About Powerizer!
Introducing Powerizer the breakthrough 2-in1 detergent! Because it was developed to work in both your laundry and dishwasher, Powerizer is the only detergent you will ever need. And it is so powerful, it is patented! 

Ever since the elimination of harmful phosphates in cleaning products, the search has been on for a replacement formula with all the cleaning power but none of the harmful effects on the environment. Well, the search is over! The Powerizer laboratory has achieved a scientific breakthrough by harnessing the natural power of sugar with a unique chemical oxidation technology, provided by a Rocky Mountain based partner laboratory, that resulted in Powerizer, a powerful detergent that is renewable, sustainable, and completely safe for the environment and your family. Powerizer is the first and only product of its kind. 

Independent testing has proven the cleaning power of Powerizer. It eliminates dirt, soap, and film that are ordinarily left behind. Powerizer will not etch your dishes or glassware and leaves no filming or spotting like other dishwasher detergents.
About Us
Learn About The Powerizer Breakthrough!

In a nutshell, Powerizer™, is a new one of a kind 2-in-1 detergent that superpowers both your laundry and your dishwasher! Independent laboratory tests have proven that Powerizer's patented technology, powered by sugar, is environmentally safe, powerful, and super effective both in your laundry and dishwasher! 

In a search to replace the cleaning power of phosphates, remember they were banned by the EPA years ago due to the damage they caused the environment, the Powerizer team discovered a sugar powered, Eco-friendly and patented technology that did the trick! And trust us, the Powerizer team knows cleaners, several of them were the folks that brought the world Oxi-Clean™! After a lot of additional work and testing, all verified by independent labs, Powerizer was born! 

Powerizer provides superior cleaning and stain removal in your laundry as well as makes your dishes and silverware sparkle like never before! And, it also tackles most household cleaning like pet stains, tile and more! Best of all Powerizer does all of this while being completely environmentally friendly!
The Powerizer Team...

Max Appel - CEO
A true Colorado native, Max was born in Denver and attended Colorado schools all the way through obtaining his Bachelor's from the University of Colorado. While always an entrepreneur, Max is most widely known for his last position, CEO and founder of Orange Glo International, the makers of OxiClean™. Always an advocate for the consumer and wanting to ensure they get a great product at a great price, Max's latest venture is Powerizer!

Eileen Koop - VP Research & Development
As the former VP of New Product Development at Orange Glo International, the makers of OxiClean™, Eileen brings over 30 years of experience researching new and innovative consumer products to the Powerizer laboratory. As an expert in finding new ways to solve consumer problems, she is always looking for new, safer, and more effective clean chemistry to bring to consumers. Complimentary experience in cleaning products, cosmetics, drugs and food science enable her to look across many developing and emerging technologies and find the right fit for new innovation.

Jesse Ogas - Spokesman
As spokesman, Jesse is the official face of Powerizer. Jesse is the person you will see performing demonstrations an talking about Powerizer when you visit the Powerizer booth at various trade and consumer shows. Jesse is also seen in all of the Powerizer videos that you see here on our website and our YouTube channel.

Nanette Olona - Administrator
Nanette is the person responsible for making sure that things happen here at Powerizer! She answers phones, arranges trade shows, assists is the creation of demos and sees to the shipping of products. If it happens at Powerizer, odds are Nanette has had a lot to do with getting it done.

Marsha Acosta – Director of Fundraising
Marsha has years of experience working with clients in a number of industries to increase customer acquisition, improve return on investments along with superior employee and customer management. She is responsible for Powerizer's Fundraiser Program that includes developing, managing, cultivating and initiating campaigns.