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Powerizer Complete Powder Detergent & Multipurpose Cleaner | Plant-Based Concentrated Formula for Laundry, Dishwasher & More

Great stuff

Use this for everything dishwasher, cleaning and washing clothes. Love it.

Great To Clean

I love the way it is use, I can use it in everything, I love it.

Love these pods

Love the multi purpose pods, these dissolve easily, make clothes soft and have a lovely citrusy smell

I love it!

I really like their product! It does everything! I love it specially for spot cleaning, dishwasher, and for the laundry in general.

Absolutely love it

I use it to clean basically everything. Super convenient and I love not having all those plastic bottles in my cupboard

nice Product.

I liked this product. It works very well and it's the most practical product.

The best cleaning products!!

Love the complete pods and and cleaning towels!! Awesome to be able to use one product for all of my cleaning needs!!

Versatility Plus!

I am amazed at how many ways Powerizer can be used in my home. It’s my go-to product for cleaning - laundry, dishwasher, bathrooms and more. It’s a real space saver since I no longer need a wide variety of products.

Love them

I love how easy they are to use. We Airbnb alot and we will be taking these to since they are all purpose! No more needing to carry multiple cleaners just one !

All in One Miracle

I love how durable the pods are! I use them for everything now!! Highly recommend

Absolutely love these.

So incredibly versatile. I love them!

Great multi cleaner

I enjoy using these pods mostly because they have multiple uses.

Powerful clean

I’m really impressed with how clean this gets everything from my laundry to my dishwasher! I love that this is multi purpose and can be used i. many different ways! It will definitely be a go to product in my home! I absolutely recommend this for a superior clean!


I have to admit, I mainly bought these microfiber cloths because they were pretty. Once I got them and began using them, I was amazed at how much easier it was to clean with them. They are thick and absorbent. A great buy!

Powerizer Complete Pods - Multipurpose Cleaning Pod | Plant-Based Concentrated Laundry Detergent Pods & Dishwasher Pods | 42 Pods | ALL-IN-ONE Cleaning Pod

Multipurpose Cleaning Pods

Loved using the pods. Really happy with the product - it cleans so well and the shipping was prompt too!! Thank you!!

Highly effective

We love our pods!!! You seriously can save on so many products with just this. Works in the laundry, dishwasher, toilets, we’ve even used it to clean our shoes.

Excellent product

I’m in Love with multi purpose cleaning pods . It’s like one for all and does beautiful job.


Love these powerful little pods!! Such a fantastic idea !

Perfect all round cleaner

Dishes are shinning! Clothes spotless and counters and sinks gleaming!