Hey Guys, All In One Cleaner Makes Cleaning Easy

December 04, 2020

We're excited to encourage and educate men about the benefits of using Powerizer Complete, a Multi-Purpose Detergent and Cleaner. If your a male consumer who wants to spend less money, less time, and eliminate redundant cleaning products taking up too much space, we encourage you to read on. We imagine googling "How To Clean My House" may not trump searching for Superbowl predictions. Everyone seems to be spending more time at home so lets even out the score card. Let's face it; women still tend to tackle more cleaning and laundry chores in the home. However, men are cooking more and have become more intrigued with kitchen and cleaning gadgets. 

On the other hand, products that target make-up removal and washing intimate apparel are more appealing to women. So women, if you're still reading, we're trying to help you out here. Men tend to buy specialty products for cleaning vehicles, shoes and removing underarm and collar stains or odors from athletic clothing and gym bags. We want to help simplify your arsenal with just ONE product Powerizer Complete, it tackles all of them - No, really, it does!

All-In-One Cleaner Makes Cleaning Easy of many things


We're seeing more and more men enroll in Powerizer's Subscribe and Save Program. A customer called recently to upgrade his purchase to the larger 6-and-a-half-pound bag. Initially, he was looking to solve a dirty task at work. He bought a 3-pound bag. We asked, "What did you Powerize?" He began to rattle off a list of uses, explaining why he upgraded to the larger bag. But then he said' "Now my wife is using it to wash my work clothes, and because it cleaned my messes, she is washing all the laundry with it too. Now we've eliminated all other laundry products and only use Powerizer." 


We believe a multipurpose detergent and cleaner is gaining popularity with men for its simplistic, minimalist approach, and we all know with men, it's essential to KISS them. Keep Things Simple Silly.


Here are five benefits of using Powerizer to clean everything dirty in your home, office, garage, and automobile.


1. Save Space - One bag saves space and reduces your carbon footprint by eliminating wasteful containers. One product eliminates the likelihood of buying additional products when another is unused and forgotten.

The average home buys four to five products for Laundry: Detergent, Fabric Softener, Bleach Stain Remover, and Dryer Sheets.

Consumers buy three products for Dishes: Dish Washer Detergent, Rinse Aid, and Liquid Dish Soap for hand washing dishes. 

Consumers also buy at least five Bathroom cleaners: Shower Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Multi-surface Cleaner, and a Glass cleaner. That's 13 products!


If we account for Specialty Cleaners, the list is endless. Here are other common cleaners we all know and use: carpet & upholstery cleaners, hard water stain remover and softeners, dash or vinyl cleaners for interior car surfaces and floors, tire cleaners, grille or oven cleaner, abrasive hand cleaner, shoe cleaner, stainless steel, leather, granite or stone cleaners, and machine cleaners for both the dishwasher and the washing machine.

powerizer All-In-One Cleaner Makes Cleaning Easy

2. Simplify your laundry list of products. To use Powerizer, it only requires ONE additional ingredient - H2O, then Powerizeit!

  • Mix more water for everyday cleaning.
  • Less water to make a more concentrated solution to tackle heavy-duty cleaning.
  • Make a natural cleanser concentrate paste when it's necessary to break down tough stains that may have been set-in.


Hey Guys, All-In-One Cleaner Makes Cleaning Easy
3. Use Less, one (1) scoop or less is all you need to clean effectively. Efficacy trumps redundancy. No one cares about a product that claims to do it all but does a mediocre job. However, Powerizer is made from safer choice, plant and mineral based ingredient that are simple yet powerful, using no harsh chemicals. It’s formulated to be HE and Septic Safe using no fillers and no dyes.  It has all the additives to soften, whiten, deodorize, dissolve tough stains and then rinse clean.
concentrated powerizer detergent

4. Saves Money, when you run out of your existing cleaner, consider replacing them with Powerizer. Eradicating soap scum from ceramic tile and a coffee stain from a ceramic coffee cup should not require two different cleaning products or an extra trip to the store. Instead, order Powerizer's Starter Kitwhich includes a one-pound bag of Powerizer, two Microfiber towels, and one 16 oz. Squeeze bottle. 

Make a solution, add one (1) scoop of Powerizer and warm water in the squeeze bottle, shake to dissolve. Now you can set up an easy-clean station to clean the entire house with one bottle. Guys, you can use it along with a microfiber cloth to clean countertops, appliances, stove, cabinets, shower, toilet, sink, floors, glass, and furniture. Practice easy-clean habits, and it becomes just that, easy to clean.

Hey Guys, All-In-One Cleaner Makes Cleaning Easy5. Save Time, enroll in the Powerizer Complete Subscribe and Save Program to take advantage of recurring orders. Set your orders on autopilot and "forgedda a-boud-it." Mix a solution, then carry one bottle or one bucket of Powerizer from room to room. It encourages cleaning more than one surface, saving time. Once you start cleaning with Powerizer, a clean-freak impulse moves your hand from the sink to wiping the faucet, then the countertop, then the mirror, next is the cabinet, door, baseboards, cabinet knobs, and then soon the wall, and the light switch. It just happens with ease and becomes effortless. Powerizer is the Ultimate Multi-Surface Cleaner!
Easily Clean Manly Things With Powerizer
  • Dirty Baseball Caps
  • Work and Casual Shoes
  • Stains from Armpit Stains
  • Hand Cleaner & De-Greaser
  • Tire, Rim & Upholstery from the Car Interior
  • Remove Stains from Sport Memorabilia
  • Sports Equipment
  • Luggage / Gym Bag
  • Neck Collar Stains
  • Neutralize Strong Sweaty Odors
  • Remove Blood Stains on Bedding from Shaving Nicks
  • Grooming Tools

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