How To Clean Your Bathroom Like A Pro

August 23, 2019

All You Need Is Powerizer To Clean Bathrooms

When it comes to cleaning bathrooms, the best resource is a cleaning professional. So, we consulted an expert who regularly cleans Airbnb rental properties. Her properties require weekly cleaning.  She explains with each cleaning; the routine becomes easier and faster when using Powerizer Complete and the proper tools.  However, trust and know, there is no short cut to cleaning. Either it’s clean, or it's not.  No one should have to tolerate urine stains on a toilet seat, hair clippings from the last guy's beard, toothpaste spit on the mirror or a ring around the tub.  So when it comes to cleaning a bathroom with Powerizer Complete, it’s the only thing you need for clean.

Along with Powerizer Complete, here is what she uses to get the best results.

Hang toilet bowl brush from a suction cup hookToilet water and poop sitting in the bottom of the brush holder is unsightly and can smellAllow the brush to drip dry before hanging it on the hookA toilet bowl brush that hangs from a large suction cup hook attached to the side of the toilet. Purchase these items from the dollar store. Our expert also explains, the brush is tossed away and replaced every four (4) to six (6) months.   Rinse the brush several times in the toilet after each use.  It is left to hang on a suction hook to air dry, preventing any possibility of it sitting in a holder with leftover urine stains that turns brown, rusty and with urine odor lingering.  

Squeeze bottle with a breathable tip for precise aimingA Squeeze bottle with a breathable tip. Fill with one (1) scoop of Powerizer and hot water to dissolve the powder granules quickly.  It is not recommended to use a spray bottle.  The percarbonate causes pressure build-up inside the container, preventing it from spraying correctly.  If you don’t have a squeeze bottle, use a water bottle, and poke a hole in the lid.

TIP: One (1) 16 oz. bottle with one (1) scoop of Powerizer should be enough to clean your entire bathroom.

Squeegee wet surface into the sinkA Squeegee is a must-have for floor cleaning and removing excess water from the mirrors, windows, shower doors, tile floors. It's also great for trapping hair on your floors and pulling it into a dustpan.

A How To Clean Your Bathroom Like A ProHand dish scrubber for removing rust, build up on the toilet hinges, soap scum on the tile, grout and dirt and scuff marks from the floors. It’s also what she uses to clean the seam around the faucet, inside the sink bowl pretty much anywhere soap and hard water build-up accumulates. It's the only tool used to scrub the ring around the tub. She always uses the hand scrubber to brush excess hair and debris from the microfiber foam foot mat into the tub.  It helps keep them clean in between washes.

Powerizer's Ultra Plush Microfiber ClothMicrofiber Cleaning Cloths are excellent for applying Powerizer to surfaces, like mirrors, floors, the sink, outer surfaces of the toilet bowl, cabinets, baseboards, walls, and doors.   When used damp, they are most effective for scrubbing and absorbing liquids from surfaces. Whenever needed, squeeze out the excess water into the toilet or sink. No mob bucket is ever used to clean in this process.

Use the cloth dry to polish all the fixtures such as the shower and sink faucet, shower head, outer toilet bowl surfaces, and any lingering streaks on the mirrors.

The dustpan and broom help to remove larger debris, especially hair and dirt.

Now that you know what tools to use and how to use them effectively, lets start by walking through these simple steps to cleaning.

