Directions for Use

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Automatic Dishwasher

Small Loads ½ - ¾ scoop
Medium/Large Load ¾ -1 scoop
Note: Do Not Over Fill Dispenser

Laundry: Safe for all washing machines, including HE

•Mediums or Delicate Load: ½ scoop 
Large Load: 1 scoop
Heavily Soiled Load: 1 ½ - 2 scoops 

Top Loader & HE Washer : Add Powerizer to drum before adding laundry.

Effective in any temperature of water.

How to Pre-Treat Tough Stains

Recommended to pre-treat stains immediately for best results.
Combine Powerizer and water in a container or squeeze bottle.
• Use 1 scoop per gallon
Mix/Shake until completely dissolved.
• Saturate stain with solution.
•Let sit for up to 6 hours to allow stain to dissolve.
Some tough stains can take up to 6 hours to dissolve.  
• Wash as normal with Powerizer in your machine.
Note:For best results, pre-treat stains immediately.

Some stains may require scrubbing. 

Machine Cleaner

Add 1 scoop of Powerizer into drum.
Run washer on normal or clean cycle with water temperature setting on hot water.
Add ¾ scoop to dispenser Run normal wash load

Other Hard Surfaces:

Carpets, Upholstery, Cars, Decks and Patios:

Dissolve ½ - 2 scoops of Powerizer for every gallon of water.
For spot cleaning saturated area.
•Massage solution into fibers or area and let sit for 5-10 minutes.
•On Carpets or upholstery blot with a dry towel and repeat if needed.
Rinse area with water and blot up area to lift the residue.


For Tough Stains and Hard Water Stains on Hard Surfaces

Apply solution and allow to soak for 1-3 minutes before scrubbing.
Always rinse surface area.

Once detergent is activated with water it can build pressure. 
Do not store solution in a closed container.
•Use recommended amount of detergent to insure no color loss.
• Always test on fabrics first if not certain of bleeding.
• Safe to use on Color Safe Fabrics.
• Do not use on wool, wool blends, silk, silk blends, leather and fabrics that say Dry Clean Only.

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      238 reviews

      works great


      Love the product! Really dislike paying shipping regularly! If shipping goes away I will continue to use!

      Awesome Product

      This product makes Oxyclean look bad. We fist came across this at a trade show in Charlotte, NC. This product does what it says it will do and more. Have yet to find any stain that it will not take out. We were so impressed with all it does, we cant do without it. Best thing only a little does it.

      Get Stains OUT

      Powerizer got coffee stains out of the table cloth with a soak and a wash in cold water. It was alI I could have asked for. It delivered on its promise!

      Great product if you soak your clothes first

      This product works GREAT if you soak your clothes in it first then launder. We have hard well water which makes it a challenge to keep clothes looking bright and clean. I found that if I soak dull/dirty clothes in the recommended ratio of Powerizer and water overnight and then launder they look amazing! Using Powerizer in place of my usual laundry detergent without soaking the clothes first provides a similar clean to what I normally get. It did a great job in the dishwasher, too! Overall, I think this product is great and I will order again to use as a soaking agent.