4 Easy Steps For Cleaning Laminate Floors

October 18, 2019

Cleaning Laminate Floors, Just Got Easy

Flooring in homes is just as much a statement piece as is a beautiful mosaic wall. Patterns, colors, and textures can make your jaw drop when you walk into a home. Powerizer Complete is the best laminate floor cleaner. Let us help you keep your flooring looking beautiful.

Laminate flooring is comprised of compressed fiberboards creating a solid plank with an image placed over it to mimic wood, tile, and stone, which are very realistic. Most importantly, it always has a protective finish. They have gained popularity in new home construction and remodels. Some benefits are installation is easy, better for the environment, super durable, available in many design options, and easy to maintain. Flooring is such a large area to cover inside your home. It's essential to protect that investment along with the environment and the individuals in your home.

Flooring, even carpeting, must go through rigorous testing to be sure the adhesives, materials, and chemicals used to make them are non-toxic. Off-gassing and VOC's released from carpets and floors have been detected, and buildings have been labeled as a "sick building," causing health concerns to the individuals in them. The Greenguard Certification was created to be one of many watchdogs for safe work and living environments. Shouldn't the cleaner you use also be safe?

Powerizer is an odor neutralizer meant to do its job and simply rinse clean with no lingering scents.  Safety and the environment have always been a concern to followers of Powerizer Complete, which motivated us to participate in the USDA's voluntary labeling initiative. After going through the USDA's rigorous testing process. Powerizer earned a 70% biobased content certification from the USDA BioPreferred Program in four categories, Laundry Detergent, Dish Washing Products, and Multi-Purpose Cleaner.

With Powerizer Complete, we are confident cleaning your floors is not challenging and shouldn't require specialty floor cleaners. We believe less is more and Powerizer Complete is a natural detergent and cleaner that is not only safe but effective, containing no harsh chemicals, no fillers, and no dyes. Used in the correct dosage, it won't damage the finish, which is the number one factor in preserving floors. We stress it's essential to always rinse the floor after mopping to remove residues. 

Laminate floors have a few different options for installation, which affect how durable they are. However, it's important to note that laminate floors are NOT waterproof. When selecting a product, it must be safe not to remove the finish and work quickly to remove dirt and residues, while using the least amount of water so that the solution is never really sitting on the floor for an extended period. Too much moisture on the laminate will cause the moisture to become trapped below the planks, which can warp them. So, when it comes to cleaning laminate floors, we will discuss cleaning with Powerizer Complete using a mop that uses reusable microfiber cloths. It also transitions easily to rinse the floor of residues left behind using plain water. 


4 Easy Steps For Cleaning Laminate Floors 4 Easy Steps For Cleaning Laminate Floors

Here is what you will need:

The first step is to mix the solution to give the detergent some time to dissolve.  The second step is to remove larger debris, hair, and dust from the floors using the WonderWedgie mop and a damp microfiber cloth. Detailed instructions on how to use Wonder Wedgie Microfiber Mop it can be seen in the video link

The third step is to mop the floor, replace that cloth with a clean one and begin to mop the floor with Powerizer Complete. Be sure to add only enough moisture to the floor to move the mop around freely using a damp cloth. Powerizer should do the rest of the work to remove scruffs, lift dirt and loosen and dissolve any food that may have dried and hardened. As the cloth collects dirt, simply remove it and rinse it under the sink, wring and add more Powerizer Complete to the cloth and continue mopping. 

The last step is to rinse the floor to lift residues after the entire surface has been cleaned. Start by removing the cloth used to mop the floor and replace it with a clean cloth. Next, spray 5' x 5' sections of the floor with plain water. This time leave the mop unattached on one end, so it lays open like a cape. Mop one part, then move to the right, then down to be sure to lift residues from the entire surface of the floor. After completing one section, clean a new area to the right and then down. With each new area, move the position of the mop head down the cloth, moving toward the bottom seam of the cloth. Soon you will witness a dirt line from the wedge of the mop head scrubbing and lifting residues that become trapped in the microfibers of the cloth. Then use the backside of the cloth until the cloth is thoroughly wet. Either grab a new cloth and start the process over or remove it, rinse it under the sink to remove residues, wring as much of the water from the cloth as possible and start over with the same cloth this time.  Take advantage of Powerizer free shipping for a limited time you can purchase a 6.5lb. bag of Powerizer you will receive a free microfiber cloth for free.

Whenever possible, we recommend using floor cleaning products for mechanical cleaning to remove dirt and dust from your laminate floors using just the mop while applying a mist of water using a spray bottle. However, life happens outdoors, which can quickly be brought indoors, thus requiring a little more help. Let Powerizer be your safer choice for maintaining the laminate floors in your home or workspace.  The more you incorporate Powerizer into your cleaning routine, the more it just makes sense.  Use the JUSTCLEAN promo code on your first purchase and receive $2.00 off your order.  

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