Multi-Purpose Degreaser That Cleans Tools

January 31, 2020

Caution Cleaning At Work

The typical environment of a construction work-site is covered with dirt, mud, grease, pipe soot, metal flakes, or sawdust.  Employees are moving in many different directions, but each seems to be on task. These workers are dressed in protective gear, equipped with the proper tools and the goal is to work effectively and stay on task to meet completion deadlines.

One essential part of workplace housekeeping is to keep your tools clean and stored correctly. The overall objective is to reduce work hazards, injuries, theft, and maintain a uniform standard for safety for everyone on the job site. Let's face it, tools can be expensive and costly to replace or repair.  

We all agree the most valuable tools are our hands. One famous safety poster I read stated, "The 10 Most Important Tools," included was a picture of a man holding up his two hands. And the copy below read "There Are No Replacements" we agree, especially for fingers. So, when it comes to using your tools, it is essential to keep them clean to avoid grip slippage from residues found on the handles and the surfaces of your devices. 

No need to explain the job site can be dirty at times.  We hope our blog helps you adopt a simple habit of cleaning up your tools after each use.  Some tools are meant to last a lifetime, and when they do, it saves you money from replacement and repairs. Not only that, your productive output is measured by better pay and job security.  Cleaning on the go is not difficult with Powerizer Complete. In a similar blog, "Quick Tips for Cleaning the Interior of your Car," we suggest mixing Powerizer in a water bottle. This concentrated cleaning solution is easy to mix on the go, and everything you need can be carried in your tool bag. The steps below explain how to do it on a job-site.

Here is what you will need:

  Multi-Purpose Degreaser That Cleans Tools 

  • One (1) Scoop of Powerizer Complete Heavy Duty Degreaser Cleaner stored in each zip lock baggie.
  • One (1) 16 oz. water bottle to create a concentrated washing solution on the go
  • One (1) Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for washing and one (1) for drying 
  • One (1) copper scouring pad for removing rust build-up or debris.

 Multi-Purpose Degreaser That Cleans Tools

1.) Fill a few zip lock baggies with one (1) scoop of Powerizer in each bag and store them in your toolbox for convenience.
2.) Tear a small hole in the corner of the bag to create a funnel-like opening to quickly pour the entire scoop of Powerizer into the water bottle to mix a concentrated cleaning solution of Powerizer Complete. 
3.) Poke a hole in the plastic cap using a sharp point such as a nail or a knife. It helps to control the stream better and not use more detergent than what's needed.
4.) Shake the bottle with your finger over the hole to dissolve the Powerizer.
5.) Dissolve detergent and apply the concentrated solution to a microfiber cloth. Begin to wipe the dirtiest areas of the tools, which are the hand-grip areas. For non-electrical devices, it may be necessary to soak them in a bucket to loosen debris and break down grease. Finding a clean empty bucket may not be easy to come by on a job work-site. So if you can find one not a big deal just saturate your cloth enough to do your wiping in your hand.  As a reminder, microfiber cloths clean better when damp. The fibers will fluff up and scrub surfaces and reach into the crevices of tools that are small and difficult to reach. Use a copper scouring pad to remove the existing rush from the metal surfaces of your device.  These are better than the traditional metal scouring pad because they are softer and are less likely to splinter.
6.) Rinse with plain water after the devices are cleaned to your liking, it's essential to make sure all residues are removed. Use your dry Powerizer Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloth to polish the surfaces dry to avoid rust corrosion.

Most construction sites provide a secured locker to store job site tools, including an area for each employee's personal collection. There is check-in and out protocols to avoid loss, theft, and damage to machines and devices. It's important to return them the way they were found. These steps for cleaning tools are straight forward and easy to perform. As a bonus, Powerizer can be used and a hand cleaner. It will effectively clean and soften your hands by loosening the dirt and grease from your hands and nails. After washing your tools, be sure to rinse your hands with plain water to remove any detergent from them.  Powerizer is made from plant and mineral-based ingredients and should not cause skin irritations if rinsed off immediately.  However, used in a concentrated mixture for a long period of time can increase the chance of developing a skin allergy.  Just use with caution your first time cleaning with Powerizer Complete.


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