How to Clean Your Shower Curtain and Shower Liner

November 27, 2020

Selecting a creative shower curtain is an easy upgrade and makes a decorative statement in your bathroom. We recently learned the shower curtain is the dirtiest surface in a bathroom, even more than the toilet, which can trigger allergies. Washing your shower curtain every three months is ideal; however, minimal space, moisture, and high traffic bathrooms may require a monthly cleaning protocol. A curtain liner prevents the outer curtain from accumulating shower residues. However, vinyl liners are more likely to accumulate more layers of soap scum and lime scale than fabric.

How to Clean Your Shower Curtain and Shower Liner

A shower curtain in closer proximity to the toilet, along with high humidity, becomes ideal for breeding mold and bacteria. Without referencing facts, it’s common knowledge a toilet plume or its spray radius can transfer fecal matter and urine to a toothbrush left on the vanity. In many instances a shower is closer than a vanity.

Cleaning your shower curtain and the liner is easy when using Powerizer which is already known for being the best shower cleaner. A complete multipurpose detergent safely cleans everything dirty yet powerful enough to eradicate mold and soap scum from your shower curtain and liner.

Here is everything you need to know in 5 easy steps

  1. Remove the shower curtain and liner from the curtain rod. Dampen a microfiber cloth with Powerizer Complete to wipe the curtain rod and the rings. Check out the grime that removes off the pole.
  1. Soak both the shower curtain, and it’s liner into the tub, then add enough water to submerge them under hot water. If you are concerned about dye cast off, consider dissolving the detergent in a bowl of hot water and then pouring it into the tub filled with cold water. The number one cause for dye cast off is washing in hotter temperatures. However, Powerizer is just as effective when cleaning in cold water temperatures. The ingredient Sodium Percarbonate, an adduct of soda ash and hydrogen peroxide, is the oxygen bleach ingredient in Powerizer. It also contains TAED, which supercharges hydrogen peroxide in cold water. The hydrogen peroxide measurement in Powerizer is 2x more concentrated than what is provided in the brown bottle found in the drug store which is recognized by the CDC as a safer choice alternative to bleach. In addition natural enzymes quickly attack protein and starch which make Powerizer the best soap scum remover.
    How to Clean Your Shower Curtain and Shower Liner
  2. Add one (1) scoop of Powerizer to the water and allow them to soak for up to 8 hours. The results are astonishing. We speak about stripping clothes to remove dirt, oil residues, unpleasant odors, and fabric softeners that coat fibers with silicone, wax, and fragrance oils. When they fail to rinse clean in the wash cycle, these residues set in during the dry cycle and create a barrier between the fibers and the detergent. Consumers expect better results and entered a vicious cycle of purchasing additives and specialty cleaners to boost detergent and cleaning performance, which further complicates and reduces its effectiveness.
    How to Clean Your Shower Curtain and Shower Liner
  1. Wash after after soaking, drop the liner and shower curtain into the washing machine. Add one (1) scoop of Powerizer Complete to the washer and start the load. Shower products such as shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and shower gel are continually accumulating on the fabric. They are easier to spot on tile and the tub, however, just as much accumulates on the shower curtain liner. Therefore, consider wiping down the shower curtain liner with Powerizer and a Microfiber towel weekly. Leave the Powerizer detergent on the surface of the liner for at least one(1) hour. Always rinse your liner after showering to minimize the soap scum build-up.Powerizer's surfactant serves as a wetting agent that penetrates the oils to lift them to rinse clean quickly. Sodium Silicate is a mineral-based ingredient made of quartz and caustic soda; when combined with water, it creates a liquid glass. It prevents shower products from accumulating on the liner and allows it to rinse easier from the surface.How to Clean Your Shower Curtain and Shower Liner
  1. Dry after the wash and rinse cycle is complete, place the fabric shower curtain in the dryer low to medium heat. Attach the vinyl liner to the shower hooks to dry hanging from the curtain rod. Later attach the shower curtain so that both are back hanging in its place.

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