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Love it 😊

This multi use product is absolutely amazing!!!  It works in my shower on the hard water buildup and cleans a multitude of areas. I use it to clean my washing machine too!!  Also to give my laundry that extra kick of clean!! You really need to try it you will be sold like I am. I’ve recommended it to my friends and family.  Go buy it today you won’t regret it


I just love the way it smell and works wonderfully in carpet shampooer and I wound difficulty would recommend this to anybody and I have already

love this stuff!

Powerizer works amazingly well in my dishwasher, in the bathroom, in the laundry and wherever I need it. Yesterday it did an amazing job of cleaning the texturized flower of our plastic shower floor. wonderful product

I was a little skeptical at first until...

When I saw this and tried it for the first time, I said "okay...I guess it works okay". It did clean in between the tiles enough to look clean but it was until a few days ago when I accidentally spilled black eye liner all over my white bathroom tile floor (even in the areas where the grout gets). Panicked, I grabbed my bottle of Powerizer and hurredly scrubbed it before my fiance saw...needless to say you guys have a verified customer because I got the stain up and my fiance is none the wiser.

ALL the difference

I am working on a renovation in a space that was completely destroyed by previous tenants. Filth is an understatement. I don’t like using chemical cleaners, and the natural solutions were not doing the job. I ordered Powerizer on a desperate whim, and couldn’t be more pleased. It works remarkably well, gives no harsh chemical fumes or smells, and the customer service (for my own bone headed mistake) was outstanding. Highly recommend this product and company.

Great cleaner for everything

I love that it is a one stop shop - cleans everything well!

Great stuff delivers on promises!

Works extremely well and a little goes a long way. Will be purchasing again when this runs out.

nice product

I am really loving the powerizer kit. It is so easy to use and cleans very well.

Best hold house cleaning

I keep almost inventing work and has gotten the job done

Works good

So I do like using this in my dishes cleans a lot
better than the dish soap

Love Powerizer!

Great product and customer follow up.
I use it just about every day!


This is my 2nd order and I do like this powder. I purchased this to brighten up our white linens, for which it works great, but use it for all laundry because it’s easy and works just as well as our normal detergent for all fabrics. The reason I purchased it again was because we a have stackable LG washer/dryer and the rubber gasket of the washer was always grimy and coated with a film. Since using this detergent, the gasket has become completely clean! The residue inside the gasket lining that I’d sometimes need to scrub with a wire brush has also slowly diminished and is rinsing out fully. After years of trying various oxygen powders in our laundry, and some that actually made the problem worse, I was very surprised to see this powder was a complete solution from normal laundry use. I only wish there was an unscented option.

Love it

Try it and like the way it cleans

It’s just perfect

For a mom of a 2 year old kid, this is like my magic wand. Must have and makes cleaning so much easier.

All the Power

I really like Powerizer. Use it for laundry, dishwasher and other cleaning jobs. Best thing I’ve ever used in the dishwasher.

NEW Powerizer Complete Pods Multipurpose Laundry and Dishwasher Detergent & Household Cleaner - 42 Pods

i love the pods - so easy to use. I will up my order to 2 bags of pods every month

Above my expectations

Very happy with this product. Highly recommended. Really works.

i have been using the product for 3 years. At one point I stopped using it thinking it was not really working. After a couple weeks, I noticed everything getting dingy. Now I am back to using Powerizer in my laundry every time.

Works great

Just like it says, it cleans what’s dirty! I use it for everything but my favorite way to use is in the laundry. I use it as a pretreatment as well as adding a scoop to the load. Haven’t met a stain it can’t remove

Love this thing!

The microfiber cloth literally grabs up everything. I use it on the floor, my blinds and even the ceiling fans.

Best Cloth Ever!

I’ve had other microfiber cloths and they don’t even compare to these. The cloths are thicker, attract and hold more dust than any I’ve used. They also wash and dry well. I would definitely purchase again.