instantly, so getting Powerizer to work will also take some time to penetrate the hard water stain. 

Can Powerizer Work On Mold And Mildew? Yes, it will. Make a paste and saturate the area and let sit.

Powerizer TIP: Cover the area with a damp cloth to keep it wet. Powerizer can work up to 8 hours as long as it doesn't dry out.  

General Questions

Where Can I Buy Powerizer Complete? You can find Powerizer in a select number of retail Food City stores. You can also find the lowest price online on Walmart or Amazon.  Powerizer is not sold outside of the United States at this time.  

Once Mixed With Water, How Can I Use Powerizer? Powerizer's percarbonate ingredient can work for up to six (6) to eight (8) hours. You can keep the solution for longer, but the percarbonate ingredient will not be active any longer. 

What Is The Scoop Size? The scoop size is 29.6 cc. = 1 ounce, 29.6 grams, or a little over two tablespoons.  

Is Powerizer Septic Safe? Yes, Powerizer is septic safe. Powerizer is a concentrated, low-sudsing, contains no phosphates, non-ammonia, and biodegradable that includes natural enzymes, and does not include petroleum-based ingredients. 

Where Is Powerizer Made? Powerizer Complete is made in the USA.

Has Powerizer Been Tested On Animals? No, We have received our Leaping Bunny Seal. We are a Cruelty-free product.

Does Powerizer Come In A Liquid? No, liquid detergents have 4x's less cleaning power than powder detergents.

Does Powerizer Come In Gel Packs? No, Powerizer is a powder substance. It is a concentrated, multi-purpose detergent; you can tailor the strength for your cleaning needs.

Does Powerizer Work On Pet Odors Or Stains?  Yes, Powerizer's unique formula neutralizes pet odors and breaks down both pet and human feces.

Is Powerizer Pet-Friendly?  Yes, the ingredients in Powerizer Complete are made from plant and mineral-based ingredients. We are committed to purchasing ingredients that have not been tested on animals. We also certify that we will not test on animals. Powerizer Complete received the Leaping Bunny Seal in 2019. 

Can Powerizer Be Used On The Outside Of A Car?  Powerizer has not been tested on the exterior. Powerizer has been used to clean residue build-up on headlights, rims, tires, and glass surfaces. We recommend testing it on any surface before using it. 

Can I Use Powerizer For Shower Doors?  Yes, Powerizer will clean and remove soap scum and grime from shower doors and tub and tile surfaces. You can make a solution or paste to clean soap scum, hard water spots, limescale, and rust. 

Does Powerizer Remove Ink, Permanent Markers, Or Pencil Marks?  Yes, in most cases, not all inks, markers, or pencils spots are alike. Some may require a second pre-treat.