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February 04, 2019


Not all cleaning tools are created equal. Sure, some are for specific projects or messes but what if you had one cleaning cloth that could clean up everything from smudges and grease to carpet stains and spills on the kitchen floor. That’s why we choose Powerizer's microfiber cloth for house cleaning to pair with your Powerizer cleanups. Microfiber is the superhero of fibers. It’s sturdy, durable and more dynamic than most cleaning tools and when paired with our WonderWedgie Microfiber Mop, there’s nothing you can’t clean. Find out why microfiber makes a difference and will save you time and money on cleaning your home.

The best tool for cleaning up messes is either a Powerizer Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloth or our WonderWedgie Mop. 

cleaning with a wonderwedgie

Adding microfiber cloths to your arsenal for cleaning will make cleaning a whole lot easier. Our extra plush, extra absorbent microfiber cloths have so many uses that you're going to want to stock up on them.  A recent trend is that many hospitals have switched to cleaning using microfiber mops, cloths and steam to help reduce the spread of infections; this is a perfect example of Mechanical Cleaning.


  • Can a microfiber cloth and only water remove bacteria, viruses, pollen, and dust?
  • How do I know my floors or countertops are clean? 

Let's examine that. Keep in mind the microscopic fibers in a microfiber cloth are small enough not just to pick up dust, lint, food crumbs, and hair; it can also pick up bacteria, pollen, and even some viruses. The fibers are small enough to pick up and trap them until it is washed away. Microfiber cloths have been described as antibacterial and antimicrobial.


A microfiber cloth is made up of millions of tiny little fibers. The average size of individual microfiber measures 10 to 15 times thinner than a human hair. The weight of each fiber is about 50 times lighter than the fiber used in a pair of nylon stockings.  When blown up on a microscope you can see the loops, but even then, you can't see each fiber.  These millions of fibers are made of plastic Polyester & Nylon).  As they rub the surface, they are scrubbing, lifting and attracting all the dust and debris, trapping it there until its washed away in hot water making them more hygienic.

Microfiber cloth


Now we wouldn’t recommend using harsh scrubbing pads to clean or polish the surface of your countertops, mirror, sink, shower or toilet. So, a mist of water and a microfiber cloth will clean and shine them up while removing bacteria.  If there’s water spots or toothpaste spit on the bathroom fixtures, mist the cloth with water and wipe until the spots or streaks disappear. As with any other room in the house our WonderWedgie mop can be used for mopping, dusting or sweeping. Mist water onto the floor to clean, if you need some extra cleaning solution use a scoop of Powerizer since it is a Multipurpose Bathroom Cleaner that effectively neutralizes urine odors. When lint, hair and brown spots start to accumulate on your bathroom walls, ceiling or doors, use the mop to wipe these surfaces down while the room is still filled with steam.  The moisture should be enough for the microfiber cloth to do its job.  The WonderWedgie is a perfect tool to assist with your Mechanical Cleaning.  Its telescopic pole will help with reaching the high ceilings, baseboards, crown molding, door jams, vents, and windows. 


When cleaning appliances mist the cloth and wipe the front handle and door of your microwave or other devices such as your stove, refrigerator, and overhead hood to keep them free of fingerprints, oil and dust build up. Why purchase stainless steel cleaners when you have a complete cleaning solution


Just mist the cloth and wipe away fingerprints and steaks off your furniture and doorknobs. If your windows, blinds and vents are filthy, first use a cleaner such as Powerizer to wash the dirt away, then rinse with water. For windows immediately use a squeegee to remove excess water then polish all the streaks away using a dry microfiber cloth.  For routine dusting of blinds and vents use a dry microfiber cloth and a mist of water. 


When it comes to cleaning your high priced electronics, using the proper tool is essential.  You should mist water on to the Microfiber cloth, never on to the surfaces of your electronics.  Using it dry or lightly misted will remove fingerprints, oils, and dust-off TVs, and anything touched, such as keyboards, knobs, dials, remotes, power cords, etc.  Electronics seem to attract lint and dust behind, on or under, and in the vented areas.  Our microfiber cloth is magical and super absorbent; they seem to attract and trap everything they touch. 


On a hot day cleaning car windows can be difficult. Glass cleaner may dry before you even have a chance to wipe it away. Then you spray on more, which makes it so concentrated you have never-ending streaks and swirls.  When using water alone and a clean, dry microfiber cloth, there is no build up.  Streaks are quickly eliminated, and the moisture usually dries quickly in your trunk once you are finished. The dirt and debris will stay trapped in the fibers so you can use it multiple times.  This eliminates the need for buying paper towels which are costly. Glass cleaner or upholstery wipes which usually dry out before you can even use them. It’s smart to keep a half dozen of microfiber Clothes in your car always.  You can polish, chrome, clean windows, wipe dashboards and have one on deck for absorbing spills from surfaces like upholstery and carpets quickly.


Microfiber cloths can absorb seven (7x) times its weight in liquid making it the best tool for absorbing the hardest stains and spills.  The best plan of action is to Pre-treat the stain with Powerizer, then lift the stain using a Microfiber Cloth, and finish with a rinse.  We recommend using a concentrated mixture of Powerizer to treat the stain.   Microfiber cloths won’t harm fabrics or fibers when blotting a stain is not enough, and a little extra friction is needed. Next, absorb the liquid from the material quickly. To do this use a dry microfiber cloth.  First, lay the cloth open on the carpet or fabric and step or press into the stain and keep moving the cloth around until it is thoroughly soaked.  Then wring out all the liquid into the sink adding more water, repeat until it wrings clear.  If you need to continue to treat the stain, you can. Powerizer has a oxygen bleach powder ingredient that will not bleach out your carpet or fabric.  The active stain removing the ingredient in the detergent will keep working for up to 6-8 hours.  Remember any time you use Powerizer; you must finish with a rinse to eradicate the residue.  The microfiber cloth will help to remove the liquid from the stain and also the excess water used to rinse, leaving no residue behind.  Your carpet or fabric should dry soft and not crunchy. 


Microfiber cloths will work well into the couple hundred washes.  We recommend using a detergent like Powerizer, which rinses clean.  There is never a need to add a fabric softener, which adds chemicals to the fibers reducing its effectiveness. 

It is best to line dry them so that the fibers do not deplete. If you choose to throw them in the dryer use a low heat setting and never add drier sheets, which will coat the fibers with wax and other residues making it less effective.  Just like using glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth, the surface cleaner coats the fibers and dries and will leave noticeable streaks on mirrors and glass.

You can never have enough Microfiber Cloths 

As you can see microfiber cloths are here to stay; microfiber cleaning cloth is the perfect tool to assist with your final polish and shine tasks as well.  Powerizer six (6) pack of Ultra Plush Microfiber Cloth are so versatile they can be used for removing make-up and oils from skin, dusting electronics, cleaning dishes or polishing stainless steal. These multipurpose towels are also washable and reusable. Be sure to order yours today. 

Also, for a limited time Powerizer free shipping is included with every purchase.

You may also want to purchase our WonderWedgie Microfiber mop, the perfect tool for deep cleaning floors, scrubbing walls, windows and hard to reach surfaces.  The unique raised wedge works perfectly for cleaning baseboards, underneath cabinets, corners of walls and scrubbing grout lines. Powerizer offers a Complete Cleaning Solution.  

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