Dont Forget To Clean Your Oven Mitts

July 24, 2020

Oven mitts seem to be that gift-item mothers receive much like fathers who are gifted socks during the holidays. However, with the increased popularity in outdoor dining, it's not uncommon for men to be recipients of a pair of novelty oven mitts that accompany a matching cooking apron.  When one becomes soiled your less likely to simply discard the mitts and keep the apron. Oven mitts seem to acquire mysterious food stains and quickly become an eyesore, instead of tossing them out, PowerizeIt.   In addition, it's import you clean them often to avoid cross contamination, no different than your cleaning cleaning reusable shopping bags.

 Dont Forget To Clean Your Oven Mitts

Let's walk you through how we transformed a pair of oven mitts from dirty to clean again.

Dont Forget To Clean Your Oven Mitts

A soaking bucket or sink, Powerizer, and a dish scrub brush, that's it!
We often receive emails from customers on cleaning particular items with Powerizer all natural cleaner. A customer wrote in asking for advice on how to wash her mother's oven mitts. She explained they had sentimental value. She had acquired them just before family members moved her mother into an assisted living facility. Of course, we wanted to help, so we shared these simple instructions.

Mix Your Soak Solution

First, if you're worried about dye cast-off, make a dye soak bath and soak your mitts in Powerizer. Here are the specifics.

  • Fill the bucket with one gallon of COLD water. (enough water to submerge the gloves entirely)
  • Add one (1) scoop of Powerizer Complete
  • Add the ingredients for a dye soak mixture using 1/4 cup of Salt (Pickling Salt is preferred) and one (1) cup of organic white distilled vinegar.

Soak Your Oven Mitts

Drop in the gloves and allow them to soak. Remember, Powerizer contains a oxygen bleach powder ingredient. The colored fibers are not going to bleach out, and adding the dye cast mixture should prevent the colors from bleeding or casting off into the water.

However, if you're not worried about dye cast off, or color fading, fill the bucket with HOT water instead of COLD water. Just know that the active oxidizing agents kick in when the Sodium Percarbonate reacts with water, making a fresh batch immediately before you're ready to soak them. However, TAED is a special vinegar-like ingredient that supercharges to allow maximum efficacy even when washing in cold water. 

Powerizer has a sustainable palm-based surfactant that works as a wetting agent to penetrate grease and sequester it. It allows it to be trapped into a micelle so that it stays afloat to be rinsed clean from the fibers. Meanwhile, the enzyme ingredients in Powerizer are super active at breaking down starch and protein. 

Scrub And Apply A Kitchen Cleanser As Needed

Powerizer's ingredients work together, making it easier to brush and scrub heavily soiled stains and allow the mitts to soak in the solution for up to eight (8) hours. If stains aren't lifting completely, remove the gloves while still wet apply Powerizer in the powder form to make a cleaning powder paste. Many times not all stains will lift in the first try, therefore repeat the process as necessary. 


Dont Forget To Clean Your Oven MittsDont Forget To Clean Your Oven Mitts

No different than laundry, all stains may not be removed and may require a second and third attempt.  This was true in attempt to remove nail polish from carpets, grass stains and olive oil from cotton baby tees. 

Detergent Must Be Rinsed Clean

The last step is to rinse them to remove any detergent and residues left behind.  After they are soaked and clean, toss them in the laundry with a load of clothes or run a rinse and spin cycle instead.

However, Powerizer is an EPA Biobased Product that effectively cleans everything dirty and certified for cleaning in four categories, Laundry detergent, Dishwasher detergent, Multipurpose cleaning and Carpet cleaning and Furniture and Upholstery cleaning.  Powerizer is made of plant and mineral-based ingredients, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.  Consider signing up for Powerizer's Subscribe and Save Program.  Upon enrollment you will receive 15% off on all orders. 

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