The Ultimate Solution For Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

April 02, 2021

Spring Cleaning with Powerizer Complete


      Spring Cleaning does not have to be a daunting task.  Instead, it is an opportunity to re-up.  Refresh, Redesign and Replace.  We recommend chunking tasks and tackle your to do list in half the time. We pulled together 4 Re-Up Categories.  
        1. Spot Clean Stains
        2. Deep Clean Neglected Areas
        3. Remove Dust from Surfaces
        4. Wash and Stow-Away Items
        Like washing dishes, you can speed up the process by soaking silverware in a pitcher and stacking all the plates and bowls to wash like items together. It simplifies the process making the task much more manageable.  It's even more straightforward to spring clean an entire home with a multipurpose detergent and cleaner and clean all like items together.

        Spot Clean

        First, we recommend making a pretreat to power out stains from your large furniture items.

        Fabric Chairs

        Pretreat and wipe the entire surface to prevent a clean vs dirty line.

        Sofa & Love Seat

        When cleaning a sofa or loveseat with additional cushioning below the fabric, pretreat allows the detergent to isolate a stain giving it time to work its magic.

        Use a Powerizer 16oz bottle of water with 1 scoop of detergent. Less is more so apply the detergent to the cloth first and apply the solution to the stain, if the stain isn’t lifting saturate the stain and use the same method as described below to absorb the excess detergent from the fibers of a mattress.


        For best results use a carpet / upholstery machine to extract excess water.  The video below takes you through the process.

        Step One

        Pretreat Stains With A Heavy Duty Solution

        Step 2

        Scrub and Absorb the detergent from the mattress surface.

        Step 3

        Fill the Reservoir of the Carpet Cleaning Machine with PLAIN HOT WATER.

        Step 4

        Apply the water to the surface and suck the detergent and water from the surface until the water absorbed is clear.


        Spot cleaning is an option, but to thoroughly clean the pillow, pretreat stains, then wash inside the washer. Next, completely dry each separately inside the dryer. Consider tossing in 3 dryer balls to help speed up the drying time.

        Rugs & Carpets

        Pretreat and saturate urine stains to make sure the detergent penetrates down to the padding. Step into the stains to help spread the detergent to soak down into the pad. Powerizer helps to neutralize pet stains and odors. You must never forget to remove the excess detergent with plain water. Use a carpet cleaner to help rinse and absorb the detergent as described in the mattress cleaning video.

          Deep Clean

          Many household items can go overlooked and require a deeper clean. Usually, a simple wipe, a soak, or applying a little more elbow grease is all that is needed.  However, when it's not, consider using a concentrated solution or a paste. Try it out to clean the following items.


          Cleaning a bathroom involves scouring many different surfaces such as tile, porcelain, grout, windows, walls, fixtures, a shower liner, and rugs. First, investigate how serious the job is. Try the black light test to guide you from shocking to satisfied. Powerizer is all you need to clean everything in the bathroom. Remember to rinse every surface to remove residues. The black light will give you peace of mind.

            Kitchen Cabinets

            Harsh chemicals left on the wood, laminate, or stained cabinets can remove the protective finish. Powerizer is made from safer choice ingredients, so no need to worry. However, it's still not wise to allow any liquid to sit for long on wood surfaces. Instead, mix a wash solution (1 scoop to 1 gallon of water). Use a damp split fiber microfiber cloth to get into the wood carvings to lift and scrub residues that can accumulate from the grease that evaporates from cooking fumes. Always wipe everything down after cleaning with plain water.


            Drop a pod into a large glass bowl of water and start the machine for 3 minutes. The steam will soften food splatters and residues inside. After the timer stops, use the heated water to saturate a microfiber cloth and wipe all the surfaces to remove residues. Wear gloves if the water is too hot. Finally, wipe down the surface with plain water. Buff the outside with a dry cloth to polish the stainless steel.


            Use the same method for mixing a cleaning solution as done inside the microwave. After the solution is cooled down and the detergent is dissolved, wipe all your surfaces with a Microfiber cloth. Soak items that can be removed in the sink or bathtub, and be sure to rinse all containers and surfaces using plain water. Polish and dry your surfaces with a clean microfiber cloth to remove residues, including stainless steel.

            Coffee Maker

            For the best cup of Joe, it's important to descale your machine every couple of months.  The process is as simple as brewing a cup of coffee.  Check out this video which shows you exactly how to get a flavorful brew every time.


            Cleaning the Oven, Range, and Burners

            Busy schedules require cooking meals late, making it more likely to overlook messes that accumulate on the stove and oven. Buckle down and clean it the intelligent way. In this instance, a paste in the oven is your best option. Make it easier by soaking burners using a heavy-duty cleaning solution to break down grease and burnt-on residue. There is no wrong way to do it other than being safe and make sure the heat is turned off.