  1. Make a concentrated mixture in the squeeze bottle. Give it time to dissolve with the tip open so the percarbonates can begin to activate and not build pressure.
  2. Remove hair with a damp microfiber cloth from the shower, counter top, mirrors, toilet, and baseboards. 
  3. How To Clean Your Bathroom Like A ProClean the shower mat. Brush the shower mat into the tub to remove debris from them, then hang them on the towel rack.  Leave them there, allowing the guest to throw them down when they are ready to shower.  If they are damp, they inevitably will dry before the next use.  Towels should always be kept in the linen closet never in the bathroom. 
  4. Remove all items from the counter top, corners or shelves in the shower, toilet paper, and hand soap dispensers, so they are not in the way. You don't want the toilet paper to fall into the toilet or onto the wet floor.
  5. Sweep hair and debris from the floor and inside the tub into a dustpan and throw it in the trash. Do your best not to allow hair to go down drains in the sink, shower or toilet. Overtime hair can clog them.
  6. Clean the shower-head when necessary, by adding a pinch of Powerizer to a grocery bag with just enough hot water to submerge the shower-head.  Let it soak while you clean everything else.
  7. Apply water to all surfaces, including the shower, sink, counter top, and floors. This next step is essential if your prone to hair loss or you have a member who shaves regularly. Leave enough water to allow water to form a small puddle.  Then begin to use the squeegee to move the water across the surfaces to catch all the debris.  Squeegee it into the dustpan and dump it into the trash. Excess water should be dumped in the toilet.
  8. Wipe all surfaces.  Plug the bottom of the tub and the sink before you start cleaning.  Don't drain either the tub or sink until you're ready to rinse the surfaces clean. 
  9. Time to clean.  Next, use the squeeze bottle to apply the Powerizer solution to all surfaces. Starting from the top of the vanity mirror squeeze a solid line across the top and the middle of the mirror, then the sink counter, move onto the top of the toilet tank, thoroughly soak the area of the inner and outer hinges of the toilet lid.  Then the outer bowl.  Move onward to the shower starting with the window ledge or shelf (if you have one), then start with the top of the tile and work your way down to wet all the three (3) tiled walls. Squirt the built-in cubbies and soap dish holder and each of the corners where you commonly rest your shampoos and shower gels.  
  10. How To Clean Your Bathroom Like A ProSaturate your microfiber cloth with the Powerizer solution and begin wiping the mirror, counters, shower walls, and outside toilet in that order.  Reapply solution from the squeeze bottle or solution from the bottom of the sink or tub— notice we never mentioned using a bucket in the entire process.  Our expert also does not use the same water to clean the toilet and countertop. Whenever you need to absorb and squeeze out excess water, do that into the toilet. When you need to rinse your cloth use fresh water from the tub or sink.
  11. Sprinkle powder into the toilet for a more concentrated cleaning actionFor extra cleaning, sprinkle some granules inside of the tub and toilet.  Dip the hand scrubber into the water to get it wet so that you can sprinkle more on the scrubber if needed.
  12. Hand Scrubber fits perfectly to scrub the surface behind the toilet seat Scrub toilet seat hingesScrub inside the toilet with the brushClean the toilet bowl hinges sprinkle Powerizer onto the scrubber.  After sprinkling Powerizer into the toilet, use the toilet bowl brush to scrub the inside of the toilet bowl.  For this, you may want to wear gloves. The detergent isn’t going to irritate your hands; it’s more for not wanting to touch fecal matter in the process.
  13. Using your Microfiber cloth begin wiping the outer surface of the tub, the back splash, the walls on all sides of the toilet, the baseboards, and doors. 
  14. Save the floor for last.  Use the hand scrubber if necessary, to scrub the tile and grout or any other area that needs some extra scrubbing.  Either pour powdered detergent or Spray the floor with Powerizer Complete. Pay particularly close attention to the area just below the front of the toilet and the area where the screws of the toilet are bolted down to the floor. If you run out of solution, make a second bottle, and finish spraying down areas with Powerizer to make sure you are getting the bathroom cleaning done right. After scrubbing squeegee all the dirty water into the dust pan and dump it into the toilet and flush it away.
  15. Rinse everything after all surfaces have been cleaned.  The most compelling evidence of seeing how effective Powerizer is, happens when you finally rinse all the surfaces.  Grab another cloth using just plain water. How To Clean Your Bathroom Like A ProStart from the top of the mirror again.  Allow the water to cascade down the mirror.  It should run down clean without watermarks, only a clear stream. Repeat the rinse at least twice, then follow with a squeegee to remove all the excess water. As the waterfalls to the counter, squeegee it into the sink or a dustpan than pour it into the sink or toilet bowl.  How To Clean Your Bathroom Like A Pro The squeegee will surely capture all the water and any lint or hair left behind. Rinse the shower surfaces similarly as well.  Lastly, use your cloth to wipe the floors clean with plain water.  Wring the cloth out and often rinse in the tub to make sure all detergent is lifted from the floor. Your floor will dry smooth without residue left behind.
  16. Polish all surfaces using a dry Microfiber cloth, the faucets, toilet paper holder, towel racks, light fixtures, and the shower-head.  Dry off all corners on the floors, so water doesn’t warp baseboards, especially near the toilet and the walls adjacent to the shower and tub.
  17. Now you can re-stage your bathroom by restocking the toilet paper, soap & soap dish. Make sure the toilet bowl brush is hanging to dry, re position the trash can and any paper towel holders and toiletries left on the counters and in the showers. 
  18. White towel test. Hair should not be found anywhere.  Instead of the white glove test, wipe the floor with a white paper towel. it should be clean with no dirt left behind.
    We baby stepped the process of cleaning like a pro.  However, if you are keeping up on your cleaning, the steps begin to blend faster, and you will speed through.  But quick cleaning isn’t always clean, and you will know it.  This process is about using the best tools, the safest most effective product, and not cutting corners.

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