Now You Can Use Pods For Both Your Laundry And Dishwasher

January 29, 2021

Loyal Powerizer customers are celebrating the launch of the cleaning industries first All-In-One Laundry and Dishwasher Detergent Pods. Our Complete Pod is manufactured with the same revolutionary Powerizer Complete mineral and plant-based ingredients; however, it is now available in a Pod wrapped in a PVOH water-soluble film.  We added a line extension that gives you the convenience that pods offer. These new Powerizer Completed Pods are the first-ever All-In-One natural laundry detergent pod and eco-friendly dishwashing pod all in one. Powerizer COMPLETE Pods are designed to quickly dissolve in all water temperatures to clean everything dirty in the home, car, office, garage, school, daycare, and even nursing homes.

Powerizer Complete Concentrated Convenient Conserving


In our recent Powerizer Complete Pod Press Release, Don Fritz, VP of Sales at Soluble Packaging, the largest Pods manufacturer in North America, says Poweizer Complete Pods are the first pod he has manufactured that works in both laundry and dishwasher machines. Now you can use your dishwasher pod for laundry without panicking. 

Did you know the first water soluble pod was the Colgate-Palmolive Action bleach pods not Tide Pods. In 1962 pods and tablets were hitting the markets but they were not well received and their shelf life ended in the early 70's.  Single-dose products have tried to push the envelope for decades but they just never caught on until now. 

Over the years, the PVOH film has improved to dissolve faster so that the detergent has a longer time to work in its intended cycle. We believe powdered detergent is the best option for manufacturing a pod. Mr. Fritz admits multi-chamber pods filled with a liquid require a thicker film whereas powder does not. There are many pods on the market today A  multi-chamber pod requires a multi-layer film which dissolves slower than a pod filled with powder and uses a single layer PVOH film.

Less Chemicals, Less Containers and Less Clutter

Powerizer complete laundry and dish pods

Consumers also like the convenience of a POD. They reduce spills, they come premeasured, they alleviate the exposure to the chemicals encased in the pod. The biggest reason consumers are switching to pods now is because they are more conscious of our environment. Liquid containers are more wasteful and require more space. Powerizer is not in the market to ship or sell water to consumers. Most liquid detergents are made of 70% water. We often wonder why is water in detergent since it is needed during the cleaning process. Another observation is why is there an array of dyes being used to get your clothes bright and white or dishes spotless and sparkling clean.  

By 2028, 28% of consumers will be using Laundry detergent pods and currently more than 50% of consumer are already using Dishwasher Pods.  

We Put Powerizer Complete Pods To The Test 

In our office we tested how quickly our pods dissolved compared to other leading brands.  Powerizer dissolved 5 to 8 times faster than Cascade and Finish.  Powerizer completely dissolved in 3 minutes.  Cascade took over 15 minutes and Finish took more than 30 minutes. Since our pods only have a top and bottom layer film that is compressed together they can easily dissolve quicker.  Multi-Chamber pods require more layers or thicker film and liquid pods require a heavier film as well.  Our pods start to work faster so that the detergent has time to lift residue, stains and odors.   

dissolving cleaning pods
With multi-chamber pods in a wash cycle it's difficult to know which chamber will dissolve first.  The Powerizer Complete Pod is filled with powder ingredients that are wrapped in a film designed with microscopic holes to allow water to penetrate the film faster, allowing water to react with the detergent. As soon as the ingredients in Powerizer interact with water, the oxygenation begins.  Sodium Percarbonate (soda ash and hydrogen peroxide) and TAED begin to supercharge even in cold water. The other ingredients begin to disperse altogether.

Powerizer LLC. is a clean company through and through. Its mission is to simplify consumers’ lives with high-quality cleaning products that reduce toxic waste and preserve the earth for future generations. Founded by Max Appel, the inventor of OxiClean, OrangeGlo, Kaboom, and Powerizer Complete continues to revolutionize everyday products. Complete, Concentrated, Convenient, and Conserving - these are the features guaranteed with every product because clean and green go hand-in-hand.

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