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Love these replaceable microfiber cleaning cloths

They really work and pick up dirt and dust and it stays clinging on it. Buy the mop and they work great together. Worth the money!

Nice to use every, very cleaned. I don't stop using it. But I'm disappointed not delivered month of June and July.

Never use Swiffer again!

Love the microfiber cloth mop! Easy to put together and information is correct. Love it! Try It! Best for the buck and ecofriendly. Done cleaning just throw it in the washer.

Best product for cleanness!

Love it for dishes, laundry, and all purpose cleaning!

Great product

I use it as dishwasher detergent and washing machine detergent

Works Excellent

I am very happy with this product,i clean my shower walls and floors and even my oven gets all the stubborn stains.

My go to cleaner!

When I need heavy cleaning I use the Powerizer. It works where I need it.


I absolutely LOVE these Powerizer pods! They are SO versatile and can be used to clean and freshen EVERYTHING!!! Even my husband mentioned the other day, when placing a pod in the dishwasher, how much he loves the smell of POWERIZER products. This product performs at the highest level and has NEVER disappointed me! Powerizer will always have a place in our home! Thank you for making such a wonderful product!


I love Powerizer. I am a massage therapist and do a TON of laundry. This is the only detergent that works on oil stains - both old and new. My sheets, towels and blankets come out smelling fresh and clean. Highly recommend


I love this it takes stains out by just mixing up in the bottle. I had grease from my car I didn't even take my shorts off thank you I will be returning customer

Multipurpose Pod vs. Household Cleaning

I am beyond satisfied with the Powerizer Multipurpose Pods. I've used the pods for both dishwashing and laundry and the results have been fantastic. I love the ease of use and the variety of cleaning the pods can be used for. Also enjoy that the pods are natural ingredients and don't have a chemical smell. Thank you Powerizer!

Great multipurpose cleaners

These cleaning products work so well, I especially love the dishwasher pods.

Such a versatile product!

I really enjoy having one product for all of my deep cleaning needs. From dishes and laundry to messes around the house, Powerizer really does the trick!

Powerizer Complete Subscription Multipurpose Laundry and Dishwasher Detergent & Household Cleaner

Excellent product I use it for every thing

Excellent product

Wonderful cleaner

The products are great! I especially like the dishwashing/cleaning pods, they get my dishes sparkling white.

Great for laundry stains

I'm a massage therapist and am constantly dealing with oil stains. Powerizer is the only laundry detergent and soak I use. It works really well for hard to remove stains and leaves the laundry smelling great. Highly recommend!

NEW WonderWedgie Replacement Microfiber Cleaning Cloths 6-pack

Gentle power

Powerizer gets my dishes sparkling clean and my linoleum floors. I appreciate the light scent and the powerful cleaning action. All this without burning my skin or making me tear up and sneeze. I'll be a customer for life. Thank you Powerizer team!

Great Product

I have been using the Powerizer Multipurpose cleaner for over two weeks and I am loving the results. My dishes are sparkling since I started using the detergent pods, and I love the way my countertops shine.

Laundry & dish washing detergent

Truly an all-purpose cleaner which cleans well using a small amount and takes up so little space. Triple bonus!

Multipurpose pods work wonders!

These pods are great in the laundry as well as getting our dishes sparking clean in the dishwasher.

Great products that clean most everything in our home.

I am thrilled with these products.  I use them in my kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, car and outdoor furniture.  
Great products.  I highly recommend these products.