Powerizer Scores A Home Run Cleaning Sports Equipment And Uniforms

July 05, 2019

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff If Powerizer Is Your Cleaning Arsenal

Uniforms and equipment are a huge part of participating in sports.  For parents and siblings, it' a requirement to wear a jersey to support our favorite player. For parents, the equipment required to participate can rival a few mortgage payment each season.  The expense for uniforms and equipment can be taxing, then multiply those numbers by a few kids and your household discretionary funds are maxed out. 

It’s not difficult to understand why it becomes especially essential to preserve your sports equipment from one season to next or to pass down from one sibling to the other.  Powerizer Complete will remove stains, neutralize odors, and help extend the life of your sports uniforms and active wear while eliminating multiple cleaning products and save you money, which will surely be spent on gas to haul everyone around from one field to next.

We have many testimonials of how Powerizer works excellent on sports apparel to remove tough stains and odors, leaving behind vibrant colors and bright whites. 

Here is how to wash athletic clothes:  

  1. Hand-sized dish scrubber, skinny hairbrush,
  2. Bucket to make cleaning solutions or a large basin for soaking
  3. 16 oz. squeeze bottle for making a pre-treat solution
  4. Tub or basin for extra large items
  5. Wash machine

Recommend dosages for the cleaning process described below:

Wash solution =  one (1) scoop of Powerizer to one (1) gallon of water mixed in a bucket

Pre-treat solution =  one (1) scoop of Powerizer to sixteen (16) oz. of water mixed in a squeeze bottle

To Remove Grass, Dirt and Sweat Stains from Uniforms

Start with using your pre-treat solution to saturate the stain.  The stain-lifting ingredients in Powerizer will remain active for up to six (6) to eight (8) hours. The best habit for your uniform cleaning routine is to pre-treat stains immediately.  Organic stains react differently to Powerizer than others, and some may take longer to remove. A blood stain still wet will dissolve almost instantly.  Grass stains will turn from green to yellow, brown then finally disappear.  However, if it sets in and dries, a blood stain will require a pre-treat and then a soak in Powerizer before you throw it in the wash.  

Can Turmeric be the toughest stain yet? A restaurant owner approaches our booth at a trade show in North Carolina, frantically she explained, Turmeric has ruined tablecloths, napkins, aprons and clothing. Nothing has worked!  We have to throw so much stuff away.  She came prepared with Tumeric in hand.  We placed some on a baby t-shirt and dropped it into a concentrated mixture, and it turned the Tumeric powder, from mustard orange to fluorescent pink immediately.   Everyone was shocked, “Thinking OH NO, could Turmeric be the Kryptonite for Powerizer?  Determined to defeat Tumeric, we soaked the stain overnight since it was late, in a potent mixture of Powerizer and the stain lessened to a light pink color.  We dumped the water and started over with a fresh scoop of Powerizer in a jar with four (4) oz. of plain water. Just enough to cover the entire baby t-shirt.  Powerizer fought through the battle which took two (2) pre-treat sessions to eradicate the stain. Unfortunately, she did not return to the next day to see that Powerizer defeated Turmeric. 

For tough jobs, sprinkle Powerizer on the stain to make a concentrated paste in the powder form and add a little water.  Powerizer Complete works on the ring around the collar and sweat armpit stains as well as grass stains using this method.  The great thing about Powerizer is the oxygen bleach powder ingredient in the formula that will not lighten the vibrant colors in your uniforms.  This method can be used to clean, hats, shoes, and protective equipment.  

Sweaty odors need to be soaked

Powerizer is versatile and removes odors exceptionally well from shoes, pads, and protective undergarments.  Cleaning these items is not much different from what is necessary to remove pet odors and dirt stains from your carpet.  The key is to allow the laundry detergent to sit on the stained items giving them time for Powerizer to neutralize the area. Finally, finish with a rinse using plain water. 

Allow time for Powerizer to work

Next phase, rinse all your dirty equipment with a hose using a high-pressure nozzle if you have one.  If you do not have one, remove debris with a hand brush from cleats, and other equipment where dirt may be trapped.  Rinse each item with plain water to remove as much excess dirt and debris before dropping it into the Powerizer solution.

Follow up, by filling your basin, tub, or directly into your wash machine with hot water and Powerizer Complete using the ratio of one (1) scoop to one (1) gallon of water.  The more water, the more Powerizer.  However, guess what, Powerizer has no harsh chemicals. Nature has provided us with most of what we need to clean the things we love.  So don’t stress about using too much.  We love the fact that Powerizer is a powder.  It’s designed to be concentrated or as delicate as you need it. Soak and scrub, sprinkle more on tough stains, and repeat if necessary. 

Finally, when you have removed as much of the dirt and stains out of your washable garments, please place them in the washer and run a full cycle.  Items that are not machine washable still must be rinsed to remove any detergent left behind.  The surfactants in our formula trap dirt and oils and suspend it in the water so that they rinse away with just plain water.  Even though our stain fighting laundry detergent lifted the stain and neutralized it, it still needs to be rinsed.  Don't be alarmed if your water is filthy; once the rinse cycle does its job, everything will odor-free, and stain-free, leaving no residue behind.   You will notice that your uniform will dry brighter and more vibrant.  Sometimes some set-in stains may need another application.  After multiple washes, your equipment will be less intrusive than before.


Jersey, Belt, Pants, Singlets & Uniforms

Chest Protector, Head Gear, Helmets

Gloves, Shin Guards & Pads

Cleats, Shoes & Skates

Athletic Cup, Socks & Under Garments

Hand Wraps, Hockey Sticks, Baseball or Golf Grips

Sweat or Golf Towel

Sports Equipment Bag

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