The only thing you need for a clean Home

A Whole House Cleaner

A home represents the people, the laughter and the memories, with Powerizer we make cleaning up simple and easy.  Giving you more time to spend with the ones you love.

The only cleaning solution you need for hard surfaces is Powerizer

    One product cleans and deodorizes hard surface floors and carpets throughout your entire home

      Clean and clear sparkling streak-free windows

        The complete, multi-surface whole house cleaner. Powered by green.

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        Versatile and effective!

        Great product! I love having a product that is versatile and works for both my laundry and my dishes. After using it in my dishwasher a few times, I went back to my old brand name DW powder just to use it up, and found undissolved detergent inside of drinking cups! Back to powerizer for me! The smell takes me back to my childhood and that old fashioned laundry detergent smell. I need to branch out and try it for overall house cleaning like on my floors and bathroom. I appreciate the reduction in packaging, although I wish now I had saved my original tubs it came in to refill from the bags. However, I put some in a vintage milk glass canister in my laundry room and it looks so decorative!

        LOVE this stuff!!

        My dishes have never come out of the dishwasher so clean. Even kettles I used to scrub before putting in the dishwasher now come out clean with NO scrubbing. I will definitely be purchasing more.

        Excellet product that delivers powerful cleaning

        I've done laundry, used in the dishwasher and cleaned the showers with Powerizer and I am greatly impressed! The fragrance is clean but not overpowering and it's easy to use. My only recommendation would be to package Powerize in a cardboard box (similar to dishwashing powder or powdered laundry soap) to reduce/eliminate plastic.