Cleaning Made Easy With These 10 Minute Daily Quick Cleaning Tips

November 20, 2020

Roommate living, the honeymoon phase, new motherhood, homeschooling, and work from home all have one thing in common. Cleaning up now becomes a team effort.  Maintaining a clean home for some does not come so easy for others. Some of us may have higher expectations for cleaning than others. A messy house can bring frustration and added stress. It’s like someone just tossed a wrench into your Feng Shui.   Messes left unchecked can lead to resentment and needless arguments.

The most straightforward approach to keeping a clean space is to clean on the go. We penned a new phrase, PowerizeIt! What that means is you can pour it, wipe it, sponge it, scrub it, and mop it. With practice, good cleaning habits become second nature, no different than a successful student must develop good study habits. We’re sharing cleaning tips using Powerizer Complete, the best multipurpose detergent, and cleaner, to cultivate good clean-up habits.  The goal is to accomplished each task in 10 minutes or less. 

Cleaning Made Easy With These 10 Minute Daily Quick Cleaning

Set up cleaning tools in high traffic zones.

No different than a printer needs paper, cleaning is easy when everything is nearby. 

Cleaning Made Easy With These 10 Minute Daily Quick Cleaning

Keep a heavy-duty cleaning solution on deck at all times. Mix  one (1) scoop of Powerizer with water into a 16 oz. squeeze bottle. Place one in the following areas:

  • Under the kitchen sink for dishes
  • One in each bathroom cabinet
  • In the laundry room to pretreat stains 
  • In the Pantry or linen closet for multi-surface cleaning (carpet and upholstery stains, countertops, and windows)
  • Garage
  • Office, kids study or play areas


Cleaning Made Easy With These 10 Minute Daily Quick Cleaning

Use The Right Cleaning Tools

Powerizer saves you money by eliminating multiple cleaning products, therefore acquire the best cleaning tools:

  • Squeeze bottle to make a concentrated solution
  • A spray bottle for misting floors, countertops, and glass with plain water
  • Shower squeegee to remove excess detergent and water from countertops, windows, tile, and floors
  • Silicone scrubbers are less likely to harbor bacteria than a sponge and rinse clean after each use
  • Copper Brillo Pad is less likely to rust and less abrasive than a metal pad
  • Split Fiber Microfiber Cloths (300 GSM or more is ideal). Keep at least 6 for surface cleaning, dusting, and polishing surfaces
  • Microfiber Mop uses reusable microfiber cloths to dust, mop, and polish floors
  • Floor squeegees are ideal for pet owners. Consider buying an industrial foam squeegee with a broom handle (lightly mist the floor, then squeegee the entire floor to trap pet hair, which is ideal before moping)
  • Nylon dish scrubbers are cleaner than a sponge, last longer, and scrub better 
  • A nylon fiber or silicone broom rinses clean & don't forget a dustpan
  • Invest in a quality vacuum that tackles hard flooring as well as carpet

Cleaning Made Easy With These 10 Minute Daily Quick Cleaning

Pick a chore to deep clean one area of the house each day

If shower clean-up day is Wednesday, the night before, consider sprinkling detergent into the tub, then pour a solution onto the tile. Focus on the corners and seams of where the tile and tub connect. Allow the detergent to sit as long as necessary to give it time to neutralize odors, break down hard water, soap scum, and residues from shampoos, soap, and hair creams. The next morning you won't be able to use it until you follow through with the process of cleaning the shower. However, when you PowerizeIt, there is less scrubbing and it is easier wiping away the grime. Finally, rinse with plain water and squeegee  the excess water from surfaces to help them air dry faster.   

Clean while in use

If you utilize an electric toothbrush, the brush cycle is usually 2 minutes. During that time, you can wipe your entire counter with one hand while brushing with the other. Keep a mixture of Powerizer in a squeeze bottle under the bathroom sink along with a plush Microfiber cloth. Whether you clean during, before, or after brushing, washing, primping your face, plug the sink, squirt the solution onto the faucet, mirror, sink bowl, and countertop surface. Move the solution from the sink bowl around to other areas until everything is clean. Empty the bowl, rinse the cloth, then quickly rinse all surfaces with plain water—Squeegee excess water off the surfaces, including the mirror. Usually, a paper towel isn't required. Instead, use a dry microfiber cloth to buff away spots and polish surfaces.


