Clean - Refresh, Present Your Best Fall Wardrobe

October 22, 2018 1 Comment

Clean - Refresh, Present Your Best Fall Wardrobe

Preserving Your Favorite Fall Fashion


Cold weather means pilling on extra layers, but it also means that your laundry basket fills up a lot faster. An incredible fall coat or cashmere sweater is an investment, so of course, we'd want to protect it but washing winter clothes with different fabrics, colors and textures can be confusing. Here are six ways you can protect your favorite fall pieces.

  • Treat Stains Right Away- It can be tempting to wait until laundry time, but the faster your remove a stain the easier it is removed. Powerizer is a great stain remover for clothes and works fast and effectively. To avoid letting a stain to set, spot-treat the area with Powerizer. Combine Powerizer and water in a container or squeeze bottle, add a little Powerizer, shake until completely dissolved, saturate the stain with a solution and it will continue to work for up to six hours. Wash as normal with Powerizer in the machine.
    • Help Sweaters Keep Their Shape- There is nothing worse than a stretched out and shapeless sweater.  To avoid this; Before washing, lay the sweater on a large piece of paper and trace its outline. After washing, roll the sweater in a towel to absorb extra water, then lay the sweater on the paper and reshape it to fit the outline. Allow it to dry flat.
      • Wash hats, scarves and gloves in a mesh bag- Toss these items in the wash once a month, then lay flat to dry. The mesh bag will protect your laundry and keep pairs of gloves together and prevents scarves from getting tangled around your other laundry.


      • Wash with Powerizer- Washing your clothes with Powerizer can help preserve your favorite winter pieces for as long as possible. Powerizer is a natural, complete, and convenient powdered laundry detergent that uses new technology to gently removes chocolate stains, deodorant stains, coffee, and many other food stains. The gentle ingredients in Powerizer allow you to safely wash color-safe and delicate fabrics such as chiffon and lace. Washing with Powerizer leaves no residue, leaving clothes softer and cleaner, which means you don’t need to add an extra step of fabric softener. And if the washing instructions allow it, wool, wool blends, silk, silk blends, leather, and fabrics too can be washed with Powerizer. In addition, Powerizer is the best laundry detergent for sensitive skin and will eliminate the extra irritation for certain types of fabrics.


      • Asses the chemicals in your detergent- Many harsh chemicals can commonly be found in popular laundry detergents. Using these chemicals on your clothes can be damaging to your favorite pieces and can eventually ruin them for good. To avoid this, use Powerizer! Powerizer uses gentle ingredients to leave your clothes strong, vibrant, soft and fluffy.


      • Wash your clothes only when needed- Getting in the habit of washing clothes right after every wear can be easy but did you know that you don’t have to wash clothes after each wear? In fact, it can be damaging to clothes…. So, how often should you be washing your clothes? Well, it depends on the item and the fabric, here are some general rules to follow;


        • Sweater (thick): Every 3-4 wears.
        • Sweater (thin): Every wear.
        • Denim: Every 2-3 wears.
        • Tops: Every wear.
        • Sweatshirts: 3-4 wears.
        • Dresses: Every wear.
        • Workout clothes: Every wear.
        • PJs: Every 3-4 days.
        • Jackets: Every few weeks.
        • Scarves: Every few weeks.
        • Winter hats: Every few weeks.

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        February 15, 2019

        Does Powerizer work in cold water. I only wash my clothes in cold water. Will it dissolve

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        Versatile and effective!

        Great product! I love having a product that is versatile and works for both my laundry and my dishes. After using it in my dishwasher a few times, I went back to my old brand name DW powder just to use it up, and found undissolved detergent inside of drinking cups! Back to powerizer for me! The smell takes me back to my childhood and that old fashioned laundry detergent smell. I need to branch out and try it for overall house cleaning like on my floors and bathroom. I appreciate the reduction in packaging, although I wish now I had saved my original tubs it came in to refill from the bags. However, I put some in a vintage milk glass canister in my laundry room and it looks so decorative!

        LOVE this stuff!!

        My dishes have never come out of the dishwasher so clean. Even kettles I used to scrub before putting in the dishwasher now come out clean with NO scrubbing. I will definitely be purchasing more.

        Excellet product that delivers powerful cleaning

        I've done laundry, used in the dishwasher and cleaned the showers with Powerizer and I am greatly impressed! The fragrance is clean but not overpowering and it's easy to use. My only recommendation would be to package Powerize in a cardboard box (similar to dishwashing powder or powdered laundry soap) to reduce/eliminate plastic.