How To Remove Stains From Sports Jerseys

August 30, 2019

Football Season is Here! 

It's time to REPRESENT! For game day opener you pulled out your favorite team jersey and realized it still had an unidentified drip stain down the front.

Your team may be off to a winning record.  But you're not. That classic Mitchell & Ness Throwback, Vintage Elway Jersey isn't easy to replace.

Never fear, Powerizer is here!  No need to spend tons of money looking on eBay for a new one or trying to send it to the dry cleaners.  Powerizer's super-concentrated ingredients are excellent at removing stains.  With a little time and the proper tools, the stain will be lifted in no time.








Step 1 - Gather your tools. Here is what you will need:

  1. Powerizer squeeze bottle with a breathable tip to make the mixture in
  2. One (1) scoop of Powerizer add 16 oz. of warm water to make a concentrated mixture
  3. One (1) Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for stains 

  How To Remove Stains From Sports Jerseys

How To Remove Stains From Sports Jerseys

Step 2 - Apply Powerizer to the stain in the liquid form using the squeeze bottle to activate the stain fighting laundry detergent.  Let Powerizer marinate on the stain for at least 10 minutes.

Step 3 Scrub and lift the stain using a microfiber cloth.  Now, remember that not all microfiber cloths are made the same. Some are made with no pile at all and are not meant to absorb debris.  These type of towels are woven flat and used for polishing away streaks from eyeglasses, television screens, and mirrors. They are also great at removing excess water, eliminating the need for paper towels which leave behind lint.  Other microfiber cloths are super plush and excellent for attracting dust and trapping it in the fibers like Powerizer's Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloth which are seven times more absorbent than its weight.   They are dense, due to the tiny splices in every single fiber. Microscopic image of a Microfiber When damp they can scrub and lift residues from surfaces easily. In this instance, the goal is to clean on a microscopic level, penetrating each woven fiber where the stain sits to help lift the stain.  The intent is also to not damage the fibers or snag the textiles. You should not use a toothbrush to scrub your jersey like you would a canvas pair of tennis shoes.  Instead, these microfiber cloths will make sure stains are lifted and not damaging.

While scrubbing use a twist and blot technique to absorb the stain from the fibers. When rubbing up and down or side to side, make sure not to apply too much friction.  This could tear a hole in the threads of the jersey.

Step 4 - Sprinkle Powerizer to the stain add warm water to create a heavy duty concentrated paste to cover the stain.  Powerizer is foolproof, meaning the oxygen bleach powder isn't going to fade the colors from the jersey.  Allow the Powder to remain wet by tossing a damp washcloth over the stain and come back the next day.  This technique worked to remove fresh red nail polish that spilled onto a cream-colored carpet; it should help remove any stains.  When coming back again dab and twist, and scrub when necessary, using a damp microfiber cloth to achieve the best results.

Step 5 - Allow the jersey to soak in a container of warm water and one (1) scoop of Powerizer.  The water should be just enough to cover the jersey.  One (1) gallon or less is usually all that is needed.  Powerizer's stain-fighting ingredients stay active for up to six (6) to eight (8) hours.  I after a night of soaking, if the stain isn't lifting let it sit an additional eight (8) hours with a new batch of Powerizer Complete and repeat the process if necessary.

Step 6 - Rinse the garment with plain water.  The easiest method is to toss it into the washing machine and run a rinse and spin cycle so that all the detergent and residues are rinsed clean.  

Step 7 - Let the jersey air dry flat.  By doing this helps to eliminate the need for ironing the jersey.  It should dry fresh, clean, and stain free.

How To Remove Stains From Sports Jerseys

Tracey was so amazed, and she shared her testimony with us of how Powerizer was able to remove stains even after she had already tried to lift the stains with eight (8) other stain lifting concoctions. Yes, it's easy to go out and buy another team jersey. However, you can't replace a vintage, throwback jersey that comes along with all the memories of the fantastic team winning celebrations, tailgates, cheers, and toasts with special people in your life. 

Instead, it's more important to keep that special jersey than to go out and replace it. Let Powerizer be your special teams' kick returner and run it back for a touchdown; You won't be looking for any other free agents to lift stubborn stains. Powerizer cleans everything dirty.  

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