Ditch The DIY Washing Powder, It's Not As Effective

January 24, 2020

Is Your Home Remedy Really Effective

This blog addresses making your laundry detergent or washing powder. The first reason consumers have moved away from buying store-bought brands are to save money. There is no dispute, your DIY washing powder can yield more for your dollar. Second, it also allows you to make a product with fewer ingredients, which can give you peace of mind, and a possible safer choice using less toxic chemicals. Third, a DIY formula can lessen the exposure to allergens, which occur in many leading brand detergents. However, many bloggers advocating DIY washing powders have gone back to recant, saying "Do not make your detergent!" with plenty of explanation as to why. The most common was that it caused residue buildup, and their clothes never really got clean. After years of accumulation, the machine was no longer producing clean clothes. What's smarter, saving money on detergent only to replace your costly washing machine later?

Well, we want to discuss these issues to help explain why you should not be making your laundry detergent. It's not the best choice for clean clothes or your washer. Instead, Powerizer Complete is the best option for your all in one multipurpose cleaner and detergent that not only cleans your laundry but cleans everything dirty.


The ingredients for most common washing powders call for a bar of soap grated or shredded in a food processor, a washing soda, baking soda to coat the soap with so it doesn't stick to the food processor blades, Borax, and a scent booster. We found this recipe online. Take a look. 

Ditch The DIY Washing Powder, It’s Not As Effective

Without even commenting on the efficacy of this washing powder, let's look at the facts. 

  • To make a laundry wash powder, it requires purchasing five (5) different products. Now you have acquired five (5) different new containers to recycle, throw in the trash or try to reuse in your home. Let's face it more than likely each box or wrapper will end up in a landfill.
  • It's unlikely to find all five (5) products in one store, so you get in your car and travel to at least two (2) stores unless you purchase all items online, and that's now five (5) different companies shipping to you.
  • You will have to pour your product into a new separate container to store the newly made detergent that now puts you at container six (6). And if you buy it, that price is not added into the $50.08 calculation above.
  • Next to be sure to calculate the time spent shopping, preparing your wash powder, and the cleanup of the mess you make during the process. Pay yourself your hourly wage. Let's be fair and even say it will take no more than two (2) hours, and your hourly wage is closer to minimum wage. Let's assume your pay is $12.00 per hour. 
  • Now we itemize the specific ingredient products and calculate the costs to make this detergent which can quickly add up to over $50.00.



Ditch The DIY Washing Powder, It’s Not As Effective

When you purchase the most substantial bag of Powerizer Complete and sign up for the subscribe and save program, you will save 15% on all your orders. By the way take advantage of Powerizer free shipping.  

Your first purchase saves you $20.00 and yields 294 scoops per bag. Therefore you pay only .06 cents per load. However, don't measure the number of loads you can wash, instead measure by the scoop. Why? Because one (1) scoop is all you need to wash one (1) regular load of laundry. Three forth (¾) scoop will clean a load of dishes. One (1) scoop per gallon of water will make a wash solution for cleaning all surfaces. Pour one (1) scoop of powder into your toilet and scrub. The directions are simple and on the bag.   

Now to address why Powerizer is more cost-saving, safer, and makes more sense than a DIY homemade laundry/washing powder.

Here are seven (7) important reasons why: 

Image reads Typlical cleaning products are filled with stuff you dont need. So you use more But this little scoop changes everything.

  1. Powerizer is a product made of Plant and Mineral Based Ingredients with no fillers and no dyes and doesn't just clean your laundry. It cleans everything dirty. It replaces all laundry and dish additives. Powerizer cleans the rest of the surfaces in your house too. It eliminates the need to buy specialty cleaners for carpet, floors, bathroom, kitchen, windows and all other hard surfaces. We have calculated the expense to purchase all these products and it easily will put a dent in your wallet for about $129.00. 
  2. Natural fragrances can often be allergens, and many substances in nature cause allergic reactions. Powerizer contains a partially natural fragrance to balance the properties of allergenicity, sustainability, and safety. Its primary role is to masks the chemical smell of the plant and mineral-based ingredients. Clothes washed in Powerizer rinse residue-free and dry fragrance-free. It is less likely to trigger skin allergies. Check out this previous blog that discusses fragrance and its play in the products we purchase. 
  3. Powerizer has Sodium Percarbonate, a critical ingredient found only in powder detergents that use hydrogen peroxide (oxygen bleach) to remove stains and odors. It's produced industrially by crystallization of a solution of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide, with proper control of the pH and concentrations done in a laboratory. [1] It will activate only when introduced to water. Which means you get the most efficacy intended. It will remain active for up to 8 hours for maximum stain and odor-fighting powers. We recommend you make enough for what you need and use it all up. 
  4. We haven't found a recipe for a homemade detergent that includes a Surfactant. A Surfactant is a compound that breaks the surface tension between a liquid (water) and a solid (dirt). The washer agitation loosens up dirt and oils out of the fabrics and into the water. Surfactants attach to dirt, oils, and other matter, which stay suspended in the water so that they don't redeposit back onto your now clean laundry. Instead, the residues flush clean during the final rinse and spin cycle. Powerizer has an active and sustainable 100% bio-based surfactant made from sugar made in a laboratory. It's also a big reason why our detergent is also used separately as a machine cleaner
  5. With the elimination of phosphates, the new safer science behind stain removing is the introduction of enzymes. They are one of the most important and natural ways to achieve targeted stain and odor removal and should be included in your laundry detergent. Again, we have never watched a YouTube video or read a blog that claims to have natural enzymes in the formula.  
  6. We believe that mixing additives is not safe. Using one product and a second product may be counteracting the benefits of the first. How are you to know unless you are a chemist or hire a laboratory to test your product to ensure it will hold up to the test of maximum exposure and safety data warnings. Leave the mixing of chemicals to the professionals. These ingredients are still chemicals whether you want to accept it or not. 
  7. We were confident enough to submit our product for approval to display the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label on our bag. It passed with 70% for laundry detergent. However, because it cleans everything dirty it also received approval for 3 other cleaning categories: Dish, Carpet and Upholstery, and Multipurpose cleaners. There aren't many DIY washing sodas that can say the same. This process is lengthy and expensive for testing. Check out our recent Press Release | Powerizer Complete Earns Approval To Display USDA Certified Biobased Product Label

Picture of Cash Register scanner of cleaning products and adding up the cost of of all of them

Ultimately your specific motivation for wanting to spend less or more on a product depends on the value it brings to you. Many of us are eager to pay $60 to $90 for a face cream that may only weigh 3 oz. Men may buy expensive parts to enhance the performance of their vehicles. If it does what it's supposed to, it brings value or solves a problem, and the motivation is justified, people will pay for quality, not quantity. 

In this instance, were not impressed with how much product you get from mixing five (5) ingredients. What's impressive is the 470+ written testimonials on our website from customers who are satisfied and motivated to share their experience for others to see. They have drunk the Kool-Aid and want to share how Powerizer has worked for them. We are saying mixing one (1) detergent for only one cleaning application in your home may save you money in the laundry, but will that one detergent pass 3rd party laboratory tests for efficacy and earn the safer choice designation from the USDA Bio-preferred program? When it does let us know. We encourage you to skip the leg work of mixing up a DIY wash powder and instead give Powerizer Complete a try today. The subscribe and save program now offers15% off your first purchase. We are so confident you will be impressed with your purchase we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

 1. Alun P. James, Graham R. Horne, Richard Roesler, and others (1997): "Process for producing sodium percarbonate". US Patent US6231828B1, priority date 1997-03-26.

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