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The power of clean

I love the convenience of pods and the power of clean. This is an excellent product similar to oxiclean. The pod dissolves fine in the high efficiency washer as well.

It Works Against Stains!!!

I first saw this product from the Texas State Fair. The presentation was good. Went ahead and bought it.

Wow, this thing really works!

It took out the oils my jacket

Love this product

Very pleased with product. Love how well it cleans and that it is a safer option

Love these Pods!

I already knew I loved Powerizer, but now I love it even more! I appreciate the convenience of the pods (no measuring needed!) and I find them to work way better than any other brand of pods I’ve used. Other brands tend not to break down all the way, often leaving a gloppy half-dissolved pod in the bottom of my dishwasher and still dirty dishes. A bonus of using Powerizer in my dishwasher, is that my dishwasher walls and doors come out sparkling clean too!

Our favorite cleaning product just got better

When I found out that our favorite product came in pods, I was so excited! They are just as effective as the powder, dissolve quickly and with no residue, and are so easy to use that now my kids can help with their own laundry (and I don’t have to worry about how much detergent they are putting in!) I can’t recommend this product highly enough.

Works better than any other cleaner!

I use Powerizer mainly for cleaning. I use it in my rug shampooer and my rugs have never looked cleaner or brighter. I soak stained clothing items and the stains virtually lift right out. I like that it is a natural product. It works for me!

Amazing cleaning products

I love how this multi purpose cleaning products are able to do almost anything and everything around the house. Easy to wash and dry.

Great product!

This stuff works! I use it for overall cleaning and in my dishwasher.

Love these clothes!

My dream come true cleaning items! They pick up so much dust and dirt!


I use this for laundry. Stains that I’ve never been able to remove are gone!

I’m moving on to try it for other tough cleaning jobs.

Great Cleaner!

I Love my New Cleaning Product and I used it away! I would just it if it came in Pods!

Super duster!

Absolutely love the wonderwedgie! It was so helpful for all the out of reach spaces! This has been a time saver for the places that usually take me a few times to get clean

Awesome Product

Finally a cleaner that does it all. It gets the grime out of most. We love it.
Great Money Saver


Thrilled that I have in one product everything I need.

Microfiber Cloths

I love the reusable microfiber cloths! They work so well! And I love that I can wash them and use them again! Favorite!!

All purpose Cleaner

It’s amazing one stop cleaner. Won’t be disappointed and very cost effective.

Truly cleans!

Amazing product! I am so skeptical about giving reviews but this one is probably an exemption. This product does its job.. tough on oils and stains! Will buy again. Highly recommended!

Amazing Product

After reading the reviews and is pet friendly a plus. I was really surprised that it is REALLY a ALL Purpose Cleaner. Worth the Price and a little goes a long way.

Cleans Everything!

It really does clean everything. I love it in my dishwasher because it cleans the dishes and the dishwasher at the same time. My glasses are crystal clear and it never leaves spots!!
I also love it to clean my bathrooms. It lives up to all he hype!


This product is amazing. I had a couple of upholstered chairs with black stains on them. I mixed Powerize with water and lightly wiped the stains and the came out without much effort. I highly recommend this product. It delivers results as promised...Betty T.

Love this starter kit

I love this starter kit is amazing! This is such an awesome product that literally can clean everything! It is amazing what it can do.

I use this on numerous cleaning tasks in my home. Real money saver!

Love this product!!


I love powerizer! I use it for everything and it works so well! I would recommend it to everyone! I will be buying more!