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Automatic Dishwasher

Small Loads ½- ¾ scoop
Medium/Large Load ¾-1 scoop
Note: Do Not Over Fill Dispenser

Laundry: All Washer Types Including HE

Fill washer with water with any temperature water, add 1 scoop of Powerizer for normal loads.
Large or Heavy soiled laundry add up to 2 scoops per load.

Pre-Treat Stain

Recommended to pre-treat stains immediately for best results.
Dissolve detergent into an open container or squeeze bottle.
1 scoop to every gallon of water.
Mix/Shake until completely dissolved.
Saturate stain with solution.
Some tough stains can take up to 6 hours to dissolve.  
For best results wash as normal with Powerizer detergent.
Note: Some Stains May Require Scrubbing

Carpet & Upholstery

Mix 1 scoop to 1 gallon of warm to hot water until dissolved.
For spot cleaning saturate area, massage solution into fibers and let sit for 5-10 minutes.
Blot area with dry towel.
Repeat as needed if stain is still visible.
Rinse with clean water and re-blot until solution is gone and until dry.

Flooring, Tile / Grout & Bathroom

Mix 1-3 teaspoons of Powerizer with warm to hot water until dissolved in an open container or squeeze bottle.
Pour solution in or over area, let sit for 1-3 minutes and scrub/wipe area then rinse surface.
    • Always test on fabrics first if not certain of bleeding.
    Safe to use on Color Safe Fabrics.
    Do not use on wool, wool blends, silk, silk blends, leather and fabrics that say Dry Clean Only.
    Use recommended amount of detergent to insure no color loss.

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        Happy User

        I highly recommend Powerizer for use in Washing machine, Dishwasher and spot cleaning on carpet! Works great every time.


        What are the 2 balls for?

        Powerizer Cleaning

        My Family and I love this our whites are Whiter and our Darks smell cleaner. Stains have disappeared when we had them and we love it!!! As long as I can I will continue to order and use!!!!

        Yay laundry!

        Great on laundry but left a residue when I used on stove top. Very possible not using correctly but there really isn’t any clear directions

        Thank you Peter for your review. Since you had a some residue on your stove top I wanted to provide you with a tip that should alleviate the residue. Many time we forget that Powerizer is a concentrated detergent and little goes a long way. Too much Powerizer will defiantly work more effectively but it will have more detergent in the mixture. One easy fix is to use a clean damp cloth and wipe the area after cleaning with Powerizer. I would always recommend using a clean cloth to wipe any type of cleaning product left on hard surface areas. If you need any additional tips please contact us at

        After a steady,”hounding”, I will say it is a gggood product in the dishwasher. Just use it sparingly. I only use 1/2 measure. If you use too much it will streak the dishwasher. And won’t work any better or cleaner