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Best all-round cleaner I've ever used.

Love Powerizer. Gets my laundry clean without bleach or fabric softener. Rinses clean. My washer is cleaner too. Fabrics seem to feel better, no residue. Use it in my dishwasher, no streaks, sparkling clean. Soak stains out. Scrub sinks and tubs. I'm 68, and like things clean. This is the best I've ever used and I don't have the clutter of multiple cleaning products. Can't say enough about. Highly recommended. You won't be disappointed.


Wonderful for laundry and now I use 1/2 scoop in my dishwasher!

Powerizer Starter Kits
Jillian Lewandoski
Go to all around cleaner

I’ve loved being able to try out the Powerizer Starter Kit. The versatility, effectiveness and efficiency for one product is perfect for anyone looking to make their life a little easier. I love the microfiber cloths and how easy it is to mix the formula for any type of cleaning. Plus the smell is fresh and not too overwhelming

Obsessed with this product

I have three for babies, two cats and one dog. This is the perfect cleaner to not only clean my house, but it’s animal friendly as well which is the most important thing for me. It smells so good and it’s truly such a versatile product. The fact that it is pet friendly tells you everything!

Powerful for tough and gentle for everyday

I was really excited to give this all purpose cleaner a try! I’ve loved using it to clean my playroom items, glass, bathroom and kitchen! Works super well and always leaves a glittering shine!

Powerizer Starter Kits
Brittany Hepner
Amazing Product!

I was honestly shocked at how easily Powerizer wipes away grime. I had this sticky oil build up on my microwave from our stove below it, and with just the basic everyday cleaner measurement, I was able to wipe it all off in a couple swipes of the towel. My husband was amazed with it as well, and I can’t wait to use it more and see what else it can do!

Works great!

Smells great, works great, removes stains, and I don’t worry about the chemicals being bad for my pets!

Powerizer Starter Kits
Ashley Hendren
Love this stuff!!

I was so excited to try this considering you can use it for so many different things! I love some thing that is so versatile!! My dishes came out perfect and I love using it in the kitchen!!

Powerizer Starter Kits

I love how many different areas I can clean with this! It works great and so much better than other brands!

Great Cloths

I needed microfiber cloths and these work great.

Best towels ever

They are the best and thirstiest microfiber cloths I have used ever. I’ll buy more next time. You can’t have too many when doing my windows.

Great product

I was really surprised at how well it works. Much stronger than my oxyclean. I will be buying more

Perfect Cleaning Product

As you would imagine, a Pepper's Senior Dog Sanctuary has the need for cleaning products that not only perform but do so with efficiency both in time and effectiveness. The day we found Powerizer is the day we were able to cut many steps in our cleaning process. We are located on a ranch property and not only do we care for dozens of senior dogs, we are home to donkeys, cows, chickens, turkeys and goats. None of these animals are particularly helpful in keeping their habitat clean! We have ditched all other products and now only use Powerizer to clean all the dog bowls/dishes, dog beds, prep sinks, towels, (our towels too) grooming basins, donkey/cow water stations and troughs, We literally have cut our cleaning times in half with this magic powder! 5 giant stars all the way!

All in one cleaning Solution!

I have used Powerizer to wash my clothes, clean the kitchen and bathrooms. I’m convinced that I no longer need to buy any other cleaners or detergents anymore. It smells nice and doesn’t give off any toxic fumes while cleaning and does great on my clothes. The bonus is that I will save a lot of storage space. Great stuff!

They clean EVERYTHING!

Dishes in dishwasher have NEVER looked better…. Even knives with peanut butter come clean! No SPOTS ON ANY GLASSES:) Even my children prefer the PowerXL to do their laundry—— they are 17 & 18, btw!

Amazing pods

I’ve used the pods in my toilet bowl and in my dishwasher and I love the results. I want to buy the powder as well for other cleaning jobs. I’m very happy that this product is cruelty free as well!

Very pleased

I find Powerizer does a great job cleaning my laundry

Best of the best!

Powerizer is the best cleaning method for clothes and absolutely the best for cleaning canvas shoes. Put powerizer scoop or more into bucket and put shoes then water to cover or almost cover shoes. Let stand for an hour or more or overnight, remove shoes, rinse shoes ( I put in gentle rinse only cycle) and let air dry! You will have new looking shoes!

A Great Way to Go Green

I love these cloths. Soft enough for glass, but they work well as microfiber to clean floors and furniture.

Love the versatility

I am a huge fan of Powerizer, especially that it’s non-toxic and that I can use it anywhere!

Power Cleaning

I use Powerizer of just about all my cleaning duties. I'm a MAN and I want man size cleaners. P.S. I get to use it when my wife says so!

laundry pods

Clothes are clean and fresh smelling. Cleans efficiently.

Helps to clean

3rd time purchasing. If it didn’t work, I would not have reordered.