Fragrance-Free, Synthetic Fragrance or Essential Oils, Which Is Better?

July 26, 2019

Understanding How We Choose Our Fragrance

Olfactory memory can be a catalyst for stirring up emotions and feelings that can persuade or deter an individual from making a purchase.  Brand loyalty and the scent or fragrance used in hair care, body care, laundry detergents and other cleaning products can be just as crucial as its efficacy. 

Here we pose a question, is it better to buy fragrance-free, synthetic fragrance or products using strictly essential oils? The answer is up for discussion. 

When creating Powerizer Complete and choosing a fragrance, the chemist settled upon using a synthetic Sunny Citrus fragrance for a couple of reasons. 

  1. When washing laundry or cleaning surfaces, we felt it was more important to leave no residues behind. Essential oils do not always rinse clean.  Dryer sheets and fabric softeners contain waxes and oils in the ingredients which coat your fabrics creating a barrier making it more difficult for the detergent to penetrate and effectively clean your clothing.  
  2. Also, essential oils, although considered natural, can still create allergens and trigger rash, headaches, nausea, and dizziness, to name a few allergic reactions.
  3. In its final mix, the ingredients in Powerizer did not have a desirable scent. Regardless of non-harsh chemicals or not, chemicals still aren't pleasant. A perfect example of a similar cleaning product is Betadine, which is commonly used to clean skin before surgery.  The scent is horrible and can bring you back to an unpleasant memory of a hospital stay.  The fragrance in Powerizer was meant to disguise the chemical odor.
  4. As far as sustainability a synthetic product allows for the manufacturer of the product to easily maintain the same scent in every batch with very little or no noticeable variance in the fragrance. At times individual plants or minerals that are used to extract essential oils may not be easily obtained in the volume needed to fulfill the demand for the product.  Lavender harvested in California and the South of France will vary in scent and price.  

Fragrance, is it Preference or a Necessity?

When cleaning surfaces and washing laundry with Powerizer Complete, we offer the best of both worlds.  We realize the scent is all about preference. When choosing the scent in Powerizer Complete, the goal was to provide a non-overpowering scent that rinses clean, leaving no residue.  A synthetic fragrance is going to rinse cleaner than essential oils will.  Therefore, limiting the possibilities of triggering skin allergens from residues left behind.  Your clothes dry scent-free and are considered safer for sensitive skin. 

With Florida being it's biggest market, Powerizer Complete is celebrated in the households of many consumers who suffer from climates zones experiencing high humidity.  When linens and towels are washed consistently with Powerizer Complete and nothing else, lingering odors of mold or sweat disappear.  Your clothes are residue and scent-free instead. 

Artificial scents undergo the same rigorous levels of testing in determining it's maximum exposure risks.  We understand too much of one thing isn't right, and a fragrance is no different. Many essential oils are known to cause just as many if not more allergens in humans than synthetic oils do.  Just because they are natural, doesn't make them entirely safe.  It's not reasonable to expect manufacturers to protect consumers from all harm.  Chemicals found in fabric softeners and dryer sheets are meant to remain on the materials which enhance the likelihood of toxins entering your body through the skin. However, there is still a substantial amount of shelf space at the store providing many options to choose from.  Studies have shown these toxins affect the functioning of your nervous and endocrine system.  Fragrance on your clothing isn't necessary, and flower-scented clothing isn't worth the risk of chronic illness.



I love this Powerizer. I mainly use it for laundry. We have very sensitive skin along with skin disorders. Since using this product, our skin doesn't itch or breakout anymore. Also, the residue smell is gone from our towels. It does make our kitchen and bathroom sparkle. It's amazing. I'll continue to use this product again and again. Thank you! Terry

In closing, only you the consumer can determine if a fragrance will enhance your cleaning experience or not.  If you’re still wavering on your opinion on fragrance, consider the question of brand loyalty and necessity.  Are you loyal to a brand because it has created many different products offering many different scents?  Is it really helping you to have that many options?  Is it necessary to buy one product to clean glass and another for the shower and another to clean bathrooms and another for granite, and another to wipe surfaces, and another for dishes, and another for floors?  Aren't you tired of reading another sentence of redundancy?  We believe in making one product well to replace all the excess mediocre products on the market. Powerizer Complete cleans everything dirty and it smells nice too.

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