NEW Powerizer  Complete Starter Kit - 1lb., 46 scoops 2 Microfiber towels and 1 Squirt Bottle
NEW Powerizer  Complete Starter Kit - 1lb., 46 scoops 2 Microfiber towels and 1 Squirt Bottle

NEW Powerizer Starter Kit

Powerizer's NEW Starter Kit combines everything you need to clean everything dirty in your home. The all in one, mineral and plant-based, multipurpose detergent & cleaner removes tough stains and residue from laundry, dishes, bathroom, carpets, floors, auto, and more.

Kit includes:

  • 1lb. Powerizer Bag
  • 2 Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloths 350 GSM 30x30 cm 
  • Cleans Everything Dirty 16 oz. Squirt Bottle
  • Free Shipping 


  • Concentrated power detergent 
  • Clean floors, carpets, and other surfaces
  • Wash your clothes, activewear, linens, towels, upholstery, and furniture coverings
  • Reduce the necessary cleaning products
  • Safely cleans porous surfaces
  • Stays active for up to 8 hours
  • One-1lb bag makes 23 gallons
  • Microfiber cloths are machine washable
  • Super absorbent cloths

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

I just love the way it smell and works wonderfully in carpet shampooer and I wound difficulty would recommend this to anybody and I have already

I was a little skeptical at first until...

When I saw this and tried it for the first time, I said "okay...I guess it works okay". It did clean in between the tiles enough to look clean but it was until a few days ago when I accidentally spilled black eye liner all over my white bathroom tile floor (even in the areas where the grout gets). Panicked, I grabbed my bottle of Powerizer and hurredly scrubbed it before my fiance saw...needless to say you guys have a verified customer because I got the stain up and my fiance is none the wiser.

ALL the difference

I am working on a renovation in a space that was completely destroyed by previous tenants. Filth is an understatement. I don’t like using chemical cleaners, and the natural solutions were not doing the job. I ordered Powerizer on a desperate whim, and couldn’t be more pleased. It works remarkably well, gives no harsh chemical fumes or smells, and the customer service (for my own bone headed mistake) was outstanding. Highly recommend this product and company.

Great cleaner for everything

I love that it is a one stop shop - cleans everything well!

nice product

I am really loving the powerizer kit. It is so easy to use and cleans very well.