Clean Your Dry Erase Board With Powerizer Complete

March 13, 2020

The only Surprising Solution you need is Powerizer 
Installing a dry erase board in your office or home helps to visualize tasks, capture thoughts and bring accountability to your actions. When used effectively, these boards often change. Its unique markers used to write are supposed to allow you to erase easily too. However, it still requires routine cleaning to remove the smears and dust to bring it back to white.

The dry erase board serves many purposes, reminders, appointments, tasks, activity schedules, and chores for the kiddos. Creating a small mixture of Powerizer Complete is all you need to wipe last week's events and start fresh. Grab a mixture of Powerizer. You can either make you a bottle or just enough for the task itself.  Dampened the cloth and sprinkle a small amount of Powerizer on the cloth, wiped the lettering, and it effortlessly removes the dry erase marker from the board. You can also make a mixture and keep it in a bottle and use it when needed.  With Powerizer, we advocate less is more, and this is just another specialty cleaner you can eliminate off your cleaning list.

Let us share the dosage to create a cleaning solution and an extra step to make sure your board is as clean as can be.

Clean Your Dry Erase Board With Powerizer Complete


Here is our recommendation for choosing the best tools:

  • Travel size containers sit nicely on the ledge of the board.
  • You won't need a large mixture, there is no need to make more than you need.
  • If it's sitting on the ledge, it will always be in arms reach.
  • Look for a clear container you would likely use to carry lotion with a Push Cap with a hole. 
  • NOTE: The Flip Caps on the smaller travel size don't lock in place well, tend to rip off easily and are more likely to leak if it falls over.  
  • Purchase a separate container with a Spray Pump to store plain water.
  • Paint a teardrop icon onto the water spray bottle using sky blue nail polish, so no one mixes Powerizer in it by mistake.
  • Attach an easy to remove adhesive hook or a suction cup hook to the frame or the wall. Microfiber cloths for dry erase boards are a convenient, reusable and washable so you won't need an eraser or paper towels ever again. 

With Powerizer, you must always rinse the surface, which is why the last step is to spray the board with plain water to remove excess residues. Using the spray bottle, mist the board and wipe it clean using a dry Powerizer Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloth.  With Powerizer, there will be no lingering scent. It rinses clean with plain water. If the bottle spills or leaks, it is not going to damage carpets or hard surfaces below. It has no harsh chemicals, it's made from plant and mineral-based ingredients. So, you can feel good about using a product that isn't going to trigger allergens or skin irritations. Give it a try, and feel free to share your feedback. Refer to the dosage chart found on the back of the bag or the website for more recommendations on how to mix a Powerizer Solution for your cleaning task.  Watch our Powerizer reviews video. 

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