Cleaning Pots & Pans Like A Magician

January 03, 2020

Cleaning Pots & Pans Can Be Truly Magical

Here's a story not uncommon of a parent cooking for a millennial who failed to budget for the week. On the menu were chicken apple sausage, eggs and a big glass of milk. The preparation started with a thin layer of ghee in the skillet to help provide a protective non-stick, non-burn barrier coat. The sausage juices began to ooze out, covering the surface of the pan with a brown emulsion. Once crispy and cooked to perfection, the links were moved to a plate, and the hot stainless-steel skillet was removed from the electric burner and carried to the sink.

Next, Powerizer Complete in the powder form was poured into the caked-on pan, and hot water from the faucet slowly dripped into the hot skillet. Steam rose from the surface, and the detergent quickly dissolved. The solution danced with a bubbling effect. Soon the bottom surface revealed a completely residue-free pan. Abra-ca-dabra!  The food emulsions that covered the skillet had dissolved entirely in front of everyone's eyes. In case you're wondering, David Copperfield wasn't floating over the stove. However, Powerizer was the magic trick.

For the next minute, the pan sat with the Powerizer solution alone in the sink. There seemed to be a civil dispute between Powerizer and the brown sausage emulsion. The simmer-fizzle danced between the heat and the detergent carried on for only a minute or so longer. This imitated a magic show in Vegas but felt more like watching Prince perform before Purple Rain hit theaters. One (1) minute later, the surfaces were wiped clean using only a sopping wet microfiber cloth and a pinch of Powerizer.  Then finally, the skillet sat Mese en place, after a rinse with warm water and sparkled after being polished with a Powerizer Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloth.  

Clean up after breakfast is easy with Powerizer Complete. Clear your plate after eating, then place them in the dish rack and add  1/2 to 3/4 scoop depending on your load size. The work is done!  Yes, you can wash your pots and pans in the dishwasher too; however, they take up so much room. It's sometimes difficult to clean all the dishes and pots and pans all at once if you prepared a meal for your entire family.  Instead, handwash them as you go and put them away before breakfast is served. It's a genuine "Clean Freak" habit.

Just imagine, this too can easily be your story of magically cleaning pots and pans.

Here is a list of what you will need for the challenge:

Cleaning Pots & Pans Like A MagicianCleaning Pots & Pans Like A MagicianCleaning Pots & Pans Like A MagicianCleaning Pots & Pans Like A MagicianCleaning Pots & Pans Like A Magician

 To obtain the same results, follow these simple steps described below.

1. STEP ONE (1) AND TWO (2) CAN BE REVERSED sprinkle 1/4 to 1/2 scoop of Powerizer Complete powder onto the surface of a hot pan.

2. Slowly add water from the faucet to the pan's surface.  Use caution and use a potholder to protect your hands when moving the pot from the stove to the sink.

3. Stand back to avoid leaning over the water as it hits to pan; very hot steam will rise from the pan.

4. Give the solution time to work.  The percarbonates will begin to bubble. It will begin to oxidize and remove odors.  This is especially useful when cleaning a pan you just cooked bacon or fish in. Powerizer helps to stop the bacon aroma from lingering more than it should.  The degreaser works quickly to breakdown oils, and the natural enzymes work to dissolve food emulsions. 

5. If sticky residue lingers in a Teflon coated pan, use a nylon hand dish scrubbing brush to remove what the cloth does not.  For tougher baked-on messes on your stainless steel, aluminum pans, use a copper scrubber instead.  They are a safer choice because it won't rust or splinter. 

6. For the final step, be sure to rinse the detergent clean using warm to hot water. 

When drying pans, Powerizer's microfiber cleaning cloths speed up the process.  They are not your mother's ordinary flour sack dish towels.  These cloths can absorb seven (7) times more liquid than their dry weight.  Each fiber is 100 times smaller than a human hair.  Their dusting, wiping, scrubbing uses are endless.  

Now that you have had a glimpse of another a Powerizer "Clean Freak" moment, consider enrolling in the Powerizer Subscribe & Save Program. It will save you time and money and, of course, make sure you never run out of Powerizer Complete.  

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