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Powerizer Multi-Surface Whole House Cleaner

The only product you need for a clean home!


The Complete, Multi-surface Whole House Cleaner.
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A home represents the people, the laughter, and the memories, with Powerizer Complete we make cleaning up simple and easy and giving you more time to spend with the ones you love.

The only solution you need for whole house cleaning is Powerizer

    One product cleans and deodorizes hard surfaces, furniture, floors, and carpets throughout your entire home

      Clean, sparkling, streak-free appliances, countertops, and fixtures throughout your home

        Powerizer Is The Complete, Multi-Surface Whole House Cleaner

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        457 reviews
        works fantastic !

        works great on getting out those skid marks on your underwear

        Powerizer Review

        I saw a review of this product on One Good Thing's blog and was skeptical about using it as a laundry detergent and not needing fabric softener, bleach, borax as a detergent booster and dryer sheets. Well, I'm not a skeptic anymore. It actually worked and my clothes clean, vibrant, soft, no shrinkage and no static cling. Amazing and Awesome. My adults kids, who still live at home :-0, also use and like it. My husband, I'm not so sure :-? I'm looking forward to saving money on fabric softener, bleach, detergent booster and dryer sheets.

        Great for Laundry

        I'll gladly use this product in the laundry room. Not so much in the dishwasher, the scent is a bit much for the kitchen.

        Tami B Review

        For some things it works well, mostly I do not think it is worth the money

        Powerizer Complete Multi-Purpose Detergent & Cleaner - Laundry, Dish, Carpet, Bath