Wash And Rejuvenate Sweaters With Powerizer Complete

September 06, 2019

The Only Way To Clean Sweaters

Powerizer Complete was formulated out of the idea of saving the consumer money, time and eliminating harsh chemicals which can be harmful to the environment.  Let’s talk about how this resonates when it comes to adding to or rejuvenating your sweater repertoire.  First, aside from colorways or fabric blends, sweater styles haven’t changed much over the years.  You can wear the same sweater for several years.   If you're short on sweater diversity, don’t be afraid to pick a few up at the thrift store. It’s a great way to stock up, especially if you’re a recent transplant to a cold climate city.   A vintage avocado green cardigan might be the new look for the season.  So hey, whether you've hardly worn it, or passing for vintage, cashmere, wool, cotton, or polyester, we are confident the powerful, yet gentle ingredients in Powerizer Complete will perform like a champ. 

Powerizer Complete is made from all plant and mineral-based ingredients, containing stain lifters, water softeners, and color-safe bleach.  There is no unique trick in cleaning sweaters.  Simply pre-treat stains, soak to eliminate odors, and always wash gently in cold water, always rinse with plain water, never wring or twist and be sure to let it air dry flat.  Your sweaters are sure to dry soft, residue-free with no lingering odors. 

Let’s walk through the steps in more detail.

Step one is to gather your stain lifting/sweater rejuvenating tools.

  1. Four (4) to six (6) Powerizer’s Ultra Plush Microfiber cloths
  2. One (1) large towel for each sweater you plan to wash
  3. Squeeze Bottle with a breathable tip.
  4. One (1) scoop of Powerizer Complete


Step Two is to make a pre-treat with a 16 oz Squeeze Bottle, using one (1) scoop of Powerizer Complete and lukewarm water.  Shake and allow the granules to dissolve completely before applying to the garment.


Step Three is to identify any stains that need to be pretreated.  Apply Powerizer using the squeeze bottle, making sure to saturate any stain or dirt that may have accumulated.  Check for deodorant build up in the fibers and areas around the neck and wrist where lotions and oils may attract and trap dirt into the fibers.  The best advice is not to scrub the material instead press the solution into the stain using a microfiber cloth and gently twist and blot.  This process will help to lessen unsightly pills from forming during the process. 

Step Four is to soak the garment in just enough water to cover the sweater. Usually, one (1) gallon of water or less is all that is needed.   If the stain is set in,  washed and dried previously, and not quickly lifting, it may require an overnight soak.  However, Powerizer’s stain lifting ingredients will continue to break down stains for up to six (6) to eight (8) hours.  If for some reason the stain isn’t lifting make a second batch by dumping the old water out, adding new water and one (1) scoop of Powerizer for a second soak.

Step Five is to wash the garment in the washer if desired.  This option is excellent for any sweater blend that suggests machine wash.  The key is always wash using the delicate cycle in cold water.


Step Six is to rinse the sweater in lukewarm to cold water to remove excess detergent and residues.  Powerizer is an odor neutralizer and should also help to clean away odors from body oils, sweat, and perfumes left behind from previous detergents and fabric softeners.  The rinse and spin cycle will handle the job well, however, the more delicate method is to hand wash and rinse under the faucet thoroughly while pressing the sweater into a ball against the corner of the sink until most of the liquid rinses down the drain.


The final step is to reshape the sweater and let it air dry flat.  However, to help remove as much of the water as possible lay a towel flat. Place the sweater flat onto the center of the towel.  Then lay at least four (4) of Powerizer’s microfiber cloths over the garment, attempting to cover it completely.  Starting from the bottom hem, roll the towel up to create a tube, similar to a pig in the blanket.   Press down while rolling the sweater to help the microfiber cloths absorb the water out of the sweater.   Powerizer’s Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloths are seven times more absorbent then it’s weight and will help speed up the drying process.




 As promised, Powerizer Complete has taken the mystery out of cleaning and refreshing sweaters.  Less is more, and a delicate touch is the best rule of thumb when working to lift stains and remove odors. When stepping out on a crisp, chilly fall day, you will be warm and fuzzy, knowing your sweaters look, feel and smell so fresh and so clean.

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