How To Keep Your Mattress Looking New

September 11, 2020

Purchasing a mattress and box spring set can be one of the most significant investments for furnishing your home, which is why it's essential to take care of it. After eight years, they say you should consider replacing your mattress or sooner if it's sagging, making noises, is no longer comfortable, and experiencing allergies. However, most hotels replace on an as-needed basis if it becomes ripped, torn, or soiled. Otherwise, they usually exchange them every 5 to 7 years, depending on their occupancy.

The innovation in materials used to manufacture a mattress has evolved over the years. Inner Spring, Memory Foam, and Hybrid mattresses are the most common. All manufacturers are hoping to provide the best in comfort, design, and price.  The competition is fierce.  We even saw a new mattress widely advertised that ships folded up, packaged in a box small enough to be delivered right to your front door.      

Powerizer Complete is a mattress stain remover, that will remove stains and deodorize with no harsh chemicals. How Must Is A Good Nights Sleep Costing You?


Here are 9 Mattress Care and Cleaning Tips to Keep your Mattress Looking New


    To prevent dust mites from multiplying, you must stop them from feeding on your skin cells by encasing your mattress, box spring, and pillowcase in tightly woven fabrics and other non-woven synthetic fabrics that still allow airflow while blocking allergens. However, they also thrive in draperies, stuffed animals, upholstered furniture, and carpets; therefore, it's important to limit them or be diligent about cleaning them often and the surrounding surfaces.

    How To Keep Your Mattress Looking New


    How To Keep Your Mattress Looking New
    How To Keep Your Mattress Looking New
    How To Keep Your Mattress Looking New

    Your mattress's weight can double after ten years and increase your pillow weight by 10% after one year. One dust mite can produce 1000 allergen waste particles in its 80-day life span. Therefore, it is important to regularly remove them by sprinkling baking soda mixed with four drops of Eucalyptus Oil or Tea Tree Oil onto your mattress. Wait 10 minutes before vacuuming the entire surface to kill and remove dust mites every three months.


    Rotate and flip your mattress every six months or sooner, especially if your partner is significantly different in size than you, to prevent uneven wear and tear.


    Powerizer by Pretreat, Soak, Wash with 1 Scoop

    For best results in treating stains and odors, pre-treat immediately by mixing a heavy-duty cleaning solution of Powerizer using one (1) scoop in 16 oz. of water. Allow the mixture to saturate the stain. Use a split fiber microfiber cloth to dab and absorb the stain as much as possible immediately. If the stain does not remove immediately, allow the solution to sit on the isolated stain for six (6) to eight (8) hours.

    Mattress Images Dirty Before Cleaning With Powerizer

    Boil Water to Fill Pretreat and Rinse Containers


    An obvious clean versus dirty line is familiar with cleaning fabrics; applying a rinse multiple times will elevate the yellow spot that can appear if all the solutions is not removed.  Powerizer contains natural enzymes for cleaning that will work on blood, sweat, vomit, urine and other organic stains. Rinsing thoroughly will also combat skin allergens from developing.  A carpet and upholstery cleaning machine is the best tool for applying a rinse to the surface. Fill the reservoir with plain water. It does a great job of applying water and absorbing the excess moisture. Repeat the process until the water absorbed is just as clean as the water used.


    In summer months, a mattress may take up to 24 hours or more to dry. If you have a swamp cooler to cool your home, drying your mattress inside is not the best choice since it will take longer to dry. To speed up the process, consider facing a fan directly in front of the mattress or take the bed to the garage, being sure to place it standing up and resting on a protected surface, so it doesn't get dirty. The heat in your garage can reach up to 20 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. A mattress drying 24 hours at a constant 100-120-degree temperature should help to speed up the drying process.

    Tip:  Dust mites grow best at 75-80% relative humidity and cannot survive below 50%. The faster you dry the mattress, the better.

    Mattress Image After Cleaning with Powerizer 7.) PET BOUNDARIES

    When it comes to pets and having access to your bed, it is a touchy subject. Each person's personal space and pet-owner relationship is different for setting boundaries. It's not a bad habit in one person's opinion when your pet is considered a therapy dog. Others insist they sleep nearby and rely on them to provide protection. However, to prevent flea infestation, be cautious, and arm your pet with a flea collar. Also, pets can get a little musty and bring dirt and debris into your bed. Make sure to change out linens often. If your pet is sleeping nearby, no different than furniture, drapes and stuffed animals, set a schedule for cleaning their bedding often.


    It’s become common sense to never pick up a mattress dumpster diving, and be extra careful buying a used mattress.  Bed bugs have become common in retail stores, hotels, your home and seem to hitchhike from state to state in luggage and even stow away in airplanes. So, if you experience bed bugs, you can buy a bed bug encasement for your mattress. It zips the mattress tight so they can not exit, and no new ones can get in. The first step is to brush the seams, vacuum all surfaces paying particular attention to the seams.  Then spray alcohol to the entire surface of the bed. Immediately encase the mattress. Remove the cover only to repeat the process every few months. Bed bugs can stay alive without feeding for up to one (1) year; therefore, be diligent about never removing the encasement other than to perform a clean periodically. The encasement will often come with a particular disk filled with bed bug killer to speed up the process. Inspect the encasement often to make sure no holes have formed.

    Sort, Pretreat, Soak Then Wash

    9.) Soak Bedding

    We recently posted a blog that takes you through the benefits of soaking bedding to ensure they come as clean as possible; removing body oil, odors, and residues from dirty and detergent are easier when Powerizer has time to penetrate and lift the dirt. Check out this blog that shares tips for how often to wash your garments.


    After realizing Powerizer is so effective at all natural laundry datergent, Bedding, Carpets Stain Remover, Washing Hard Surfaces it may be time to set up a Subscribe and Save Account.  Receive 15% off when you enroll.  Check out the details here

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