After cleaning, rinse the cloth with hot water, squirt Powerizer onto the cloth, scrub the fibers together, rinse thoroughly, and allow the cloth to air dry for its next use. This same tip applies for cleaning surfaces in the laundry room and while in the shower.  

Clean when it's needed

Some instances require regular cleaning, and a dirty toilet is one of them. When kids are present, it can quickly become a hazardous site. However, a more common site is when a flush doesn't rinse away poop thoroughly. Powerizer, a trustworthy multipurpose cleaner, is all you need to clean the toilet inside and out quickly. First, apply a cleaning solution to the outer bowl, tank, floor, and seat hinges and the inside the top of the toilet rim.  Next, sprinkle the powder into the inner bowl and allow it to sit a few minutes. Let the detergent neutralize odors from urine, feces, and even hard water stains. Wait a few minutes or until you need to revisit the bathroom. Scrub, wipe, and mop all surfaces using a microfiber cloths or use the Wonderwedgie Microfiber Mop. Rinse the cloth clean with hot water in the tub, then wipe all the surfaces with a  another clean cloth to remove residues and polish away any remaining detergent. 

Cleaning Made Easy With These 10 Minute Daily Quick Cleaning

Soak dishes and heavily soiled laundry

Each morning before preparing a meal, make a sink soak. A square bucket 3 to 4-inches deep is ideal. Add one (1) scoop of Powerizer to one (1) gallon of water. After each meal, drop-in silverware, cups, baby bottles, and other kitchen gadgets. You can also use this solution to wipe down the sink, stove, and countertops throughout the day. Continue to empty the bucket with a quick hand wash or keep adding items to the dishwasher. Some dishes will be so clean a simple wipe, and rinse is all that is needed. Place dishes in the dishwasher until the racks are full. Your dishwasher can also be used to air dry clean dishes, keeping them out of sight until dry enough to put them away. 


Powerizer's formula contains a plant-based Surfactant, which helps remove sweat, deodorant, lotions, sunscreens, dirt, and grease. Mix a solution of Powerizer into a 5 gallon bucket, and drop-in work out attire, scrubs, or uniforms that qualify as heavily soiled. Powerizer also contains a oxygen bleach powder  (Sodium Percarbonate) that does not fade or break down fibers, and its oxygenated agent remains active for up to 8 hours. After soaking, pour the detergent out, load the clothes in the washer, add detergent, and then start the wash. A HE (High Efficient) washer will trigger sensors to add more water when it is heavy. Wetter clothes will be heavier, which is better for making sure the detergent dissolves and clothes move more freely throughout the washer.


Cleaning Made Easy With These 10 Minute Daily Quick Cleaning

Clean pots and pans while they are still hot

Start to clean pots and pans immediately after cooking. Sprinkle Powerizer inside the skillet, broiler pan, pot, or baking dish while it's still hot. Then add a little water and watch it sizzle. Natural Plant-Based Enzymes, Oxygenated Agents, and the Surfactants for dishwashing are working to break down starch, protein, and grease. By the time dinner is ready to be served, you can scrub away remaining residues with a copper brillo, dish scrubber, or a microfiber cloth. Finally, rinse away residues and allow the pan to dry in the oven. By the time dinner is over, it will have dried, so you can adequately stow it.


These 10-minute daily quick cleaning tips become easy when scheduled throughout the week.  Everyone can chip in, making less time spent cleaning on days set aside for relaxing and social distancing with loved ones.  Besides, more than ever, everyone must do their part to help prevent the spread of COVID 19, the common cold, flu, and viruses.  Consumers have been taking advantage of the benefits of saving money and placing their purchases on recurring scheduled purchases.  Register for Powerizer's Subscribe and Save program today on the website.

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