How Often Should You Wash This Or That?

March 06, 2020


Have you ever sat and wondered if you are washing your clothes or household items too much? One item that comes to mind is laundering jeans. They can really be a statement piece in your wardrobe, and the price of jeans seem to be moving upwards, closer to the cost of a business suit. So it's essential to take care of them. With so many different wash labels, consumers must determine is it safe to machine wash, hand wash, line dry, or dry clean. Then decide to wash in hot or cold water, or one must select is the delicate or permanent-press cycles and lastly when to use bleach or not.

How Often Should You Wash This Or That?

This blog isn't going to cover all the topics mentioned above. Instead, today we attempt to answer a straightforward question as you hold up your item after you removed it from wearing it? Do I really need to wash this time?

Dry shampoo was created because someone said you don't need to wash your hair every day. Everyone's answer is going to vary. It's amusing that a dry shampoo even exists, and 10 years ago, it didn't. Concepts, beliefs, and products evolve to fit our lifestyles.     

We're not saying Powerizer is the new dry shampoo for laundry. However, it is the only detergent and cleaner that will clean everything dirty. What we're really saying is when you want to preserve a garment, or unique item, wash it less often and use a detergent with no filler or no dyes with the efficacy to clean it well when you do decide to wash it.

How Often Should You Wash This Or That?

We just posted a blog on preventing dye cast-off, which helps keep your bright colors intact and your whites good as new. We're assuming you take the time to read it and become motivated to incorporate pre-treating your new garments with a dye-set bath solution.  Next, read below as we share how to incorporate Powerizer into your wash routine.

How Often Should You Wash This Or That?

For those items you need to wash after each wear, here is what we recommend. Wash with one (1) scoop per a load of Laundry; if its a more significant weight or soiled, use two (2) scoops.  

However, if the item has an odor, make a Soak Solution.  Pour one (1) scoop to one (1) gallon of water in a container. Let the fabrics soak overnight. The stain lifting ingredients remain active for up to 8 hours.  It will need time to deodorizer and loosen odors, dirt, debris, and soil before you throw it into the wash. Not only that, if you are washing with a HE efficient washer, but it will also weigh, agitate, and shift the load before adding water to the cycle. If you place the garments into the drum still wet, the machine will senses a more massive weight; it will add more water to your wash cycle, which will usually allow the clothes more room to agitate during the wash cycle.  

How Often Should You Wash This Or That?

For those items that only require washing after every 2-3 wears, here is what we recommend.

Spot clean the stained area instead of washing the entire garment.  Here is an example of when this makes sense. Your lovely dress pants swiped the car door jam that created a dirt spot on the calf as you stepped out of the car. 

How Often Should You Wash This Or That?

When you returned home, make a Pre-treat and spot clean the stain using one (1) scoop of Powerizer Complete into a 16 oz squeeze bottle of water.

Rub the stain with a damp microfiber cloth with the pre-treat solution on it. Make sure to rinse the detergent off the fabric and let it air dry. 

The rest of the pants should remain dry. Let the fabric air dry then steam the wrinkles before placing them back on the hanger.  

Powerizer rinses clean and should not leave a yellow line vs. a clean line, which happens when you decide to Pre-treat your stain with a stain pen instead.  

Here is how to perform a rinse to remove the detergent. Use a clean damp microfiber cloth with plain water and start from a clean area just above the stain and begin to wipe downward toward the hem of the pant. The plain water will saturate the detergent, and the microfiber cloth will also absorb it at the same time. Continue to do this by squeezing out the excess water into the sink after each application of clean water. You should notice, Powerizer removes the stain quickly. Your job is to remove the detergent, so it dries clean without any residue. 

After the stain and detergent are removed, hang the pant to air dry. This technique is excellent for removing deodorant stains, toothpaste, or food drips on the front of your shirt. You can also give it a try the next time the inside neckline catches a make-up stain after pulling your blouse over your face.  


How Often Should You Wash This Or That?



For your items that need to be washed every 4-7 wear items, a more heavy-duty cleaning may be required. 

These tend to accumulate more dirt than usual. First, we highly recommend you dye-set any new colored garments or household items before wearing them. If you wear dark jeans, then notice your tennis shoes are covered in blue dye, or your leather seats now have a bluish tint. You probably should dye set your jeans before you wear them again.     

Sheets have a way of accumulating dirt and oils between washes. Sometimes it's necessary to use more detergent than you usually would. For a significantly dirtier load, use Two (2) Scoops in the Laundry. 

You may want also to perform an overnight soak in the tub before you throw them in the wash.   

These sheets soaked for 8 hours overnight in hot water with one (1) scoop of Powerizer. Use this technique to remove moldy smells from garments, shoes, linens, especially towels. Soak them outside of the washer until you are sure the appliance isn't the cause. If you suspect it is, perform a machine clean using one (1) scoop of Powerizer and run an empty wash cycle. How Often Should You Wash This Or That?

The bottom line is if your washing less, make sure the first time you wash a new article to take the time to dye-set the fabric. Then for all your future washes, use a detergent with no additives, no fillers, and no dyes. Also, make sure your detergent has time to do the job, perform a soak when necessary, and use a soap that rinses clean. This will attract less dirt to your garments, therefore, requiring less washing. 

How Often Should You Wash This Or That?Consumers have submitted multiple Powerizer reviews to share how after switching to Powerizer, they noticed their towels and sheets are cleaner, brighter, and have no lingering scent. If you've been using a detergent with dyes or additives such as the blue goo, a water-based detergent that also happens to have fabric softeners, your clothes may not be as clean as they should be.  WE CHALLENGE YOU! Before switching to Powerizer, soak your clean sheets that were washed in your current detergent and soak them in the tub with one (1) scoop of Powerizer and see just how much residue comes off them.  


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