How To Clean Pillows

April 30, 2021

Have you ever wondered what your pillow would say if it could talk?  We've decided to follow Fluffy the Pillow to see what the Day in the Life of a Pillow looks like and how we can keep him around a lot longer.

Fluffy The Pillow's Journey With His New Owner, David

Day 1

I finally made it to my new home, yay! After removing my wrapping, my new owner David clothed me in a beige cotton cover. He laid gently against my fibers. We immediately bonded. I think I'm going to like my new home, Fluffy shouted. 

Day 2

Today was my first introduction to Betsy, his lazy Calico. She felt it was necessary to crush my fills for hours and made this sound I've never heard before. Thank the stars for the beige cover between me and the hair, yuck. The casing kept her pet dander at bay.

Day 3

I hate to admit this, but I think David fell asleep after mowing the lawn, and his hair was offensive. I was introduced to pollen, sweat, dirt, and oils all at once. It was apparent he couldn't tell I was not happy. 

Day 4-6

My days were pretty uneventful. However, I seemed to be smashed between two knees all night, and nobody told me that was part of my job description. 

Day 13

David removed my beige best friend to return 2 hours later refreshed and wrinkle-free. He said he was Powerized! And I'm completely jealous. I, however, was subject to more punishment. Betsy, the cat, sat on my unprotected body all morning. I felt so helpless and violated, especially after she passed gas twice and licked her paws.

Day 30

I'm beginning to think David and I are inseparable. He spent one entire Saturday in bed after not returning home until 4 am. I'm not sure, but I felt excess moisture from drool that has left an odor. Wonder what that was about?

Day 68

I've endured so much from him these past two months. I'm beginning to believe he may be cheating on me. He returns home exhausted, and somehow I end up tossed to the floor for days along with his dirty underwear and socks. 

Day 103

More than three months into our relationship, the wear, and tear on my body has begun to show as I am no longer bright white. Instead, I have tinged stains, and my overall color has begun to fade. :(

Day 180

We've made it to our sixth month anniversary. David's new friend came to visit. She invited me to a Powerizer spa day. I'm so happy! She said, I would be good as new in a few hours. I can hardly wait. Did I mention I really like her; I hope he keeps her around because I like my Powerizer spa days. The End!

We tend to give up on our pillows and toss them out when it's easy to wash them and bring them back to good as new. You just need to PowerizeIt!  Powerizer's all-in-one detergent is gentle enough for those with sensitive skin and powerful enough to tackle sweat stains, dirt, and oils and moisture that causes brown stains. 

Here's A Simple Guide To Clean And Maintain Your Pillows:

Step 1 - Pretreat Pillow Stains 

  • How to make a pretreat solution using a Powerizer Complete Pod - If the opening of a squeeze bottle is to small for the pod. Dissolve the pod in a glass of water and once it has dissolved completely pour it into the bottle. 
  • How to make a pretreat solution - Pour one (1) scoop into a Powerizer Squeeze Bottle or any 16 oz. or a bottle with a breath tip.
  • For removing pillow stains apply it to the stain. Use a microfiber cloth to lift the stain 

Powerizer is super effective at removing tough stains like blood, make-up, and oils. The Oxygenated Cleaning Agent (Sodium Percarbonate), our color-safe oxygen bleach, will stay active for up to 8 hours. In addition to our powerful natural enzyme cleaner tackles tough stains and odors. Our complete formula penetrate oils, lift and suspend residue and rinses away, leaving everything fresh and clean. 

  • Removes Sweat Stains 
  • Removes Blood Stains
  • Removes Saliva Stains 
  • Removes Lipstick and Make-up Stains

    Step 2 - Soak Pillow Stains With Powerizer
      • Make a soak solution inside the bathtub or sink. 
      • Use two (2) Complete Pods or one (1) scoop to (1) one gallon of hot water.
      • If the pillow doesn't stay submerged in the water, consider sitting a weight or a gallon jug filled with water and sit it on top of the pillow.
      • Flip the pillow over to ensure both sides have plenty of time to soak equally.
      • Use a microfiber cloth to rub the stained areas if still present. 

      Tips For Soaking Pillow Cases

        When washing pillowcases, we recommend soaking them every other time to ensure any extra oils from your hair or face are removed.

        Powerizer contains sodium percarbonate. It's the oxygenated ingredient that effectively removes stains without bleaching out colors or damaging fibers.

            Step 3 - Washing Pillows In The Wash Machine

              When washing a pillow in the washing machine, it is essential to place two (2) pillows opposite each other to ensure the machine doesn't rotate off balance.

              We recommend adding three to four (3-4) Complete pods or one and half to two (1/2 -2) scoops of Powerizer Complete inside the drum and set the water temperature to hot water.

              Optional: By soaking your pillows beforehand, you can skip the wash cycle and select a rinse and spin cycle instead. 

                  How To Wash Pillow Case Protectors
                    We have included separate instructions for Washing Pillow Case Protectors as a reminder that if your protector is covered in latex, do not place it in the dryer. The heat may melt the latex or cause it to peel off, air-dry it instead.
                      Step 4 - 3 Reasons Why Drying Pillows Is Essential 

                        The most crucial process in washing a pillow is to ensure it dries COMPLETELY. Sleeping on a pillow with mold is very unhealthy. If you are experiencing any of the following during sleep, your pillow may be harboring mold.

                        Symptoms Your Pillow May Have Mold

                          • Coughing
                          • Eye Irritation
                          • Nasal Stuffiness
                          • Skin Irritation and Rashes 
                            • Throat irritation
                              • Coughing
                                • Wheezing

                                  Materials That Are More Prone To Mold

                                    • Cotton
                                      • Feather
                                      • Hemp
                                      • Jute
                                      • Linen
                                      • Silk
                                      • Wool

                                        What Causes Moldy Pillows

                                        • Heavy sweating
                                        • Falling asleep with wet hair
                                        • Leaving pillows under the covers in the dark
                                        • Not allowing them to ventilate. 

                                          We love that with each opportunity to use Powerizer to clean another thing dirty, the bond between the things we love and cherish grows. Don't let your pillows diary be one of a scorned pillow. Invest in a good quality pillow. Make sure to show it some love. Keep it fresh and clean. Let us know how well Powerizer cleans your pillows, protective and decorative coverings.

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