Tackling Your Dinner "Holiday To-Do List" With Powerizer Complete

October 04, 2019

Preparing Fine Dining Dishes and Tableware for your Holiday Dinner

Let this be the year you plan to an incredible holiday dinner party at your home, including a more upscale table setting. It’s time to step up the presentation and set aside paper plates and plastic forks.   Instead, use dinnerware, add wine glasses, and silverware on a festive tablecloth with placemats and napkins. It’s a perfect opportunity to set the mood for the occasion and impress your distinguished guests.

Between now and your next holiday dinner, it’s a perfect time to envision the best outcome, shopping for things you need, thrifting, and borrowing the other things to save money.  However, it all requires a cleanup.  Powerizer Complete will help remove stains, brighten up old dingy items, and make your dinnerware sparkle. By starting early helps eliminate stress so you can focus on perfecting recipes instead.

Let's talk about how Powerizer Complete Cleans Everything Dirty on your Holiday To-Do list

Tackling Your Dinner Holiday To-Do List With Powerizer

All you will need is Powerizer Complete along with the following:

Dinnerwarepots, pans, silverware, and glasses that have accumulated dust will need special care.  Here are a few tips to speed up the cleaning process:

  • Compile all like items together, such as cups, plates, and silverware, and place them in the dishwasher.  More things can fit and be washed all at once. 
  • Use 1/2 to 3/4 of a scoop of Powerizer Complete in the dishwasher to let the magic happen.  No additional spot removers are needed. 
  • If your short on time or would rather wash them by hand, we suggest starting with the fancy glassware first,  such as the wine decanter, wine, and cocktail glasses
  • Fill up a smaller bucket in the sink with one (1) scoop of Powerizer for every one gallon of water. 
  • Layout a drying mat or a few Microfiber cloths to place the glasses on after rinsing them.
  • Wash each glass one at a time using a Powerizer Microfiber Cloth.  Avoid throwing more than one glass in the bucket at a time.  The plastic bucket will also help reduce the chances of breaking glasses from hitting the sink's hard surface.
  • Rinse all glasses in hot water and place them upside down to dry. Tap each wine glass base with a dry microfiber cloth to eliminate the water from puddling in the center.  Water will drain downward and evaporate from the surface residue and spot-free.  After a few minutes, there is no need for drying instead simply store them away in a cabinet.
Tip: Other Glass Surfaces Powerizer cleans well are patio sliding doors, windows, and mirrors. Powerizer has a built-in spot remover and glass protectant that leaves everything spot-free and sparkling clean. 
  • For the larger objects not fit for the dishwasher, such as the centerpiecevintage milk glasses, and the hand blown glass pitcher, use the same soak water — no need to mix a new batch.  
  • Remove all the lids form the to-go plastic containers and throw them into the bottom of the bucket to soak while you wipe and wash each one.  Place each aside and rinse all at once. 
  • Dry each item on the mat and enlist a helper to tackle the final polish and stow away of the not so important or expensive dishes. 

Linens will need to be washed from sitting for a long period of time.

Here is the simplified process for freshening and lifting stains.  Start with a pre-treat, then a soak, wash, and NEVER forget to rinse. 

  • No extra spot removers are necessary. 
  • The percarbonates in Powerizer Complete will remain active for up to 8 hours fighting to dissolve, lift and neutralize stains. 
  • For tougher stains pre-treat. For even tougher than tough stains, add Powerizer in a powder form with less water to the surface of the stain. 
  • Powerizer has a non toxic color-safe oxygen bleach ingredient that will effectively clean and brighten without causing any fading or discoloration.

Last year's stains aren't meant to be so memorable; however, those four (4) chair covers, along with a coffee stain on Granny's vintage lace tablecloth, needs attention.  We're confident the stains will disappear. However, we suggest you use care when scrubbing.  In this instance, pre-treat the stain, soak the entire tablecloth in a bucket of Powerizer. Then after a soak, if the stain is still there, use a damp microfiber cloth to scrub and lift the stain.  The fibers of the fabric work best when wet, enlisting thousands of cleaning fingers on a microscopic level. Finish with a wash and rinse in the washer on a delicate cycle.

Lingering odors from pets and their messes are simple to destroy.  Powerizer is super effective at lifting and neutralizing pet stains and odors from carpets and fabrics as well as other areas they frequent, such as the cat den, doggies kennel, and the litter box where odors can be your unwelcome guest. Here is how to handle that:

  • Empty the entire litter box and pour a scoop of Powerizer into the litter box container with minimal water just enough to wet the surface with plain water in a Spray Bottle. Allow the Powder to sit five to 10 minutes as it neutralizes while bleaching the surface. 
  • Add just enough water to the floor and use a soft, flexible rubber squeegee to help grab and pool the water to move the pet hair into a puddle and scoop it up with a paper towel before you begin to scrub with either a brush or a microfiber cloth.  It helps to remove the pet hair BEFORE cleaning surfaces, so they don't get trapped in your microfiber cloth or scrub brushes.
  • Make a wash bucket with one (1) scoop to one (1) gallon of water and wipe all surfaces near the litter box, cat den, and the doggies kennel. 
  • When your done, use the spray bottle with plain water to spray all surfaces and wipe with a damp microfiber cloth to rinse and lift any residues left behind from the detergent.

Now that your holiday table items are checked off the tackle the oven last.  Powerizer is a gentle giant.  When it comes to getting down with dirt, grease, and baked-on grime in the oven, it's super effective and less harmful.  Read our recent blog "A Safer Non-Toxic Way to Clean Your Oven" for tips on how to ditch the toxic cleaners and eliminate terrible fumes.  

Whether your an early planner and tackle your chores a few weeks in advance or procrastinate and start a few days before, Powerizer will save time and money, and it's the only all in one detergent on the market that cleans everything dirty on your Holiday To-Do List.

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