            Here is how. Add the Powerizer solution to the bottom of the oven while it's still cooling down. The heat speeds up the oxygenation process. When cleaning pots and pans, we recommend adding the cleaning solution to the pan while it's still hot. So, don't be afraid to add a cleaning solution to the bottom of the oven too.  Also, boil water to mix a solution to soak your burners.  Do not attempt to clean until the surfaces are cooled down.  Add more powder and scrub with a nylon dish scrubber or a brillo pad.  The paint is not likely to scrub off.  We suggest wearing silicone gloves which help to protect your hands from the hot water.

            Patio Doors

            The biggest concern with cleaning patio doors is removing the dirt from the door jams. Whenever possible, utilize a garden hose to remove most of the debris before cleaning the outer surfaces. If a hose isn't available, Vacuum the rails first before cleaning the interior surfaces. Also, consider using the microfiber mop to reach high and to limit the amount of bending. A simple wash solution, a microfiber cloth, and lots of water to rinse away the residue are all you need. Finally, use a shower squeegee to remove excess water. It drastically helps to speed up the dry time.

            Tile & Grout

            To get the best results in cleaning tile and grout, clean using a powder or a heavy-duty solution. The longer it sits on the surface, the more time it has to neutralize stains. The detergent stays active for up to eight hours, so start in the morning pretreating stains then returning later to wash them away.  Tackle other cleaning tasks in between.  Watch how much less labor-intensive the task becomes.


            This blog will help explain Why third-hand smoke is toxic. The residue that sticks to the things in our homes from cigarettes can accumulate and trigger allergens. The blog shares helpful tips for cleaning baseboards and ceilings too.

            Dust & Clean

              Most dust and clean tasks are just avoided when they are out of sight and out of mind. For instance, who cleans air vents as often as washing dishes. By the time you decide to dust bunnies have taken over, it could be a few months between washing them.

                Air Vents

                It does make more sense to wash all like items together. Remove all vents. It may take more time and effort to clean every vent or floor register in your home, but by doing them all at once, your steps become repetitive and streamlined. Hose them down in the backyard or the sink with a sprayer. Soak them for as long as you can or want to. Dust should easily wipe away. You may want to line them up in the dishwasher and run them through the machine instead. All you need is 3/4 of a scoop or one pod in the dispenser and run the cycle.


                Here is the best method for cleaning many mini blinds.  The car wash method.  For even more options like soaking in the tub or hand washing check out this blog how to thoroughly clean mini-blinds yourself.


                Ceiling Fans

                Ceiling fans can harbor dust, linen, and pollen, which can trigger allergies. Watch this video on how to clean your ceiling fan thoroughly.

                Light Fixtures

                Brighten a room quickly by cleaning light coverings.


                Dust always seems to be attracted to electronics. You would think they are the perfect couple enjoying a Netflix and chill relationship.  The relationship needs an intervention. To remove dust, use a cloth that also has an electromagnetic charge. Microfiber cloths are your best tool for removing dust from your expensive electronics like your flat-screen TV.

                Windows and Screens

                If you find a cleaning service that tackles windows, you should invest in stock. Until then, buy Powerizer. Add one scoop or drop in a Pod into a gallon of water and wash all your windows with a damp microfiber cloth. Then rinse the surface with water to remove residue. Then zig-zag gently pressing the squeegee on the glass using overlapping strokes. Move from top to bottom to remove excess water.  If your squeegee skills are tight, you won't even need to use a paper towel to remove streaks. The windows will dry residue-free every time.

                  Wash and Store

                    If you're lucky enough to live in a 4-season state, you must swap out seasonal items. We all know how a wardrobe swap from winter to summer provides more room to display items.  It allows for prize pieces to be in heavy rotation. This practice falls in line with the minimalist lifestyle. Check out how to revamp your wardrobe and swap out seasonal home decor, just in time for spring.

                      Winter Linens

                      Soak items in Powerizer before placing them in the wash.   Before packing up linens, first, place them in air-tight bags or trash bags. Press out as much of the air, then tie them shut and place a few layers of packing tape over the top closure to prevent dust or insects from entering.

                      Heavy Curtains

                      Heavier items may need to be washed in commercial-sized washing machines. For darker-colored fabrics, make sure to read up about dye cast off and wash in cold water.

                      Here is a blog on the Do's and don't s of preventing dye cast off.

                      When possible, always air dry your curtains, especially when the outer and the inner fabrics are different. Less heat will reduce the likelihood of shrinkage.

                      Winter Wear

                      Wash and stow away winter sweaters, scarves, leather gloves, and even shoes. Powerizer can safely clean all of them. Check out the video below for more tips on cleaning shoes. 

                      With Powerizer Complete, you can replace seven products for washing laundry, four products for dishes, and a handful more for cleaning everything else dirty in your home. There is no other TRUE multipurpose detergent and cleaner available on the market. Let us know how it works for you.

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