Senior Home Cleaning & Safety Tips

May 21, 2021

Helping your loved ones stay in their home as they age.

It may become difficult to do the minimal chores around the home for senior citizens. Daily tasks like washing dishes, taking out the trash, or laundering can require heavy lifting and extra work for some. Many seniors are too proud to ask for help and think they are a burden to others. Many times family members want to help but don't know how they can help as well. 

Make it a family affair - Involve other family members to pitch in. Compile a list of chores and see who can help. Be concise on how often the chore will need to be done; Daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed, like shoveling snow. Have a backup plan, set up a group text to communicate with everyone. 

Here are a few chores that can be divvy up amongst family members. 

Hygiene Care 

Meal Preparation












Order prescriptions 

Pick-up prescriptions 

Organize medications in bill box

Set reminders or minster medications 

Prepare food or snack if required 



There are many companies that offer services for seniors that can sometimes be paid by medicare benefits, if they qualify.  




Watering plants


Sweeping / Mopping

Changing linens

Organizing / Decluttering 

Bathroom cleaning


Wiping surfaces 

Rearranging furniture 


Yard Work 

Some of these tasks could also be a service hired for those who still live in their own homes.  Depending on their living arrangements, some of these tasks may be included in their HOA fees, they may live with a family member, or they are nonexistent, which would not require additional assistance. 

Mowing the grass 

Raking leaves

Shoveling snow


Here are some reasons why we recommend using Powerizer Complete for the seniors in your life. 

Minimize the chemicals and containers in their home - Mixing products can release dangerous fumes. Powerizer is made from mineral and plant-based ingredients that are nontoxic. Powerizer can tackle almost all their cleaning chores with either one of our water soluble cleaning pod or powder scoop.  

You don't need 15 different products to clean everything - Our multipurpose detergent and cleaner is effective at cleaning fabric, glass, ceramic, and stainless steel. It removes stains, odors, and grease from all types of surfaces.  

Use cleaning products that break down odors, not mask the smell -  Powerizer is made with natural enzymes that break down feces, urine, blood, and food stains. Enzymes cleaners work well on fabric and carpet because they can penetrate deep within the material. Other surfaces that enzymes work well on are tile surfaces like floors, showers, and kitchen tiles.  

How to keep them safe and have peace of mind when you can't be there 

Install an Indoor Camera - Invest in a camera that provides peace of mind for you. Install in open spaces like the tv room or kitchen where it still gives them their privacy. 

Install A Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarms - As loved ones get older, they may start to forget things like turning on or off the stove or falling asleep with a lit cigarette in their hand. Cooking accidents are among the leading causes of fires for our elderly love ones.

Consider A Medical Alert System - They offer continuous monitoring in case of an accident; some are equipped with GPS, they will notify a responsible person in case of an emergency.  

You hear the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child", well that village help raise us and now that same village can be there too for those that helped raise us. Now more than ever our family members are living longer lives. Keeping them in their homes where they feel comfortable is what we should all strive for.  

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