Simple Steps to Clean Patio Doors

May 03, 2019

Simple Steps to Clean Patio Doors

Cleaning your Patio Doors with Powerizer Complete

We all have professed to "I don't do Windows!" Heck, your cleaning lady won't, and some of us can admit we won't prioritize to clean them even once a year.  We neglect them as if it requires a particular skill or talent when really cleaning windows is more about spending a little extra time.  With Powerizer Complete it brings out the clean freak in everyone.  Equipped with wetting agents, water softeners and unique ingredients that not only rinse your dishes clean and are proven to work just as effectively on your windows.  As always, we boast when using Powerizer Complete you can expect to save time and money.  

Read on to learn how.

Acquiring the best tools for the job is key to speeding up the process.  Powerizer will replace your window cleaner.  If you use Powerizer's Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloths, you won't need to buy paper towels either.  Here is what you will need in your cleaning arsenal.

  • A bucket for making your Powerizer solution one (1) scoop to one (1) gallon of water (the hotter, the better)
  • A squeegee of your preference a soft tip or the more traditional firm rubber edge
  • A few microfiber cloths one (1) for cleaning and a few for drying and removing streaks)
  • Broom & Dust Pan (a shop vac or a vacuum but not necessary)
  • WonderWedgie in case you need the extra reach
  • A step stool in case you happen to be height challenged and can't reach the top of the window
  • A water hose with access to water or a large pitcher for the final rinsing of the windows

The process for cleaning the interior window will vary slightly for all intents and purposes these instructions will be for cleaning the exterior of the Sliding Glass Patio Door with no regard for water hitting the floor.

Start by mixing your cleaning solution in your bucket using the ratio of one (1) scoop of Powerizer Complete to one (1) gallon of warm water.  Set it to the side by the time you get back to it, all the detergent should have dissolved. 

Keeping safety in mind first, remove and set aside any trip hazard items laying around such as planters or the welcome mat.  Next, sweep the area with your broom and be sure to start with the window tracks.  Critters, lint, leaves, and dirt seem to settle there.  If you can't remove all the soil, this is when you can use a Shop vac if you have one.  You may also use an inexpensive paint brush to sweep the dirt from the crevices of the door tracks.   Do this before applying any water to the surfaces.

Before washing with Powerizer wet the entire window with plain water.  This will remove most of the dust, spider webs and dirt build up from the windows.  Use a water hose if you have one otherwise pour water from the top down using a large Pitcher.  The ground will be wet, so be sure not to slip.

Begin washing the door frame or window casing using the cloth soaked in Powerizer Complete.  Starting with the top of the window frame, then the sides, and finally the bottom framing of the door.  Wipe out all the dirt and debris from the tracks.  This will attract the most dirt to your microfiber towel when possible rinse in clean water and wring on the ground rather than back into the Powerizer Complete solution. 

After wiping down all the window casings, begin washing the windows with the cloth drinched with Powerizer Complete.   As with cleaning tile, countertops or any other hard surface you can feel the fabric move across with friction and soon it merely glides across as it removes dirt and debris from the surface.

The second to last step is to rinse all surfaces cleaned with Powerizer Complete to ensure no residues are left behind.  Wipe down the window casing with a damp microfiber cloth and plain water.  Wipe the surfaces of the window only at the 4 edges starting from the top to the bottom corners using a dry microfiber cloth.  Next place your squeegee on the window as close to the seam of the casing, starting at the top corner edge.   While holding the squeegee at a 35-degree angle, begin moving the squeegee from left to right, to remove excess water.  Complete the entire window working your way down.

The final step is to shine and polish away any water left behind using a dry microfiber cloth to reveal a squeaky-clean window with no residues left behind.

After using Powerizer Complete to clean your windows, they won't attract as much dirt, which means less cleaning.  You can feel good about eliminating paper towel and glass cleaner from your shopping list and enjoy spending more time enjoying the view. 


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i guess it works

have used it in the laundry & it gets everything clean and they look like new.

Powerizer Complete-a must try

Best detergent I have ever used! My dishes are spotless and my clothes have the freshest scent! So impressed.

Awesome stuff

A to order some of the Power Riser for dishwasher and laundry I was skeptical but ordered it and wow it is everything and then some. It gets my clothes much cleaner and my dishes perfectly clean and keeps the dishwasher shiny and bright. If I have to say something negative about it, it would be the smell it is quite strong and takes over the house for a little while but then it goes away thankfully. It just smells very clean.

Love it.

My dog had cancer of her jawbone. I made her drool diluted blood and when she ate she would bleed. This detergent would get the blood off of any material I had that she bled on. I was so happy and impressed. Sme of it could not be bleached.

Powerizer Complete All Pupose Home Cleaner is Exactly that!

I love Powerizer Complete Multi-Purpose Detergent and Cleaner! Instead of buying muliple cleaners,I only need this product. I have used it in the laundry (it does a fantastic job on ALL my clothes!) in my dishwasher(no streaks,no spots) and I have used it in my kitchen (cleans my stove and counters like you wouldn't believe!) I have already ordered another 3lb.bag. By the way it has an easy-close bag too that is really nice. The bag takes up less space than my old bottled detergent did. This is a great product. Thanks!