Cleaning Outdoor Furnishings With Powerizer Complete

April 15, 2019

It's that time of the season to have a few friends and family over for a celebration.

You just heard your friends want to gather at your place for a last minute send off for a close friend.  You can’t say no, and you’re excited to show off your outdoor space.  However, the thought of cleaning all the outdoor furnishings and surfaces can be daunting.  With PowerizerComplete you have everything you need.  It’s the one detergent that can be used as a natural surface cleaner to remove tough stains or used as a concentrated solution to tackle the tough, ruff and dirty surfaces.  Also cleaning smooth surfaces like tables, glass and countertops is a breeze.  Powerizer will save you time and money.

Here are a few tools to use if you have access to them. They will make cleaning a lot easier.

  • Squeegee with a softer rubber tip
  • A bucket for mixing your Powerizer solution
  • Broom & Dustpan
  • Microfiber towels for cleaning, one (1) for washing and a few for drying surfaces off
  • A round hand scrubbing brush like the one you use for dishes, these are so much more sanitary
  • A water hose with access to water if not a large pitcher for rinsing all your surfaces

Ready! Set Go. . .

  1. Let's start by removing and setting aside your patio items; cushions and decorative pillows.  Additionally can also remove vases, plants, and other decorative items sitting on tables, countertops or any other surfaces.  By doing this it will make things move faster, and now you can see all the areas you need to clean easily.
  2. Sweep leaves and debris from the corners of all the furniture. Wicker furnishing seems to always trap leaves, other plant debris, and even spiders. You can use your hand scrubber to tackle the countertops as well. If all this extra debris accumulates, you may want to take the extra step and sweep the ground surface. As you start spraying water, you want to reduce dirt that splatters redepositing onto the furniture after you just cleaned them. 
  3. This might sound a little backward, but first, rinse the surfaces with plain water. It helps to remove as much of the excess dirt and saves your microfiber cloths from getting too dirty.
  4. My next favorite tool is a squeegee. We use this for the shower, the floors and countertops in my bathroom to capture all debris off all the surfaces. While the counters, end tables, and coffee tables are still wet use the squeegee to remove all the rinse water off the surface.  With it, you will remove most of the dirt too. 
  5. Using your bucket and warm water (the hotter, the better) pour one (1) scoop of Powerizer for each gallon of water. Give it a few minutes to dissolve then stir it up with your squeegee. You may then begin washing your furniture by soaking one microfiber cloth into the Powerizer solution and start cleaning all the surfaces. For debris and stains not washing away quickly use a hand dish scrubber to scuff them away. 
  6. Repeat this action to clean metal, wood and smooth surfaces like glass and plastic. Many times, you will feel the friction disappear, and your cloth will effortlessly glide across the surface as you watch dirt and grime glide off.
  7. As always with every Powerizer wash, you must remember to rinse the surface with plain water. You can hose down the area or use a large pitcher to pour water over all surfaces you just cleaned with Powerizer; this will ensure the detergent is removed and won’t leave behind residues.  If it’s a warm day, everything should air dry quickly. 
  8. Finish with a polish and shine. To ensure glass and countertops dry spotless, immediately after rinsing use the squeegee to remove excess water and then use a dry Powerizer Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloth to polish and shine your surfaces eliminating the need to purchase paper towels. Also removing all dust and fingerprints leaving all your surfaces squeaky clean.  


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