Dorm Cleaning Essentials With Powerizer Complete

September 27, 2019

Dorm Cleaning Essentials With Powerizer Complete
Last we checked your kid’s college tuition doesn’t come with a dorm room maid, a laundry valet service, so lets set them up for success.  Powerizer Complete is the next best thing you can give to your kid to help keep them neat, clean, and on budget, especially if parents fit the bill.  Powerizer is the first and only revolutionary multipurpose detergent and cleaner on the market that cleans everything dirty in their dorm.  Thankfully there is no need to study or pass a tough exam to learn how to use it effectively.   A dosage chart on the bag simplifies everything.
Dorm Cleaning Essentials With Powerizer Complete Dorm Cleaning Essentials With Powerizer Complete

Below is a complete list of tools for cleaning everything dirty in a dorm. 

  • Powerizer Complete (your clean everything detergent)
  • Squeeze Bottle (make a pretreat or a ready to clean solution)
  • Ultra Microfiber Cloths (cleaning, dusting and work out towels)
  • Hand Dish Scrubber (scrub everything, dries clean with fewer bacteria)
  • $1 Toilet Bowl Brush (attach to the toilet using a suction cup with a hook)
  • Squeegee (aside from cleaning mirrors and windows, it is THE BEST tool for picking up hair and debris from floors to counters,  a  simple squirt of water.)
  • Dust Pan (squeegee water from the countertop and floor into the dustpan) 
  • WonderWedgie Microfiber Mop (Cleans up, down and around quickly)
  • Soak bucket with handles for quick wash items.

Dorm Cleaning Essentials With Powerizer Complete Dorm Cleaning Essentials With Powerizer Complete Dorm Cleaning Essentials With Powerizer Complete Dorm Cleaning Essentials With Powerizer Complete Dorm Cleaning Essentials With Powerizer Complete

Powerizer replaces up to seven (7) different laundry products.  It simplifies your dorm cleaning routine.  You can spot clean comforters, pillowcases, stains on garments, sweaters, hats, and even sports equipment and even your backpack and shoes — no need for Bleach, Fabric Softeners, Stain Lifters, Color Boosters, and one-use Machine Cleaners.  Powerizer's ingredients work to remove weird smells and debris lingering from other people's stuff.  It's the only laundry detergent needed for washing, and there is absolutely no need for dryer sheets.

Powerizer will make washing all the other things in the dorm easy, as well. With just one (1) scoop to a gallon of water, make a soak solution to drop items in as your on your way out to the class.  
  • Powerizer will kill odors quickly, from left over food or beverages, shoe inserts, and sweaty work-out attire. 
  • It easily removes tough microwave stains dried coffee cup stains, and food partials from utensils, and bowls..
  • When wiping surfaces such as your mirror, desk, or television screen, spray plain water onto a microfiber cloth is all you need to polish away dust and fingerprints.

For routine visits to the community shower and toilet, wearing slippers to protect from foot fungus sometimes isn't enough.  Keep a squeeze bottle of a concentrated mixture of Powerizer, hand dish scrub brush, and a squeegee in your shower caddy.  It's a piece of mind to get in the routine of cleaning before stepping into the shower. Warm damp places are the perfect incubator for spreading germs and viruses.  Not all dorm mates clean up after themselves, and it's not uncommon to step into a stall and find a toilet seat sprinkled with off-target urine.  Before laying out your primping and beauty tools, sprinkle Powerizer on a microfiber cloth and wipe the faucet, and countertop, then rinse the cloth under hot water wring it out and let it air dry to use it the next day.  

The WonderWedgie mop, which uses Microfiber cloths, will make dusting under beds, absorbing spills and moisture from around the toilet quick and easy to clean up. There is no reason the floor in your dorm should have lingering spills, smudges, or dust settling for long a time. With the microfiber cloth attached to the WonderWedgie is all you need to mop and polish your dorms floor. 

Another tip: If a spill happens, make a smart mop solution in a bucket or the sink; use the squeeze bottle and let the WonderWedgie do the work of lifting the spill. Then use a clean cloth with plain water to remove the detergent and remaining dust from the headboard, computer monitors, TVs, shelving, and floors. 

Dorm Cleaning Essentials With Powerizer Complete

Sign your student up to our Subscribe & Save Program.  Send a 1lb., 3lb. or 6.5lb. bag every month, or every other month.  Receive 15% off each shipment.  Your student will never run out, and it will be less hassle on you.  

- 1lb. Pouch contains 46 scoops

- 3lb. Pouch contains 136 Scoops

- 6.5lb. Pouch contains 294 Scoops

Save your child from:

  • The headache of suffering through smelly dorm room situations.
  • Cut down on illnesses using microfiber cloths that trap and lift dust and remove bacteria from surfaces.
  • Save clutter and shelf space from numerous cleaning products when storage is already a scarcity.

Save the environment, feel better knowing your college student is using products made from no harsh chemicals, no fillers, and no dies.  

Powerizer ships free of charge, so no need to carry a heavy bag in luggage or in a backpack.  Just have it delivered to their dorm, so it arrives just in time for homecoming. 

For numerous tips on cleaning, check out all of  Powerizer's blogs and read our Powerizer's reviews sharing how Powerizer has fit into their everyday cleaning routine.

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