Frequently Asked Questions

In Your Laundry

What is Powerizer?  Powerizer new and natural concentrated powdered detergent.

What ingredients are in Powerizer?  Sodium Carbonate (natural water softener), Sodium Glucarate (from sugar), Sodium Sulfate (natural salt), Sodium Percarbonate (natural, color-safe bleach), Surfactant (from corn, palm and coconut oils) Natural Enzymes, TAED (biodegradable activator), Polyacrylate (biodegradable polymer to suspend soil), Fragrance.

How does Powerizer work in the laundry?  Powerizer's removes hard water ions like calcium and magnesium that cause soapy residue on clothes and film on dishware.

Will Powerizer remove tough stains like grass and ink?  Yes, however some stains may take longer to dissolve completely.

Do I need to use a fabric softener when using Powerizer?  No, Powerizer leaves no residue leaving clothes softer and cleaner.

Is Powerizer safe for colors?  Yes, Powerizer does not have any bleaching agents.

Is Powerizer safe for delicate fabrics?  Yes, but always follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions.

Does Powerizer work in HE washers?  Yes

Is Powerizer safe for people with sensitive skin or allergies?  Yes, No residue is left behind so clothes are not itchy or caked on with heaving perfumes.

In Your Dishwasher

How is Powerizer able to clean both my dishwasher and laundry?  Our concentrated powder detergent has very little suds that will work effectively in both washers.

How does Powerizer work in my dishwasher?  Place ½ to ¾ scoop in the compartment labeled detergent.

Do I need a rinse aid or other additives when using Powerizer?  No, a rinse aid is not needed or machine cleaner needed.

Will Powerizer leave residue or a film on my dishware?  No, Powerizer is specifically designed to have no residue.

Can I use Powerizer when hand washing dishes?  Powerizer is designed for the automatic dishwasher and laundry. 

Will Powerizer remove the film left by other dishwashing detergents?  Over time, Powerizer will work to remove film left behind by other products.

Will Powerizer Etch Or Scratch My Dishes Like Other Dishwashing Detergents?  No, Powerizer does not contain the type of ingredients that etch or scratch dishes.

On Other Surfaces

Can Powerizer be used to clean elsewhere around the house?  Yes, see label instructions for making a cleaning solution for stubborn stain and other uses.

Will Powerizer remove stubborn pet stains & odors?  Yes, Powerizer will eliminate stains and odors.

Can I Use Powerizer On Upholstery Stains?  Yes

Can I Use Powerizer In My Carpet-Cleaning Machine?  Powerizer is not recommended for use in a carpet cleaning machines.  Make a solution (see back label) and pre-treat carpet stains.

What Are Some Of Powerizer’s Other Uses? The cleaning power of Powerizer lifts stubborn stains, soap scum, lime, rust, dirt and odors.

General Questions

Where else can I find Powerizer?,,

Is Powerizer Safe For The Environment?  Yes, Powerizers is an Eco-friendly product made with natural ingredients. 

Is Powerizer Septic Friendly?  Yes, all ingredients are natural and biodegradable.

Where Is Powerizer Made?  USA

Was Powerizer Tested On Animals?  No

Does Powerizer Come In A Liquid?  No, liquid detergents have 4x’s less cleaning power than powder detergents.

Does Powerizer Come In Gel Packs?  No, Powerizer has so many uses that a gel pack is not ideal.

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