How To Easily Clean A Microwave In 4 Simple Steps

August 09, 2019

 Powerizer Complete to the Rescue, No More Microwave Mayhems

When it comes to cleaning a microwave, a Google search quickly produces many options with multiple cleaning techniques and using many different cleaning products.  The most common seems to include combining your cleaning product with water to steam the interior and to wipe away messes and spills.  Some instructions recommend using water with vinegar or placing lemons directly on the glass tray, dish soap, or even window cleaner mixed in the water.  Powerizer is a safe detergent and cleaner made of plant and mineral-based ingredients that contain a deodorizer, a glass cleaner, an oxidizer, natural enzymes for cleaning that are going to dissolve starches and proteins.  It also includes elements to supercharge the bleach activator, the oxidizer catalyst, and the peroxide enhancer, which is going to speed up the cleaning ingredients to increase the effectiveness of making your job quicker and easier.  These ingredients mixed with the science can’t be duplicated in home remedies.  That’s why Powerizer Complete can clean everything dirty. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee so if your not impressed simply return it and we will refund your money.

Let's give it a try and see how easily you can clean your microwave.

Here is what you will need: 

  • One (1) scoop of Powerizer Complete detergent
  • One (1) microwave-safe bowl that fits well centered onto the rotating tray
  • Sixteen (16) oz or less of water to pour into the bowl
  • One (1) microfiber cloth for cleaning & rinsing all surfaces
  • One (1) dry microfiber cloth for polishing the stainless steel/outside surfaces

Easily Clean Your Microwave in 4 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Make a concentrated mixture of Powerizer Complete in the bowl with plain water.  Next, place the container onto the rotating tray in the center of the microwave.  Set the timer for 2-3 minutes and press start.

While the Microwave is counting down, the water and heat create steam and activate the supercharged ingredients for the bleach, the degreaser, the hydrogen peroxide, the oxidizer to remove odors, and the special enzymes which attack the protein and starches making it easier to dissolve and wipe away food & residues. 

Precaution: Test the temperature of the water before placing your entire hand into the water. You may want to wear rubber gloves if the cleaning solution is too hot to dip your hands into the bowl of Powerizer solution.

Step 2: Wipe away. Use the hot solution of the Powerizer Complete dip the cloth into the bowl of Powerizer and wring out most of the water, so it doesn’t drip everywhere but still saturated enough to squeeze a little bit of Powerizer from the rag. Begin to wipe all surfaces of the microwave using a wet microfiber towel to quickly remove food and residues from the interior walls of the microwave.  

Step 3: Rinse all microwave surfaces once it's wiped clean with plain water to remove residues.  Using the same cloth, rinse it under the sink to remove the Powerizer solution from the rag.  Use the cleaning cloth to wipe all the microwave surfaces again with just plain water to remove any residues from the detergent.

Step 4: Polish all surfaces with a lightly damp cloth. To polish your stainless steel or front door and keypad, spray plain water onto a clean, dry microfiber cloth, so it's barely wet and wipes away any smudges and fingerprints from the surfaces.   

Cleaning your microwave is easy with the help of Powerizer.  You don’t need to buy special cleaners for your appliances.  Watch and see how many more uses there are for cleaning everything dirty with Powerizer.  There are no fillers & no dyes, and Powerizer is made from plant & mineral-based ingredients.  You can feel safe when cleaning with Powerizer that it won’t irritate your skin or eyes.  The detergent rinses clean every time, leaving behind no residues.  Once you join the clean freak posse, it may be necessary to upgrade your purchase to our  Powerizer Complete  family size which comes with one free Powerizer Microfiber Cloth while supplies last.  

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