Easy Way To Clean Your Diffuser

December 20, 2019

How To Maintain a Clean Diffuser With One Solution

Aromatherapy is known for its therapeutic and healing effects on the body and mind. It's especially useful in setting the mood in your cherished space like a bedroom and has grown popularity in spas, hotel lobbies, restrooms, and retail shops. No different than adding fragrance to your garments or wearing scented lotions, it's all preference as to which fragrance you choose to set the mood, especially for the holidays. Depending on how often you use your diffuser, it requires cleaning. Just like your Keurig coffee pot, it must go through a routine descaling process, and even a ceiling fan must be cleared of dust more importantly from around the engine to maintain its optimal performance, so must your diffuser.

We recommend cleaning your diffuser each time you choose to switch to a different oil or for daily use, clean it at least once a week. Powerizer Complete is all you need to complete the process. It's a detergent and cleaner that is super concentrated and effectively cleans with just a little. When diluted in water it works great to clean and rinse leaving behind no residues.

Powerizer's formula has everything you need, such as:

  • A super-charged vinegar-like ingredient which has disinfectant properties that deodorize and cuts grease
  • An oxygen bleach ingredient 
  • A powerful degreaser to break down the oils
  • A plant-based surfactant which suspends the dirt and oil, so it rinses clean

The two (2) most popular types of diffusers are the Nebulizer and the Ultrasonic Diffuser. Here is a brief list to help you identify which one you have or if you're considering buying one, which might be better for your environment.

Nebulizer Diffuser Diagram

Easy Way To Clean Your Diffuser

Nebulizer: Uses forced air to atomize oils into micro particles, which are eventually released into the air using a water-less, more concentrated aroma mist than an Ultrasonic Diffuser.

Here are some qualities to consider when buying a Nebulizer:

  • It covers 400 sq. foot area on average
  • Requires adding 20-25 drops of essential oil
  • Releases more powerful aromas 
  • Emits a more powerful water-less scent of pure essential oils
  • It's running time is 2 hours or longer depending on intermittent settings
  • Better for environments that already have humidity 
  • Uses a glass top which is more fragile but guarantees no toxins from plastic are released
  • Because the glass is more delicate its better if used in a home without pets or children


Easy Way To Clean Your Diffuser

Ultrasonic DiffuserUses a process called adiabatic which produces a cool mist while not using heat. It does this by using electric frequencies called ultrasonic waves to cause a small ceramic disk found under the surface of the water to vibrate at high-speeds, the ultrasonic vibrations break down the oils into tiny micro particles dispersing them into a fine mist. The diffuser can operate for hours, depending on the intermittent frequency and the volume of the water reservoir. 

Here are more characteristics to consider:

  • Can be used with water and 100% pure organic essential oils
  • It uses less oil than the Nebulizer only 5-10 drops
  • Uses the humidity from the water to release the oils into the air
  • Emits a less powerful aroma, which is a softer, gentler scent
  • It lasts 5-10 hours depending on intermittent settings
  • Adds humidity to the atmosphere and is better for use in drier climates
  • The plastic vessel can be emptied and cleaned out, making it easier to travel with it.
  • Uses plastic which is not as eco friendly as the nebulizer which uses a glass container instead
  • Its aroma will provide coverage of 300 square feet on average.  

 The clean in-depth process for both types of diffusers is similar and straightforward and shouldn't take more than 20-30 minutes. With Powerizer Complete, the steps are simple, soak, wipe clean, then rinse with plain water. 

Easy Way To Clean Your Diffuser  

Here is what is needed to start and finish the process.

  • For a soak solution measure one (1) scoop of Powerizer Complete per one  (1) gallon of water (use hot water) 
  • Mix it in a sink or tub or any container large enough to submerge the removable components 
  • One (1) Microfiber Cleaning Cloth to wipe the surfaces clean and (1) one to polish and remove excess water after rinsing the components

First, start by making a soak for the removable parts using Powerizer Complete, as described in the steps above.

Next, disassemble the removable components and place them in the container with the Powerizer solution to allow them to soak. For the parts that are not removable such as the water reservoir of the Ultrasonic Diffuser, pour enough of the Powerizer solution up to the fill line. Allow the detergent to work its magic as well. Watch as all the oils begin to float to the top of the container. After about 10-15 minutes, start to wipe the components clean. We recommend using a damp microfiber cloth to remove excess oils, especially in the creases and seams. Microfiber cloths work best when damp instead of wet. When wet the fibers lay flat, however when damp, they fluff up and allow for a more thorough microscopic scrub.  

Final step, thoroughly rinse the components clean to remove residues, especially the water reservoir using warm water. Before returning all the parts to its original place, polish each piece using a clean microfiber cloth to remove all detergent and oils from the surfaces.

Now that you're ready to use your diffuser again. Make sure you study the many different essential oils to get the aroma you desire. Purchasing essential oils has become convenient, now that they quickly ship via the internet. Also, the price of quality essential oils has come down. However, the best diffuser isn't going to make a cheap oil smell great. Make sure you are purchasing from a reputable distributor that takes the time to post their GC/MS testing results, making sure the oils are pure, high quality without additives or dilutions. Never use essential oils mixed with a carrier oil in your diffuser. It's difficult to remove all of the chemicals used throughout the extraction process; therefore, its necessary to know your purchasing 100% essential oils. 

Check out the website for more blogs on how to use Powerizer Complete to clean everything dirty in your home. Also, visit the Subscribe and Save Program, which will allow you to customize when you choose to intermittently ship Powerizer to your home and save money in the process.

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