Goblins Won't Scare SOAP SCUM Away, But Powerizer Will!

October 25, 2019

Powerizer is Spooktacular on Soap Scum

How often is SOAP SCUM the villain of your blog? Far too often, then you think. The story begins with a family of four and a greyhound named Forest, tucked away in a cul-de-sac, which gets easily overwhelmed with life. Somehow, cleaning the shower is skipped on the bloody chores list. But don't be afraid to read on. Of course, no one is going to step up and be the hero of the day.

So, as the scary soundtrack echos in the background, screeching sounds repeating. Finally, we pull the shower curtain back quickly to find a man in distress, frightened by SOAP SCUM, and he screams, "WHY ME!"? He whimpers, "It's only been a week, and this nasty SOAP SCUM has taken over!" The scene was straight off the set of the hotel lobby of The Shining where nasty goo was oozing from the walls. OK, not that bad, but you get the picture. (Side Note: Powerizer is amazing on bloodstains.) Then suddenly, his warrior princess wife comes to the rescue with a freshly made pre-treat bottle to blast SOAP SCUM invaders to oblivion. 

Goblins Won’t Scare SOAP SCUM Away, But Powerizer Will!

Will there be a sequel to this horror flick? Read on to learn how a concentrated mixture of Powerizer Complete releases superpowers to break down SOAP SCUM and provides protection from future invasions.  Arm yourself for the battle with the following items before the plot thickens. Here is what you will need.


Goblins Won’t Scare SOAP SCUM Away, But Powerizer Will! Goblins Won’t Scare SOAP SCUM Away, But Powerizer Will!Goblins Won’t Scare SOAP SCUM Away, But Powerizer Will!   Goblins Won’t Scare SOAP SCUM Away, But Powerizer Will! Goblins Won’t Scare SOAP SCUM Away, But Powerizer Will!  


Now that your fully caught up, this episode of SOAP SCUM invasion starts by combining a concentrated mixture of Powerizer Complete using one (1) full scoop mixed with 16 oz. of warm water in a squeeze bottle. If you can't find one use a water bottle instead, poke a hole in the top of the lid with the sharp point of your scissors. It's essential to allow the solution to breathe. The percarbonates build pressure when the supercharged hydrogen peroxide activates with water. We recommend that you mix only enough Powerizer for your cleaning task at hand. Giving you the maximum potency and not wasting the superpowers of Powerizer. Trust me; SOAP SCUM should be afraid of Powerizer

Goblins Won’t Scare SOAP SCUM Away, But Powerizer Will! Goblins Won’t Scare SOAP SCUM Away, But Powerizer Will! Goblins Won’t Scare SOAP SCUM Away, But Powerizer Will!

First, we recommend stopping up the bathtub drain if you have one so that the solution falling from the walls can be reused to clean the surfaces.  

Next, use your pretreat bottle to squirt the concentrated solution of Powerizer Complete from the top, working your way down the vertical surfaces of the entire tub/shower enclosure. Be sure to equally cover all the walls and watch the solution cascade downward. Now, wait five minutes to allow the hard water softeners to break shower gels, leave-in conditioners, and tranquilize SOAP SCUM as it begins to melt away.

As the battle continues, pick up a moist Ultra Plush Microfiber cloth to move and redistribute the Concentrated Powerizer solution for maximum coverage. When stretching to clean walls or tiles, it may be necessary to extend your reach by attaching a Microfiber cloth to the WonderWedgie Mop. A wedge hidden in the mop head allows for specialized scrubbing as it targets SCUM hidden in grout seams. Remember to dip the mop head into the puddle of Powerizer that forms at the bottom of the tub to keep reapplying more Powerizer to the surfaces.

Finally, as the battle comes to a near the Powerizer Granular Team sprinkles Powerizer into the corners, surface, sides of the tub and shower and together with a gifted hand dish scrubber using Kung Fu techniques, dirt rings, black marks, and relentless SOAP SCUM are DEFEATED.   

In a rain of victory, celebrate with a good rinse of all surfaces. Notice how order has been restored, and water simply cascades downward, leaving no trace of SOAP SCUM on the surface. For the glass shower enclosures utilize a squeegee to remove all the water to reveal transparent surfaces with absolutely no residue left behind.    

Fighting SOAP SCUM is a weekly battle. Train up your team and keep the proper tools handy to keep SOAP SCUM at bay. Make a concentrated mixture in a bottle. Keep it in the corner of the shower at all times. Rotate the duty to keep the force strong from future SOAP SCUM invaders and PowerizerIt! 

Apply the Powerizer Concentrated solution to the surface daily with a microfiber cloth or simply use the squeeze bottle to wet the surface and wipe SOAP SCUM away so that it never has a chance to build up, which makes weekly cleaning easier. Rinse with plain water and squeegee the surface. The task adds a couple of minutes to your shower routine. Everyone's participation will keep SOAP SCUM from ever becoming a dreadful horror film sequel in your home. 

NOTICE: ONE BAG OF POWERIZER HAS SO MANY USES . . . Join the Subscribe and Save Program to keep the forces strong, save time, energy, and money.  

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