Maintaining Your Laundry Appliances And Surfaces

March 28, 2019

How to Prolong Your Laundry Appliances and Maintain a Clean Laundry Room

Your washing machine and clothes dryer have two very different functions, however, are used in unison.   New homeowners usually purchase them at the same time. Consumers tend to buy matching brands with similar warranties.   They are like best friends in the appliance world.  By using Powerizer a non-toxic laundry detergent for all your laundry needs and also eliminates using dryer sheets, the inner machine will self-clean with each use.  However, when initially switching from the blue gunk and all the other additives, it becomes necessary to clean your laundry machine.  The most obvious is when your clothes always seem to have a funky odor.  Powerizer Complete will clean your washing machine and dryer and will help to keep your clothes fresh.  Here is how.  

Washing Machine Cleaning

Let's discuss how to maintain your washing machine first.  As we have mentioned in other posts, Powerizer's stain fighting laundry detergent, water softener, and non-bleaching whiteners are working to brighten, break down stains, remove odors, fight mold, and dissolve residue left behind with every wash.  The detergent rinses clean, and along with it, you will notice the rubber seals, dispenser trays for soap and the doors will never have caked on liquids left behind from other detergents or additives.  Ditch your old routine of using additives. 
Powerizer does it all including clean your machine. Start by making a bucket of Powerizer using the ratio of one (1) scoop to one (1) gallon of warm to hot water.  Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the insides of your machine, paying particular attention to the front rubber seals along the door.  Here is where smaller garments seem to get trapped and wet with lingering detergents, and soon mold develops.  When this happens often, your clothes begin to smell, and it is difficult to get rid of the odor.  Powerizer is an odor neutralizer and will help remove mold residue.  Have you ever poured out vinegar from a salad dressing bottle down the drain before you toss it in the recycle bin?  The odor will linger for 20-30 minutes in the recycle bin. I dare you to take the Powerizer Challenge, sprinkle Powerizer into the empty salad dressing bottle, add ½ of a teaspoon and fill it with hot to warm water and shake it up.  Within seconds, the odor is neutralized; all you will smell is Powerizer's Sunny Citrus fragrance.  The same odor neutralizers are going to work inside your laundry appliances and clothes.  Be sure to soak all the sides and wipe all surfaces of the door and caked-on detergent trays. Toss the rag your cleaning with along with and one (1) scoop of Powerizer and start your washer.  It will do its job of removing odors and built up residues while it runs the full cycle.  It's that simple.     


Routine Dryer Cleaning

Powerizer is an excellent detergent to use to wipe the interior and exterior of the dryer helping to keep it lint, mold, and residue free. If at any point dryer sheets were used in your drier there is a good chance residue from the silicone oil found in dryer sheets is lining the inner surface of the drum.  With Powerizer Complete the detergent rinses clean and leaves no residue.  In return, mold will diminish, and your drier will always smell odor free.  We always recommend not to use dryer sheets since the same oils and waxes remain on your clothes.
Use Powerizer's pretreat dosage chart for mixing a solution in a tub using the ratio of one (1) scoop of detergent to one (1) gallon of water. You will need a few of microfiber cleaning cloths for the job. Keep one dry cloth for removing dust and lint. The second cloth will be used for washing and rinsing with plain water. The third cloth is necessary for drying and polishing after the rinse.  

First, remove all lint from the vent trap and toss any fiber in the trash.  Attach the dry Microfiber cloth to the end of a flat rubber spatula using a rubber band to hold it in place. The extra arm should allow you to reach further down into the dryer lint vent compartment and catch any lint trapped below. Using your new gadget, wipe the seals of the door and any hollow areas up into the door. It can give a little extra reach for dusting the top and sides as well.   Now that the lint has been removed wipe the drum, seals doors and exterior of the dryer using a damp to a wet microfiber cloth soaked with Powerizer.  As always finish cleaning all surfaces using just plain water and dry and polish all surfaces especially the seals with a dry microfiber cloth. Be sure not to leave detergent on any seals. These seals are subjected to high heat and could cause them to crack over time and affect the performance of the dryer.   

And finally for cleaning the exterior of both machines can be simplified using a WonderWedgie to dust, sweep and mop behind these appliances. First, unplug and pull your machines from the wall to clean away dust and recover any random missing items.  It's always a joy to find the match to your favorite socks.  The WonderWedgie comes with two (2) microfiber cloths which trap dirt, dust and absorb liquids up to 7x its weight.  They rinse and wring with just two hands and dry quickly for everyday use.  With its telescopic pole, it helps to reach higher and further.  Its head has a unique wedge, which allows scrubbing tile, grout and the baseboard ledge where the dust settles. For a full demonstration click here.  A quick wipe down on the countertop, sink or shelving will have your laundry room sparkling clean.

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