Eliminate Separate Detergents To Wash Activewear

May 15, 2020


In August 2019 Powerizer was chosen to be The Official Detergent of All Things Muddy at the Tough Mudder event in Colorado.Eliminate Separate Detergents To Wash Activewear We sponsored the first-ever Mud Blast Station to pre-treat participant's muddy garments and work-out gear with Powerizer's activewear detergent after their race.  Our presence was well received and when many participants assumed they would just toss out their running shoes, we helped bring them back to better than before appearance in some cases.

Eliminate Separate Detergents To Wash Activewear

We were surprised when products began emerging on the market specifically a laundry detergent for workout clothes.  Somewhere along the line of athletic fabrics, they became delicate or considered something special.  When did this happen? Poly-blends with Spandex and Polyester are much more common for athletic apparel.  They are strong, flexible, and quick-drying that resists wrinkling, shrinkage, are lightweight and resistant to perspiration.  These fabrics allow for better range of motion while being durable, yet soft.  The fibers absorb dyes nicely and seem to set well so there is very little dye cast-off, so washing in hot temperatures rarely is an issue. 

So, what could possibly make athletic clothes more special than a construction worker dirty tee-shirt or dusty socks?  We're positive both smell sweaty after use and should not be worn two (2) days in a row.  It's the exposure to deodorant, sunscreen, foot powder, or body odor?  Are we missing something here?  Why the need for a special activewear laundry detergent

Regardless of the type of sock it deserves to be clean. Picture of differenty types of socks hanging on a clothes line

We admit there seems to be a common denominator in most of our blogs.  Simplicity, Efficacy, and Cost Savings.  Let's get straight to the point.  If you're an inferior product and decide to increase one (1) or two (2) ingredients to make it more effective, you're basically saying your original product is inadequate.  Yes, we said it.  Instead, formulate a product that cleans effectively the first-time or keep trying until it does - AND BOOM, that's what Powerizer did!

Our recent blog Laundry Tips 101 clearly outlines a dozen tips to obtain clean clothes every time regardless of their blend, intended use, size, need, color, or age.  Were talking equal opportunity cleanliness.  So again, we are saying stop mixing or adding products to your wash, sort properly, wash at the right temperature, soak to give your detergent time to work, use the right dosage (one (1) scoop for large loads), and PRE-TREAT STAINS  (mix one (1 ) scoop with 16 oz. of warm to hot water) immediately. 

Eliminate Separate Detergents To Wash Activewear

These simple laundry habits should be no different from raising up a child with good manners to say "Please" and "Thank You".   These tips are meant to eliminate and prevent odors from reoccurring on your fabrics and inside your machine, to remove stains while whitening and brightening your delicate athletic apparel. 

Our goal is no different than a caring parent who eliminates PG-13 and R-Rated movies until their kids are the appropriate age.   We're advising consumers to stay away from introducing fabric softeners, scent boosters, and dryers sheets to your laundry routine and your family.  These additives are like the gateway drug to MOLD, residue build-up in your clothes, and inside your washing machine which conspires to make your laundry smell not so fresh. 

Eliminate Separate Detergents To Wash Activewear

So let's face it most detergents aren't equipped to eliminate odors and breakthrough residues from sweat, sunscreen, and lotions.  Powerizer safely removes, blood, urine, dirt, and grease.  It's extremely effective at dissolving other difficult stains like grass, grease, food, and even wine. There is a reason Powerizer reviews has over 630+combined reviews posted on the website and on Amazon.   

So before you kick into full swing Rambo, Yogi, Beefcake mode order Powerizer and give it a try on all your smelly socks, remember Powerizer doesn't discriminate. Powerizer's Subscribe and Save Program offers15% off on all orders when you subscribe. 

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